Saturday, January 3, 2009


When our son moved out on his own several years ago, the one thing that helped me keep my sainty was giving his old bedroom a complete makeover. He'd PROUDLY joined the U.S. Air Force and I knew in my heart would never return home again to live. Those were tough days for this over protective Momma. I welcomed anything to get and then keep my mind off the possibility of him seeing combat...

I've always been a lover of pink so it was a natural color choice for me as I began to turn his boyish styled room into a girly-girl work of art. The dark greens and reds were replaced with my favorite sugar pink paint, loads of vintage laces and the best pink rose quilt I'd ever laid my on! Pillows were piled up high and dainty hand painted bouquets were added to the walls.
It was nothing less than astonishing when Romantic Homes Magazine included a photograph of that very same room in one of their '06 issues a few years ago... Presently, I'm about to begin yet another makeover on that same lovely space!

The photograph above was one of the ones I sent in when I was first contacted by Erika Kotite. By the time the shoot took place things had already long been changed. Thought you'd like to see it just the same!Watch for new photos coming up in the near future and see first hand how even vintage inspired rooms can be updated for a look that is fresh and new!


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