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You know...every once in a while my thinking goes askew. It does. Just can't help it. I mean, I AM human! On the way to church this morning my guy and I drove past an extravagant neighborhood that was soooo divine that I could only DREAM of living in such a place. With bated breath I could only whisper...well..."What if?"... Ever been there?


I live in a town that is growing faster than the weeds in my backyard. When my Mr. AGPMan and I first considered moving from our modest home to a neighboring suburb just to the north of Oklahoma City...well... our friends thought we'd lost our minds. The town was challenging at the time to navigate as so many streets and highways were still being mapped out. Edmond is just outside of OKCity and the once sleepy "college town" is growing by leaps and bounds. Today it's population is quickly nearing 79,000. In 1992 when we purchased our pretty two-story house the town was home to about 54,000. It has almost doubled in size in less than twenty years...


With the influx of so many people, new schools seemed to spring up over night as well as beautifully landscaped shopping centers and restaurants. And, it goes without saying the building of unbelievably gorgeous high-end homes was inevitable! I mean truly beautiful, mansion-type houses that were designed to steal your very breath away. Truthfully, it was mind-boggling to see that much wealth and prosperity settle in just a few neighborhoods away...


My hubby and I raised our little family in the house we still call home. In July we will celebrate living in our beloved Briarwood Cottage (that is what I call her) seventeen years and if the truth be known, I never plan on leaving. Although it is somewhat mesmerizing to see the lavish, well-planned homes rise up around us, I covet not the brick and mo
rtar owned by others.


In the years since we bought our home it has almost tripled in value. It is a comfortable 2,300SF and has four pretty bedrooms, two living, two dining, and three baths. We've done more work on our abode than I can even tell you... The house is a work in progress and we've changed as much on the outside as we have in the interior. It's been a ride...tiresome at times...but still a ride.

(click photo to enlarge this picture)

I promised to show you a picture of the place I lovingly call home. I snapped the picture above on CLOSING DAY in 1992. A dream come true. A place to call my own. Since that hot summer day my hubby has transformed both the front and backyard landscape by adding two beautiful sidewalks, a precious porch-style railing (my favorite of all his handiwork!), the planting of lovely trees and the removal of overgrowth (especially the long branch above the door), taking out the large pine tree (it was ruining the foundation) and planting numerous shrubs and flowering plants. He also built and then added the three window box planters as an early birthday gift about 10 years ago. Our backyard is HUGE...big enough to enjoy a wonderful party and also house a fabulous studio and workshop.

(click photo to enlarge this picture)

The picture above is how my dearly loved home looks today...I snapped this picture this afternoon. The exterior of the house has been repainted twice and is due for another color change next year. The lawn is lush and green and if you look closely you'll see exactly where I get my mail. The simple planter near the sidewalk is also my mailbox. It is full of concrete for weight and enough dirt to plant and grow the most amazing flowers year after year. The house has new windows and doors, plantation shutters and a hearty new roof! She still needs a new driveway poured as well as new garage doors...they will both come with time.

I'm blessed to live here on this street and thankful I'm not afraid to live within my means. Since the day we signed the papers and called this beautiful home our La Chamerie de Briarwood (The Cottage on Briarwood), I've never wavered in my belief that she was a gift from the Most High.

Blessings to you as you seek to find contentment wherever it is God leads...Rebecca


blushing rose said...

You know what? There is probably far more love & joy in your cottage mansion, than all the others you passed by today.

What wonderful transitions you've made in this beautiful abode, Rebecca. These kinds of changes don't come with a prebuilt home purchase. Loving the bones & surrounding them in beauty is what adds to the character & love of a home.

Every home we have purchased has been a constant 'work in progress'. I don't think I could ever own a home where it was all glossy plastic already done ... we create our warmth in our home with the changes that bring joy to us, adding beauty to the 'lady' as we go.

TY for sharing your darling home, as she continues to accept the love you bring her.

TTFN ~ Marydon

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Your home looks lovely. My hubs and I were just talking after watching HGTV how simple minded we must be concerning homes. Ours is quite modest...but we love it and it is perfect for us!

June said...

Dear dear Rebecca, such a beautiful post about your lovely home. It just looks like someone as sweet as you lives there. I love that you love it so much. I think it is real contentment when we love where we live. When we no longer yearn for the greener grass, but are happy with our own little patch. I feel like a home is a living breathing thing ready to welcome us back no matter how long we have been away. There is no better feeling to me than when I pull into my driveway after being away.

Sandra said...

Your home is beautiful that's for sure. I love the transformation!

Anonymous said...

What a great post, Rebecca! I love your beautiful home and it looks like a mansion to me! You've added years to your lovely home and it just smiles!
Isn't it funny how great minds really do think alike! LOL
We're the greatest, honey! ;0
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Tanza said...

Ooohh sweet ~r~,
Don't you LoVe going down memory lane, and just remember, where we've been, and where we're going next !! His plans will reveal to us in HIS time.. Your beautiful home, and the inside is even MORE beautiful..God Loves a content and thankful heart, and you have shown this..I don't think it needs a thing done to it !! It's perfect !! You can tell loving hearts and hands tend to it !! BUT, Where's all your pink painted pretties.. I don't see any !!! I even clicked to enlarge.. Oh oh oh.. I know, you have them saved just for meee !!! xxoo Love to my friend.. hugs ~tea~

Rose of Sharon said...

