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I’ve been in the business of selling handmade pretties for many, many years now! And the two questions I am constantly asked over and over are “What do you like to do more, sew or paint?” and “HOW did you get started in this business?” Since I’m knee-deep in restocking that ever shrinking website ( of mine, I thought I’d make just a quick post today and answer those long running questions…

Talented women were all around me as a child and each one showcased a different artistic gift. I was so blessed to learn from each one and then live in a time when it was possible to sell my designs directly to the public. Had the Internet been available when I was a young girl my very talented mother would surely have used it as a way to help support her growing family. She remains the most gifted artisan I know.

Learning to sew wasn’t difficult for me…I mean, it was at first, but somehow I just “got it”, you know? I began to sew on my own when I was about 18 years old and pretty much never looked back. Frustrating for me at first, but little by little I learned the basics. Later on I enjoyed sewing clothing for my daughter and it was during her childhood, I believe, I really hit my stride. I’m not sure my girl owned a store-bought dress! Truthfully, I couldn’t afford the ones I wanted her to wear. So, I’d spend hours window shopping in fancy children’s shoppes and then scour the local fabric stores to find similar fabrics to sew-up what I’d seen. When the dresses were outgrown I’d sell them to other young mothers in our church and then buy more fabric to make more dresses….

Painting was and remains an entirely different calling! I didn’t really start to paint until I began selling my wares on eBay back in 2002. I actually wanted to paint for years before that…and I did, a little. But I dreamed of doing so much more! Sadly, I was just too afraid to try…afraid of failure, rejection and the humiliation I might face during the journey! You know~ all those things that keep us from strapping on our wings of faith and jumping off the edge of doubt? My fear of not being able to measure up kept me grounded for a long, long time…

I remember well the brisk winter morning when I decided to dive into the deep end! The water was cold and I struggled to learn how to swim amidst a sea of confusion. Being a self-taught painter I was absolutely clueless as to what I was doing! Once I reasoned past the worrying of what others might think, I swam on! I no longer wanted my fear of failure to keep me watching silently from the shore… Now when I look back at my very early work I just take a deep breath and well…then I take another deep breath! I had to start somewhere! Still, I can’t help but wonder how much farther I’d be down the river had I listened to the voice within me when it first started whispering “just try…just try…!”

You, too, have been entrusted with certain talents! Are you using them? If not, follow your dreams! Don’t let the visions, ideas and imaginative thoughts in your head remain at the water’s edge. God has given you many gifts! Your current skill set may be a training ground for the next phase of your life… Take a minute to ask Him about them…I’m quite sure He’d love to tell you in detail all He has planned for your life…

PS: I lovingly thank the following forever friends: Carol B., Francy R, Linda B., Julie Z./S., Tanza W., Mary H., Denise A., Leslie M., Ruthie P.,Michele A. (how can I forget YOU?), Barbara V., Brenda, my Mom and my beautiful Adrie-Girl…and ALL the other lovely ladies who never grew tired of encouraging me to paddle away. When I said I couldn’t, you said I could…now I know all of you by heart…R


TheMuffinMan said...


I have to say... this purposefully "girl-centric" post has me somewhat upset... hahahaha! =)

What MAN wrote all of your original HTML templates for your 1st eBay auctions? What MAN wrote you a 7 page guide in his last weeks of freedom before the Air Force so that you would know how to create an eBay auction when he was gone? What MAN created the 1st version of your website and the framework for your current site? What MAN expounded on another MAN'S work to keep your current website up and running? What MEN could you have never started your internet business (eBay OR your website) without??

Hmm??? HMMMM!?!?!?!?

I think Dad and I need a little nod here...


LOVE YOU MOM! hahahaha ;)

English Cottage in Georgia said...

LOL!!! The post above by your son was too cute. I began to sew when I was 13. With 5 children in 6 years - 4 of the children girls, Mom had her hands full. Sewing my own clothes ensured that I had a different outfit for each day of the week :-).
I do remember the lovely dresses Mom made for me and my sisters when I was younger.
Silly me, for thinking I was less than some of the girls who had a tag in their dresses.

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH.. your too funny son of AGP Parents!! Too funny. She is very grateful to you, I know, we just talked of you today in email. LOL

And yes, rebecca, ever encouraging and never afraid to share what you know with others. Thank you.

Rebecca Nelson said...

Ok...AGP-son-of-mine...Hats of to you! Didn't mean to slight you! Lord knows that all I am and ever hope to be when it comes to business is dedicated to your hard, dedicated, talented work and that of your amazing, father!

You share his wit AND his sarcasm. That is why I love you both so very, very much!

Thank you for EVERYTHING! You are BOTH my heros! xoxo Forever...Momma

Tanza said...

Ooohhh ~r~,
I'm laughing at Bran.. Soo what my older Son would say.. If He only realized how much you talk of Him and all the hard work he does for you.. ~B~, your Momma is always giving you praise, and kudos.. Honest she does !! And, ~r~, what's wonderful about ever talented, beautiful, wonderful, hearted you, is that you truly know where all your talents ultimitely come from, and you so humbly acknowledge and give God the glory each and every day, cuz I hear you share this each time we speak..God is Good and gracious, and you my friend are sooo blessed.. and your heart is full of passion, for all things beautiful.. I Love you friend...
To the moon ~t~xo

Anonymous said...

Rebecca: I have so loved your posts these past few days as I am catching are and have been such an inspirational friend to me and I believe all your readers...please know that you bless me as you say I bless you. Thank you dear, dear friend and know that your heart is so loved..your stories not only bring tears to my eyes sometimes, but I believe are inspired by God to touch those that may need to hear His kind words. Loved both your hubby's and son's posts as well...a family alway uplifting each other...bravo!! Much love and always a hug...Mary

A Southern Rose said...

I love reading your posts every morning as I sit here drinking my coffee. You always seem to touch my heart with your inspiring words. The last couple of days have been hard for me but after reading today's post...I feel so much better. I have always wanted to learn to paint roses. I've tried to teach myself and I guess I always gave up too easily. I think that I will now try again because this is a dream that I have. I know that if it is God's will, then I will be able to do it. My problem was that I always worried about what other people might think. Thank you for inspiring me to try again. You are such a beautiful person inside and out. I know that I haven't known you for long...I just feel as if I have.

Lee Laurie

Barb said...

Rebecca, thanks for visiting me at Bella Vista and for your lovely comment.

Your site is soothing...beautiful.


Unknown said...

Your son is is cute!! LOL!

I love your work Rebecca, you are so talented!!!! Will you be painting anymore of those yummy bunnies?? :)

Big Hugs,

Unknown said...

Hi Rebecca! Thank you so much for letting me know about the bunnies! I hope I get one!! Do you know how long I have wanted a piece of your art, lol!

I love when you visit my blog, you are always so sweet and uplifting!


Anonymous said...

Dear Amy At Bunny Rose Cottage, I too want a bunny from Rebecca and I already know where it will sit in my home. I do hope she makes more than one!! She does lovely work and I am especially attracted to the furry land creatures.

Unknown said...

WHOOOHOOOO!!!!!! I got one, I am so excited!!

Run A Stitch In Thyme, there is one left!!!!

Hugs and Rebecca, THANK YOU so much for lettimg me know about the bunnies!!! I am so happy I got a piece of your beautiful art to add to bunny rose cottage!

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post-- I love the weet comments about the talented people in your life. God has blessed us all beyond measure. What a JOY it is to share your talent.
Love you Forever-- Mom

Anonymous said...

I think I have missed the bunnies! I will have to wait for the next round of bunnies. Eventually I shall have one! Even if I must barter for one!! :)

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