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OK my Bloggie Friends...I'm getting ready to bare my soul here! Do I get an AMEN?


Yesterday I blogged excitedly about Shabby Chic Finds and Hand Painted Shabby Pink Roses! In it I showcased a bit of my artwork hand painted upon a sweet vintage find, an old Sewing Machine Cover. As a result of that post (I think we've got some shy girls lurking in bloggie-land shadows) :), I received several direct emails about PAINTING PINK ROSES, asking both where and how to get started...
Well now! I truly believe that somebody besides ME needs to write a book or film a tutorial about this subject because I'm not even sure there is a name for the technique I use. I don't even really KNOW if it even IS a technique...


As you can EASILY see, when I first started offering up hand painted pretties (I'm using that term loosely here!) on eBay I DID NOT have a clue what I was doing. I really didn't (I still don't think I do!). I only knew I wanted to paint and at the time that seemed to be enough for me...

Now...when I look back on some of those early offerings (like the lamp above) I want to curl up and die...or maybe just FAINT! The work was not very paint colors were muddied up and I was using the wrong brush. But you know what? I was trying! I was trying! And, had I not picked up that very first paint brush back in 2003 I might not be painting pink roses today... Everyone has to begin somewhere, right? Isn't that what we all say?


Local Craft Shoppes offer up to the beginning painter many books on how to get started painting florals. You can also find amazing books and ideas on line... Many have been very helpful to me, but in the end it was the studying of deeply loved works that ended up helping me create and define my own style. I love staring at vintage china painted plates and then trying to emulate what I see using acrylics.


Little by little I began to understand more about color and shading, applying the right brush stroke as well as using the correct brush. "Is there a secret to getting better?" You ask?

It's what all rose painters say...



I seriously doubt I'll ever become the artist my favorite rose painter, Cathrine Klein, has's not even in my thinking. What I do hope is that I will enjoy to the fullest every passing of my brush and that I'll fall in love over and over again with each God-created color I see upon my palette...


Do you have a hidden talent? Maybe it's painting pink roses?

Blessings to you as you seek to uncover the passion that lies within you...Rebecca


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Rebecca! I think your roses are wonderful! ♥

Since my mom was a painter, I do want to try some day. I was almost given lessons last Summer but then it fell through. Everything in it's time.

One of my main challenges is that I don't follow directions/instructions easily. For instance, if there are directions on how to fold something, My eyes can't understand it! I may as well be reading Chinese! I just have to figure things out- without directions...

Have a fun week end! ♥

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Rebecca, Your painting is just beautiful! I love all your roses and always look forward to seeing what item you will paint next. Have a beautiful day! Enjoy!

Tanza said...

Soooo Sweet ~r~,
What a wonderful inspirational note to many who aspire to become a "rose painter"..meee I have my favorite rose painter, who I gather my collection from !! Now, why would I need to TRY to do what you do so wonderfully for mee !! I don't even have to ruin my manicure !! I could NEVER emulate you or your beautiful painted treasures.. I giggle just thinking about trying.. They would look soo like that kindergarten picture I ran home with sooo proud to share !! Ooohh I know better sweet friend !! I'll wait to get these precious treasures from you, already preetied up for me !! Do you have any waiting for meee !!!hahaha..
LoVe and blessings for a Haooy Glorious Saturday !! Go have fun !!
huggers as always ~tea~xo

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

Rebecca I have always said you inspire me on so many levels and your roses are no exception. Even as a child I always admired how roses were painted or even drawn. I am fascinated with the intricacy of it all and I always wonder how do they do that? Before I leave this earth I will make my first quilt (an intricate one mind you) and I will master the art of painting roses. Since I am a little goofy about perfection this could take a while :) I know, I know, let that silly trait go, it will only make you crazy. I am working it! :)
xxoo, Susan

Unknown said...

Oh the memories of my *firsts* this brings back. For me, GOD truly stepped in and gave me a great big SHOVE from the behind and said: *You can do it!*..and the support of a dear friend who gently nudged and encouraged me on.

