Monday, January 19, 2009


Just down the lane from my quiet neighborhood once sat a little cottage built in the early 1920’s. Although charming at first sight, the tiny home always seemed to stand oddly out of place as the houses that had grown up around it couldn't help but overshadow it’s petite and diminutive size.

Nearly every day I would pass that little house for one reason or another. I loved it's timeless style...especially the paned windows and heavily decorated front door! I once dreamed of renovating it, but that was back when my children were small and the funds to take on such a project were impossible to find. It was certainly only wishful thinking to believe I'd ever own such a place, a mindless prayer hurriedly offered up on the fly. To pleasure in even a small part of it was out of the question, as the tending to my own home, then as now, demanded most of my free time and money. Still, I couldn't help but wonder of the story behind the cottage’s beginning, or if in fact it even had one. Who had lived there and just who had it been fashioned for?

Years passed and the little house seemed to grow dark. The light on the porch ceased to shine and soon a Bank-Owned sign offered the aging cottage and the land it sat upon for sale. Last Fall I noticed construction workers in and around the property moving hurriedly about with their large bulldozers and cranes. I learned later that afternoon the cottage was slated to be being completely torn down and taking it’s place would stand yet another high-end shopping center for my growing town.

I was devastated. I loved that tiny little house and the simplicity of the time it seem to represent. Knowing how I longed to see the interior of the home, maybe take away a small souvenir or dig up a shrub, my hubby offered to take me inside the day before it’s scheduled demolition. As we walked up to the front porch I was amazed to see all the doors and windows still hanging securely in place.

“Are you tearing down the house with ALL the doors and windows still in it?” I boldly asked the head contractor in disbelief!

“We sure are!” he replied. “You can have ‘em if you want! Gonna bulldoze the entire house in the morning!”

It only took a quick glance in my hubby’s direction and he knew he’d been had. For the next five hours he stood inside the tiny dwelling removing as quickly as possible every single paned window and every interior and exterior door…including those that still had the original door knobs and vintage hardware attached. He worked well into the night, even hanging up clip-on lights that were powered by our car battery to light his way.

I have great plans for those beautiful doors and windows! I’ll be using most of them as decorative complements for my home, some will eventually be graced with hand painted artwork and sold. Still others will be used as a backdrop for a small Shoppe I hope to open later this spring. Our haul that day was worth over $3,000…

Sadly, I never was unable to uncover the life-story of the cottage. I’m sure it’s buried somewhere deep within the roots of my town’s meager beginning. But what I did learn that day was of much greater value…

Once again God proved to me that He cares about every single aspect of our lives. He’s always faithful with His endless blessings and lasting love. He never forgets even the simplest of utterances…not even those quickly spoken prayers offered up by a young mother in haste.

“For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)



English Cottage in Georgia said...

Thank you for visiting English Cottage in Georgia and commenting lovely words about my Dad's passing.
My boomerang visit to Gathering Places has been a delight. I LOVE the desk chair which you restyled.
I also look forward to future posts to see your finished kitchen and the projects you and your husband completed with the architectural pieces you gathered from the old house.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post and lovely sentiment. I have a fondly held dream of owning a little cottage of my own one day, but the years slip by and that dream seems to be fading a little more each and every day. At least I can be assured of a little cottage in Heaven. I told Jesus I don't need a mansion. Just a tiny little cottage in an out-of-the way place where He can visit when He wants a quiet cup of tea is just fine with me. You have a lovely blog and I am delighted to have found it--and you! Thank you for leaving such a gracious comment on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Oooh ~r~
Such a sweet story.. I also LOVE lil' cottage homes.. You know my dream one day is to truly live in one, Already fixed up tho..Just to snuggle in, and truly love and adore the home.. There is nothing like an old home, built so much nicer, down to every detail..I love the smell, the lil' creeks, and all the little corner shelves, filled with um' pink painted vintagey pieces.. Pretty glass and linens everywhere..The double paned, lead windows.. with sweet old lace hanging in them.. The service porch, that were actually used for such.. I could go on and on.. It brings such seet feelings, that truly touch my heart.. But, I know our home is always a special lil' place no matter where we call home.. Nothing beats that.. Where ever the Lord truly dwells, is a good and blessed place to be..huh.. You truly inspire.. Only love and hugs for you ~t~xo

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