Friday, May 15, 2009


I knew at the first glimpse of Mr. Sun, and even before my freshly pedicured feet hit the floor that today was going to be one of those lazy-hazy, can't get myself together sort of mornings! I didn't sleep well the night before and from all indications there was no particular reason for it. I'd shared a wonderful meal with my beloved and chatted happily with both of my grown children before calling it a day. The weather was calm, and after several days of terrible storms, we were finally free of the thrashing wind and pounding springtime rain. I expected peaceful rest and yet none came.

After making myself a cup of my favorite raspberry tea I stumbled half awake into my special hiding place (my newly refurbished girly-girl room) for a few minutes of early quiet time and thought. This has become my daily routine since last December and a part of the morning I genuinely look forward to. I love the few minutes I set aside for myself and have found that when I make time to converse with the Most High He is faithful to bring a fresh and new anointing to each new day. He never fails to inspire and renew! I was intent on salvaging my early daytime hours...and you know what? My day grew brighter!

Today He blessed me with thoughts of friendship. Over the years I've met the most amazing women and there isn't a day that passes without hearing or reading the words from at least one of them! Some of you are older, many of you are younger. Most of you are women, who just like me, often struggle when the load of life is too heavy or when the concerns of any given day press in and overwhelm~

Today I want to thank you for being there for me...

Blessings to you as we travel hand in hand...


A Romantic Porch said...

Rebecca, Your poem is beautiful. Friendship is such a wonderful blessing. It is something that I do not take for granted. Thank you for being my friend. I could not do with out my quiet has sustained me across the years. Blessings to you this weekend. xo rachel

Eclectic Chic Style said...

I'm so glad all your storms are finally over, however I think you Oklahomians blew them our way. :) You always lift my spirits with your sweet inspirational posts Rebecca. Have an incredible day!!
Hugs ♥ Teresa

Melissa/Piney Rose said...

Thank you Rebecca, for reminding us how important it is for us to set aside time with our Heavenly Father - I know that I must devote myself to doing just that. We get so caught up in our lives and it seems there is never enough time, but if we do that first, all else falls into place. Hugs, Melissa

Anonymous said...


Barb said...

Hi dear Rebecca, aren't friends so special?

I have a tiny sitting room right next to our bedroom where I go to spend time with God....special moments.

You are such a caring and loving lady.....I appreciate you so much!

Love and hugs, Barb

Terry said...

Beautiful ,God inspired words.
I needed these words today.
I am so glad for your post.
Blessings of joy to you .
Thank you !

Anonymous said...

I spend my time with God sitting right by the window where I hear the birdsong all day long and see my neighbors peonies opening. I've waited for 6 weeks to find out what they are and somehow i'm thinking my message from God lately is to sit and be still matter what is pressing. Physical and spiritual friends are cherished & as I age, I appreciate both even more.

Blessings to you always Rebecca!

Anonymous said...

A beautiful post. Thank you for the lovely inspiration. Over the years, I often have a cup of coffee or tea, with my LORD and friend, as I start each new day. There is a closeness there and I never feel alone.
Love you Forever-- Mom

June said...

What a wonderful gift from your heart Rebecca. I do, I feel that I have just opened the sweetest gift from you today. You just made my day brighter for sure.
Big hug,

Mary H said...

~Rebecca~ Was actually having some quiet time this evening to do a little catch up and meditation...I ran across your post of yesterday and thank you so much. You see, as I write this evening my dear Mother is fighting for her life and waiting for God to take her home. I know she will be in a better place, it is just hard to let go of her. I believe the spirit led me to read your poem and absolutely love it dear friend. It is very nice and I loved your inspired words. It is nice for just a moment to switch my thoughts. Thanks for holding my hand in spirit as I go thru this difficult time. Thank you also for sharing your heart with all of us. Ever prayerful...Mary H.

Unknown said...

Dearest Rebecca...
Oh I know too well those type of mornings, of late. Many nights I have been awoken to just pray. And I keep my bible open by where I get *my face on* in the morning. I do this so I will be reminded to STOP...not always do I do as faithfully as I should...and so I know what you mean that your day goes just a little bit better when we do reach out to the MOST HIGH!

What sweet words on friendships. I too feel so blessed beyond anything I can even begin to describe! And to think that GOD can use a computer, blogs and so many other ways for women to such a GOD Thing. The wonderful friendships I have made, I cherish!

Did you get to see my dd pictures of her PROM, my last blog? I need to post..but have been under the weather, with a tooth I had pulled Thursday...just now starting to feel better...but the pain is not completely gone. I want to do a give away..and just don't have the gumption to do it yet! Maybe Monday! lol

Hope you have a blessed week!

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