Oh, what a lovely home! It is neat that you love it so much and you have worked so hard on it! Home sweet home!!!

:0) Sharon

Tara said...

Your Briarwood Cottage is loveleigh. I think when you make a house a home it doesn't matter where you live. What matters most is the people in the home. I do admit it IS fun to decorate though, LOL! Have a wonderful and blessed Monday!

Eclectic Chic Style said...

Your house doesn't even look like the same house that it was when you bought it. It looks absolutely incredible, and I know the hard work and love you have put into it.
I love driving down "silk stocking" lanes looking at all the big grand homes, but you know what? I would not want to clean those big babies. no no no. ;) hugs to you! ♥ Teresa

Melissa/Piney Rose said...

Our area is growing hugely as well - just a few years ago, $200,000 was an exhorbitant price for a home - now it doesn't seem that much.

Melissa/Piney Rose said...

Would love to see your entire cottage decor! Have you ever checked out "Cottage of the Month"? I never tire of looking at them.

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

I love your home. I can tell from the outside the love that is pored into it. It beams! Briarwood Cottage has voice and that is what all homes should have. Your home has stole my heart.
xxoo, Susan

A Southern Rose said...

Your home is more beautful than any of those other ones that you showed. They all look too large and to me thay have a 'cold' feeling about them. Yours has a warm and cozy feeling. I love the colors that you chose for the outside. It looks so much better than it did when you first bought it. It is a very beautiful cottage.

The house that I showed on my blog recently had a 'cold' feeling to me. I would have to do a lot to warm it up. They are asking $219,000.00. for it.

Lee Laurie

Anonymous said...

First of all...let me thank you for your prayers,support,and sweet comment while my computer was being repaired.....I am so happy to be back...I MISSED YOU! Oh...what a Beautiful Sweet Home you have. I love the tranformed Before and After. You and your husband did a wonderful job...I love it! Love the railing and the front door. Your landscape is just beautiful! Your Cottage look so inviting...Beautiful! You have a wonderful week my friend....Smiles & Hugs..Katherinellen

Barb said...

Rebecca, your home is lovely. Graceful....much like you.

Ron and I have lived almost thirty years in Bella Vista...moved here when we were married only six months. As he climbed the corporate ladder, we stayed status happy about that now.

We have peace....praise God.

XOXO, Barb

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I'm assigned to parsonage living, at least for the past 12 years. Most days, I don't mind the "temporal" nature of my living quarters; but I do long for a place to call my own one day. My friend lives in a darling old farm house, updated and comfortable yet still with the charm of its beginning. I could live in something like that forever.

Thanks for sharing your lovely home and its transformation with us. I now you must feel blessed with it all.


Secondhandrose said...

Rebecca, Why do we even drive down those streets and think "what if"? I do it too! And then I come home and see my husbands prized dahlias and my girls art and I breathe a sigh of relief to be just where I am. I would have known that was your house....lovely just like you.


Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Becca, your Briarwood Cottage is lovely. I think I would feel right at home there! You know we are practically neighbors, as I live down the road in North Texas!

I enjoyed the pretty big homes you shared, too. My hubby & I love to hunt for pretty houses, even today!!

Angelic Accents

Margie said...

Your home is so precious! The yard is nothing but perfect! Imagine all of the prayers you've prayed over that sweet house ~ that will never make you want to leave.
Love ~ Margie

A Romantic Porch said...

Rebecca, Your home is so lovely! Contentment is truly a gift and blessing isn't it? hugs to you...rachel

Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

this world is not my home, i'm just a passin' through...

Beck, this is a beautiful post. You know what most people get out of really high paying jobs? Really high mortgages. Everyone spends what they earn. You defy the norm, and inspire others with this post to do the same.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Rebecca, Your home is gorgeous. You can see that love and charm graces your cottage. You and your beloved have made it a reflection of your beautiful spirits and that is worth more than any mansion on earth. DH and I often do the same thing in our very built~up area, siteseeing the many lavish homes. But our home purchased in 1996 is the one we know was a blessing. That~~ and dh carried me over the threshold when we unlocked the door to move in. I could never trade that for more brick and stone anywhere. Thank you for sharing such a wpnderful post.
Blessings to you my friend.
XO Celestina Marie

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

As I was scrolling down, and saw your home before it was transformed, I thought to myself now this is a home I would love to have compared to the other homes, it was more my style. What you did to it afterwards I just couldn't believe the results, it is incredibly gorgeous. Amazing transformation! So charming! Looove it!! You can tell you put a lot of labor of love into this home to make it yours.

Take Care Rebecca,

~~Deby said...

These pictures are is your home..I love the exterior colors and your yard is lovely, is like a haven...I am sure the Lord gave it to you, to use for HIS glory and it seems like you have, indeed

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Rebecca, your home looks just like I always knew it would! I am delighted that you posted it! No one deserves any more than you do! It's lovely.
I had seen a bit of the interior in the magazine..but I don't recall seeing the exterior and yard.
Makes me smile...

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