I had always loved to CREATE and draw..but when my sis many, many years ago took a tole painting class I asked her to show me a few things..and she did. Then many years and a move across the country, my dd 1st grade class (she's gonna be a senior this year), needed an item for their annual Mini-Live Auction. My sweet friend Susie approached me..and I say the rest is history. I didn't even have a rose then, I did a swirly rose. Then I saw a few D.Dewberry's on some shows..and I picked up a few of her books and tried her one stroke method..and from there I began creating my own signature rose..isn't it neat that no 2 artist have the same rose?

But I too like you, would say to anyone starting it really is Practicing that gets you where you want to be. artist is truly ever satisfied..they keep working on it or at least trying!

I tell my friends and those who ask, my roses and painting were a GIFT that GOD gave me in a time of need...and he's blessed me beyond what I could have EVER thought since then! To HIM be the PRAISE!!!

Thanks again for such an inspirational blog...when I am brave, someday..I must pull out a few older pieces too!

Blessings & Hugs...Lorena

blushing rose said...

Rebecca, you are so cute! I'd rather share with the world a creation I had of yours, than to attempt to embarrass myself.

This is exactly why they make CHECK BOOKS ... they are MY special talent.

You underestimate your talents & creations ... I've yet to see one that I wouldn't die for, even the lamp.

Have a beautiful weekend, oh! inspirational one. TTFN ~Marydon

Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca!!
I have painted many roses in many colors. If I really take my time & think about which way my brush is pointed I do o.k. Sometimes it is a colossal mess & I just repaint over it & start over. Not always with roses... Painting for me is a hormonal/mood thing!! Hey, don't laught...Wait till you are almost 60...sheesh!!!!
I gotta' be in the mood or it just doesn't work out!!
Great Post!

Sandra said...

Wow, very pretty. You are talented, my friend! I've never painted roses but have drawn and colored some back in the day. (A long time ago) :)


Hi Rebecca. I'm still enjoying the beautiful little hand-painted pink lamp and garden sign purchased from you!!!

Your roses are looking prettier and prettier and prettier with all that practice.

XO Brook

June said...

I am glad you picked up that first paint brush and gave it a try, so we could enjoy these beautiful images of what you have created over the years.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful then and now. I've been a fan for years of your roses.


Candy said...

Sometimes we are our own worst critic. Coming from one who doesn't paint anything but a wall, your work is amazing. Even those early pieces that make you cringe. But I think you have found the right path...just enjoy each speaks for itself.
Now as having NO pics from Disney Days, that is sad. The digital camera has really changed our lives!
Sunday Blessings, Candy

Beach House 27 said...

Hi Rebecca -
I've been following you for quite a while. I admire you so much - not just your talents and creativity and blogging and photographing, but your sincerity. Your words have touched me and have taught me more than you could ever imagine. I flash on your expressions of faith and compassion in my daily life and I know I'm better because of you. I enjoy hearing about your family (enjoyed the wedding!) and your home and the little moments that are so big. Thanks for raising the bar Rebecca, and thanks for bringing ~tea~ along too.
Happy Days -


Barb said...

Hi Rebecca, I love your first offerings. I really like the boldness of your strokes on these.

As you know, I am a self taught decorative painter and if you could see some of my first paintings...yikes....but my husband has taught me to never knock them as they were necessary to bring me to the present day. He is so right.

Rebecca, I am you paint other flowers? I would love to see some of your other are so truly talented.

Love this day,

English Cottage in Georgia said...

Your painting is sooo beautiful. How inspiring that you learned through time and your experiences. I truly get bored if I have to study something. Did not read on how to be pregnant, parenting - just impulse and instinct.
Your work- art and home- is absolutely beautiful.

Eclectic Chic Style said...

There is...there is a Pink Rose Painter hiding inside me.....unfortunately she has no painting talent!!!! Be very glad you're not my neighbor!!! I'd be knocking constantly with a new find and a cake to bribe you into painting it for me. ;) (I watched a video on painting Cabbage Roses, thinking I could do it...easy peasy! LOL ~ It looked like Cabbage Blobs! ;) I gave up.
♥ Teresa

A Southern Rose said...

I just went back and saw where I had missed this post of yours. I don't know how I did that. I've been wanting to learn to paint for years. I've tried several times but was not happy with the outcome. I think I will try again soon. Thanks for the inspiration.

Lee Laurie

P.S. I just saw where you left me comment...let me go and check it out.

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