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My only daughter, my beautiful Adrienne Rachelle, was born on October 25, 1984 when I was 25 years old. She was the girl I secretly longed for and the child who would eventually become my forever friend. My how she has blessed me! Our relationship transcends that of a parent-child bond and I've always been thankful to God for the gift of her to me!

Thankfully, I've never had to deal with so many of the mother-daughter issues I sometimes read about in the world today. Although my girl and I have not always seen eye to eye and certainly have shared moments of quiet despair, somehow we escaped experiencing the struggles that too often tear down the very relationship that should nurture the soul. I survived Adrienne turning 15 the same year she lived through me turning 40~ I truly believed after that we could make it through anything. With God's grace we did and I expect our future days to be no different.

~Momma and her Girl~

When my girl married in September of 2007 my life changed forever. She was the second, and last, of my children to leave home and even though I had 18 months to prepare for her departure it was difficult to let her go. Even now, I miss her daily presence under foot and I'm not quite sure I'll ever reconcile my heart with her being grown and gone. Don't get me wrong...I'm grateful she has a full life and I'd never think of dragging her back's just I miss her. I miss her so much!

A few days before her wedding day I penned this special little poem for her. It is with the most thankful of hearts I share it with you today...


I miss the pony tails and ribbons
Tied up in shades of blue
And holding you so gently
As you learned to count to “two”

I miss “I Love You, Mommy”
And the stories read at night
And watching you play hopscotch
And the letters you would write

I miss the pink striped paper
Hung in your room with lace
I miss the toys and teddies
And the sweetness in your face

I miss us baking cookies
And the cotton of your dress
And the smell of baby powder
And playing “Can You Guess?”

I miss your soft, sweet laughter
And the times when you would cry
For I knew that I was needed
Forever by your side

I miss you and your “softie”
And the times when I’d say “No”
And giving in so easy
On the nights you cried out low

I miss your doggie, Haleigh
And you swinging in the yard
And singing songs to heaven
Or “coloring” me a card

I miss you kneeling softly
An honest prayer repent
Knowing you were searching
For the Savior Heaven sent

I miss the school time photos
And the homework, tests and trips
Your voice heard in the choir
And your slight sarcastic ‘quips’

Mostly I just "miss you”
But deep inside I know
That though you leave my presence
In my heart you'll never go

Rebecca Nelson/2007

Thank you, AdrieGirl, for showing me that God's Way is the Only Way! Thank you for always making me feel so special and for your faith in me even when I failed you. I love you...

Blessings to those of you as you give thanks for what is whole...and prayers to those of you who continue to believe that God can restore even the most broken of relationships...Rebecca


Melinda said...

Your poem is lovely. The whole post brought tears to my eyes and a tugging at my heart. My Mom and I share a very similar is rare and precious, the bond shared between a mother and daughter. Thank God for it and the blessings of our children, and Moms!
Love your blog...will be back again soon!

A Romantic Porch said...

Rebecca, That is such a sweet sentiment. Happy Mother's Day! xorachel

Mary H said...

~~Rebecca~~Well you've done it again...another beautiful post. You know I've expressed in the past how lovely and special your darling daughter is. I remember the precious poem you wrote for her...if my memory serves me, didn't you tuck it into her own "gathering case" when she was about to be married?? The poem and both of you with your relationship is heaven sent. We are truly blessed to have "daughters of God" and feel His goodness in our lives from raising them for Him. Children are truly heaven sent.
Adrie is beautiful just like her Mama...Blessings to you and her as you continue the beautiful Mother/Daughter closeness you share and will pass on to the precious grandchildren, someday! I'm so glad she still lives near you, so you can see her regularly anyway...xxooMary H.

June said...

Again, a beautiful post. Your poem was lovely and your daughter is lucky to have you. She is a beautiful girl. And I'm sure just as much on the inside as you.
Hugs, June

Laura said...

How beautiful and touching. What a lovely young lady she is-


Celestina Marie said...

Hi Rebecca, Your daughter is beautiful and a reflection of you. What a lovely post so fitting for Mother's Day. I love your poem. Beautiful words from the heart. Your talent spillith over!

Blessings to you and yours for a special Mother's Day.

Love, Celestina Marie


Dear Rebecca,
This is a beautiful post. I love the sweet poem about your beautiful daughter and the joy she has brought to your life.

Thanks for your visits, kind words and prayers.

Happy Mother's Day,

Anonymous said...


