Monday, January 26, 2009



We are completely iced in here in the beautiful State of Oklahoma! The streets are frozen and the highways are slick…the weather is perfectly crummy! Certainly the kind of day for hunkering down with a cup or two of my favorite hot tea and doing more of what I simply love to do…sew and paint! If I understand our weathermen correctly, we are going to have days and days of this stuff! The up-side of it all is that my hubby is stuck at home with me…the down-side is I won’t be able to visit any of my deeply loved haunts until Mr. Sun decides to make another visit to our town…

In the meantime I’ll share with you what’s up for today!

The makeover of our Guest Bedroom is proving to be all the more exciting with a long forgotten about “Thrift Store” find…

Frustrated over not being able to unearth the perfect Bed Skirt, I decided to set my cap at creating something new and different. But WHAT? I easily thought of many different (and beautiful) options, but all ended up being too costly. Dust Ruffles call for yards and yards of fabric and the last thing I wanted to do was use up my entire stash of gorgeous floral cottons to produce a single item. I’ve always loved the soft, lightweight feel of tulle (or bridal veil), but considering the fact that it can be really fragile I abandoned the idea of using it for such a project.

I just finished making new curtains for my guestroom and since I had scads of the Voile left over I opted to try using some of it to make the Flounce for my circa 1961, four-poster bed. Late last summer I snagged an entire bolt of the gorgeous sheer-mist fabric at a local thrift store for $18. I knew there was a lot of yardage on the roll, but I had no idea there were 63 yards of the billowy stuff…60” wide, too!
Anyway, it took me about 3 hours to attach the Voile fabric to the cotton platform! It turned out gorgeous, too! No kidding! Can’t believe I didn’t think of doing it before! Since the frilly Skirt was custom-made for my charming old bed I was able to make the finished length 24”…a size absolutely impossible to find! It’s flirty and sooo full! Just yummy!

So, be encouraged! While you’re out shopping in your own city or town try thinking OUTSIDE THE “BOXSPRING” for a change! Your savings can be huge and well worth the time you spend on the hunt!
“Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” Proverbs 16:3 (NIV)



Mary said...

Hello Rebecca, Thank You for stopping by:) Your blog is Lovely.
I live in Tyler, really Chapel Hill (Horseshoe Club Lake).
Your dust ruffle is beautiful. Love all you pillows and roses too.
Have a good week and stay warm.
Hugs Mary:)

Tanza said...

Oooh sweet ~r~..
YES !! Simply GGGorgeous,Romantic, Flirty, and ever soo sweet.. I LOVE thos treasure hunt finds as well.. I think it makes the new creation even more exciting.. This room is wonderful.. But, am I surprised..Nooo.. You are surely blessed with so many creative gifts.. My hero !! You have to post a pic of the entire room.. I can't stand it.. This is just so charming... LOVE IT !!! Almost as much as sweet you.. Have a blessed,mmmm.. creative filled day.. Stay warm and snuggely...
Hugs ~t~xo

Anonymous said...

Rebecca, The room is absolutely beautiful. I absolutely love the bedskirt. Kudos to your creativity :-)

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Rebecca, We are also glazed with ice here in the Dallas Area and BRRRR it is so cold.
Love your pretty blog and all your gorgeous items. I am a decorative/design and display artist too.
So enjoyed my visit and hope to see you again soon.
Stay warm and have a blessed day.
hugs, Celestina Marie

Anonymous said...

To find one who continues to inspire me daily is quite an accomplishment and testament to what you do. Thank you for always sharing without limits & being a constant inspiration to those of us who share your love of fabric & stitches!

blushing rose said...

Absolutely gorgeous pages. May I ask you to help us bring the word to all about a special cause ~

This little girl needs help, I need to reach out to the world to help me help her. I am working with a non-profit organization to assist Scarlett, 2 yrs. old.

PTL ~ Marydon

chicroses said...

I love your bedskirt. Im now thinking of doing a bedskirt..wondering if you attached it to the bed or actually made a bedskirt. Your are a great artist and admire your work. Love everything you do. Sally

Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Hi there! Just found your pretty blog!
This bed skirt is amazing~ that bolt of fabric was such a wonderful find!

I think I shall get lost in your blog for a while today...

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