Saturday, August 15, 2009

~RHINESTONES & LACE - DRESS FORMS for the Romantic Cottage Home~

A TJ Maxx DEAL - $24.99

I love to find things for my home that mimic the old without having to pay the sometimes exorbitant vintage prices at estate sales and antique malls! This is why I am a BIG FAN of places like TJ Maxx, Ross, Tuesday Morning, etc. You just never know what you are going to stumble upon... Sometimes they get in the greatest stuff....and then sadly, sometimes they DON'T!

Take this sweet metal Dress Form for instance! I snagged her yesterday for $24.99 and even though I knew I would repaint her, she was WORTH the price I paid! Just perfect for the top of my vintage dresser, she is beautifully graceful and full of charm! Freshly repainted, Emma (Yep! I named her!) looks simply smashing with the shimmery old rhinestone earrings at the top of her bustier (boosty-a) and the old lace ascot is just precious tied around her waist.

At "Wal-YOU KNOW WHAT" - $2.89

Newly base painted with Krylon's Ivory Paint, I actually plan on LIGHTLY antiquing her with my favorite GEL STAIN (soon to share this info with you!)! I was just tooo impatient (gee...?) to wait until the spray paint was FULLY cured to snap my pictures...hmmmm! :)

I gently distressed my newest gal-pal, too! Just roughed her up a bit (wow...that doesn't sound nice, does it?)! Now she's stylin'!!!

Boy~ I'm just LOVIN' HER NOW!


And...for those of you who want black...well, here you go! I present to you Emma in her original condition. Truly sweet, I just just can't use the black!

Now...after I purchased this little sweetie I also stopped by Hobby Lobby (for those of you in the Mid-West...for those of you who don't, so SAD FOR YOU!) and I saw a few of Emma's sisters and cousins there! Only they were a bit smaller in size and cost about $19.99.

Today I'm off to Estate Sale Shoppe ALONE! It just won't be the same without my Mr. AGPMan. One more day before I see his smiling face and my life returns to normal~

Blessings to you as you turn your thoughts and hearts toward home...Rebecca


Pink Princess said...

I love Emma ♥ She is SO pretty!!

Pauline said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comments were appreciated :o) Your blog is really beautiful and I enjoy 'when you reach the end of your rope...' The Lord truly is worthy to be praised.

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

i love Emma too! Yours are pretty with lace around! btw I got one of Emma's cousin hehehe.. sitting pretty on my dresser.. have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

"Bootsy-a" Really? Thanks for that pronunciation tip! Ha! Emma looks lovely, my dear! Have fun shopping! ♥

Unknown said...

Rebecca, Emma looks so pretty and charming in white! Lovely transformation!

Hope you find lots of fabulous things today!


A Southern Rose said...

I love your dress form and I love that you named her! She looks so much better painted white.

I know that you can't wait 'til your hubby gets home!

Have a great day!

Lee Laurie

DeeDee said...

Ok now I must got to Hobby Lobby because I just love the black one...beautiful..have fun shopping...

Anonymous said...

You are such a clever lady!! I get so inspired reading your beautiful blog!!
Have a Wonderful Weekend!!

June said...

Hi sweet Rebecca,
Emma's a doll. It'll be fun having her around. So pretty to look at and hang pretty things.
I love TJMaxx! I check them out everytime I go to Twin Falls to shop. I find some cool stuff there and have it everywhere in this house and on my body.

Tanza said...

Ooohhh ~r~,
Emma is Gorgeous !! I'm off to a morning "football Mommas" breakfast tea..And than to TJ Max I goo.. You know me, on a mission to find Emmas sister.. I'll of course let you know if she is to be found..hehehe.. You have a wonderful treasure hunt this morning.. Sometimes better to go all alone, you stay more focused, and,and, you don't have to worry what they think..RIGHT..Go baby go, and have a blessed day doing what you LoVe...
Huggers ~tea~xo

Connie said...

I've been looking for one but just can't seem to hit the TJMaxx store at the right time I guess, sugar. I did find some fabulous pillows there for my living room though - poofy pink and feather filled and just love them.

Krylon??? My kinda paint, chick. I use it for just about anything now. Love it!


Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

She is just beautiful !! I need to go to TJMax today to find one ~
Or maybe even Hobby Lobby ~
How much fun !

Tara said...

Love the makeover. I like her new look better too, she looks like she's been around the block a few times, LOL! She's got character!

Beach House 27 said...

Hmmm, going garage saleing alone has its benefits - I do buy more - but I love having a driver.

I'm one of those that doesn't even wait for my husband to completely stop the car before I jump out.

Hope you got lucky!


Secondhandrose said...

Oh Emma is a change woman in the new white paint! I really like the rhinestone and lace. You always know the perfect little touches. I have a gift card to TJMaxx that I have to use up! Won't that be fun!?


Cathy said...

She's beautiful and what a grand find! I like her much better in her new attire too!

Cathy ♥

Becca said...

It came out beautiful! Have fun shopping! I just came back with a bunch of vintage goodies from my trip to the local outdoor antique market :)

Lisa said...

Oooh! She is just so sweet! I know she was just waiting at at TJM...begging you to take her home and put some decent accessories on her!:)

Mary H said...

~Oooh Rebecca~ I love her makeover..what a beauty. I just love it!!
Just got back from a 2 day getaway-business trip and wish now I would have gone into TJ's. I was running short on time and the traffic was atrocious, so just started heading home. Drats..the nearest TJ's to me is 90 miles!!
Emma is beautiful!!!! XXOO-Mary H.

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Rebecca ~ I would be honored to have my blog on your sidebar :)

Barb said...

Your dress form is lovely, Rebecca. I have one of those in my little sitting room....a bit different but darling!

Were your ears burning today? My hubby is working today (big project at work) but came home just to take me to lunch. I was telling him about you and how you adore your husband...much the same way I adore Ron!! Ahhhh.....kindred spirits, we most certainly are about those husbands.

Blessings this day,

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Are you there honey? Amy has taken a turn for the worse today. As we speak they have taken her to x-ray. They are checking her lungs. They are very coarse today and they had to start breathing treatments. They may have to do a tracheotomy to give her some relief we just don't know at this time. It is very critical. Debbie told me as we talked she is afraid they are not going to be bringing her home this time. My heart is so heavy, it feels like it is broken. Please pray for them and watch my blog, I am trying to do what Debbie asked and keep asking for prayers. I love you, Sherry

Elyse said...

fantastic makeover! gotta love spraypaint! just bought 2 more cans today! it's practically part of my shopping list. let's see, milk, bread, eggs, spray paint!


Melissa/Piney Rose said...

Oh this turned out beautiful! I love it.

Julie Marie said...

Oooh Rebecca, Emma is so lovely! She looks absolutely beautiful, especially with the rhinestone earrings and the lace ascot around her waist... I think I must make an "emergency" trip to our TJ Maxx right away...

Anonymous said...

Oh...she is so pretty and precious...Love it...You are so talented...Thanks for stopping by and sweet comments...Katherinellen

DollsAndSpooks said...

New follower here! i love the nice and fresh look of your blog. i will visit you often. please visit my blog too,, thanks!

blushing rose said...

Oh, Rebecca, I love your Miss Emma so much better all dressed up in her new colorful 'gown'.

I hear an engine thundering down that long, long road heading for Edmond ... candles lit? special dinner? open arms ... enjoy your 'reuniting'.

Hugs of love, TTFN ~ Marydon

Terri said...

Nothing has to stay the way we find it. What a cool find at TJ's. That has always been a fun place for me to go. A hit and miss at times but that's ok.
I really how the dress form is now more you. I'll have to hit our local TJ Max and see if they have one of these lovely forms. I may keep it black and make it look more rusty for me and perhaps add a cheeth bow. :)

DollsAndSpooks said...

Hello rebecca! yes, it was kind of scary and i hope those men had sttled their differences already. :-) anyway, thanks for visiting my blog! take care and God bless!

Shabby Jen said...

Hoping you had a lovely Christmas.
I just love your blog. I am a follower now. Won't you follow That's SO Shabby?
I am on my way to visit your site. There might be somethings there that I must drool over. From the look of your blog I am sure I will fall in love with it all.
Happy Holiday and Wonderful Blessed New Year!

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