Eclectic Chic Style said...

What a sweet post and a lovely poem Rebecca. Your daughter is beautiful and you are so blessed to share such a wonderful relationship!!! ♥ Teresa

A Southern Rose said...

I love this post. You and your daughter share a special bond that no one else knows except for a mother and daughter. As I read the poem, I could feel the love that you have for her. A beautiful poem for a beautiful daughter.

Lee Laurie

Terry said...

Just wanted to ride by and wish you a very Happy Mothers day
filled with precious memories and great moments that will overflow your cup.

Unknown said...

Hi Sweet Rebecca!
Oh the precious tucked away memories you brought back for me! With my 17 yr old only daughter, each an every moment is treasured...especially as she grows closer to leaving our *nest*! I had the BEST day yesterday spent with her getting all gussied up for her Jr/Sr Prom. And the best things was that she asked me to be a part of it. I hope to post pictures later today..if she will ever get off the other puter, lol!

You certainly have such a special way with words...God has blessed you deeply, my new dear friend!

Have a very Blessed Mother's Day with your family!

Love and Hugs...Lorena

PS..thanks for letting me know..I was so worried that it may have gotten lost, or delievered somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

When I read this blog, it brought tears to my eyes. You see, I have a relationship exactly like this with my mom.I remember when I was a little girl, my mom used to lay in bed with me and tell me how proud she was of me. She would sometime pick me up from school and we would go to sonic to get my favorite slush "cherry". I remember when I was sick she would rub her fingers gently on my forehead to make me feel better(even when I was much older). She always had this ability to make me feel so special.My mom has no idea just how special she is to me. She has always been my best friend. She is special to me in a way, no one but her could know. Rebecca, mom... I love you. ~Adrie~

blushing rose said...

I can put the kleenex away, you really got me on this post, Rebecca.

Your daughter is lucky that you share such a deep bond of love & respect that shows through so beautifully. If only this could be for everyone.

Many Mothers & daughters have heavily trod paths between them ... it takes the parent to never give up on a relationship that may be struggling, rather than 'throwing in the towel'. Love & patience can heal all wounds, in time.

The poetry reminds me of the many oems I have penned for my children over the years. What a deep, sweet writing.

Thank you for sharing. Happy Mother's Day, may you all be blessed.
TTFN ~ Marydon

Barb said...

Rebecca, you have a precious soul....a sweet spirit. Your daughter is her mother.

Happy Mother's Day sweetheart!!

Hugs and love, Barb

Tanza said...

Ooohhh ~r~,
Such a beautiful, sentimental,sweet forever note to your Adrie.. I think this is just adorable.. I remember when you wrote this to her at her wedding time.. Tears dropped then, and they drop today as well.. Our babies are still our babies, and forever the Mommas we will be..Adrie is such a beautiful young Lady, and her heart is beautiful as well..She takes after her sweet,loving Momma, and I'm sure some Dadddy too.. We can't forget Daddy.. You've done a wonderful job with your children, and now they LoVe you back..~r~, have a very blessed,wonderful, Mothers Day, Know you're in my thoughts and prayers.. You're truly blessed my friend, so now, sit back and enjoy..Love and big hugs to you~tea~xo

Sue said...

Hello Rebecca,
What a beautiful daughter you have, and she looks just like you.
I have just read my life story with my daughter,And now I am trying to comment but can hardly see the keyboard for crying. This is exactly how my sweet Susan and I were and are. the only difference Is she lives over two thousand miles away and I only get to hold her in my arms maybe three times each year, we are still best friends and talk daily!! Thank the Lord for telephones!! I feel the same as you do about missing her!!!
I know that one day we will be able to spend eternity together and catch up!! But for now she and her husband are in Ministry serving God where He has planted them. I am so thankful for you sharing your heart, I have been truly blessed.

May I wish you a very blessed and Happy Mother's Day.

Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

I always loved the poem you wrote for BKN and would have never thought it could be topped, but this one is just as good. I love it. When it was read at the wedding/shower? I honestly thought it was one of those poems that was forwarded via email to 10,000 peeps and that's how you found it. I didn't realize until later you wrote it!!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Sweet Rebecca.......

I feel exactly the same way about my beautiful daughter. What a gift she has been. In all my life I've never known anyone with as tender a heart as she has. She's brought me so much joy!....and, of course, my darling little grandson!

Happy Mother's Day...... :-)


Anonymous said...

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