Friday, September 4, 2009

~I'M A CITY GIRL! Right?~

Well...if I've ever questioned if my deeply held beliefs about being a BORN and BRED CITY GIRL were true, well the events of last night caused me to wonder all the more...

Along with being a die hard romantic, I simply love all things feminine and lovely and I strive every single day to keep my La Chaumière de Briarwood in just that fashion! I must admit there are times when I dream of moving my pretty home way out in the country...far from the hustle and bustle and grind of daily urban life. Somehow I've always been a bit fearful about real country living tho... After all, city dwelling is all I've ever known.

Living close to Oklahoma City has it's perks. I've grown to deeply LOVE my adopted homeland and over the years have even accepted her shortcomings (like, say...NO BEACH and NO OCEAN and LITTLE BITTY MOUNTAINS)! The good has always outweighed the, well...not so good. Our people are mostly kind, the real estate is still affordable and we have the BEST TAG SALES in the country!

Our beautiful State, along with our picturesque town, is growing by leaps and bounds. Recently a huge expanse of land next to my neighborhood was cleared away to make room for YET ANOTHER grand shopping center.

It's progress!

Or so they say...'s that "Great City Life" I'm always yapping about!

Last night my Mr. AGPMan found a small injured, non-domestic animal in our driveway. Obviously hurting and suffering terribly from being hit by a passing car, I had to turn my face away as my hubby did what he had to do. Later in the evening, after I calmed down from seeing such a frightful thing, I asked my guy how it was possible for an animal such as he to wander into such an obvious "city place?". "What brought HIM to MY neighborhood? " I questioned!

My guy just smiled...then looked at me and said~

"He didn't stumble into our neighborhood, Rebecca...we invaded his...".

I have much to think about.



Julie Marie said...

Oh Rebecca, if ever someone summed it all up your sweet AGP man did! You KNOW how I feel about All God's Precious Little Creatures... I am so sorry that happened, I hope you are calmed down some today... I know how hard that is... Thank you too Mr. AGP for being such a kind and gentle man... Bisous... Julie Marie

Bunny said...

I am happier that those little animals sneak around when I am not looking LOL. Poor thing.

Debra@CommonGround said...

I'm just like you Rebecca, it causes me great distress to see an injured animal. It really grieves me, and when I'm on the road I cannot stand "roadkill". Horrible!
Your husband is so right. We have invaded their territory and they are doing the best they can to survive. Hope you have some sweet blessings this weekend!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

But Rebecca, he is right. We did the invading..not the animals. AGP man is knowledgable. And he is completely right! I am in the heart of the city...and we see them. Downdown on a busy street not long ago, a huge Racoon went walking calmly up the sidewalk and cut down the ally, in broad daylight! I see Kit Fox, Possum, Coyote, Bob cat, all of them, right in the city. You can hear the Coyotes' howling at night sometimes. They deplete their little hunting area..and then jump fences in seach of cats and dogs large enough to kill and eat..or drag home to their pups. It's sad.

I know it's hard to see...but as you's progress. They, the wild animals are on the losing end. Not us.
Or...are we?
Hugs to you, my sweet friend!

Barb said...

Dear Rebecca, I am so sorry about this. Things of this nature just wound the living daylights out of me....I am way too sensitive for my own good!

Life is fragile sometimes, isn't it? God is in control.....God is in control!

Blessings this day,

Anonymous said...

Oh Rebecca I feel your pain...this week alone I've seen two kittens laying on the pavement of a busy road in my truly breaks my heart when I see any creature hurt. Your husband is so right. Hope that image fades away quickly from your memory.


Mary said...

Hi Rebecca, We live a suburb, which is plenty "city" for me, and we still have many little critters everywhere, even deer, so we often see them on the side of the road after being hit by a vehicle. It is very disturbing to see an animal suffer...I can imagine how you felt...I feel the same. Your guy sounds like a compassionate man, even though he had a tough job to do, and he recognized that we have indeed taken their land. Where else can they go but into our yards or onto the streets...poor little things. My husband once hit a car when he swerved to avoid hitting a cat...cost us over $1,000...but we're not sorry. Well, after all that...have a wonderful day! Mary

p.s. talk about coveting, I always go through that dilema when looking at your beautiful things! Pray for me!!!

blushing rose said...

I am a city girl. When DH moved us the last 3 times far, FAR!! away from the city (about 3 miles), I had fits of being in Egypt. But each time the 'city' followed us.

We have wild life visit our yard, particularly the deer, who thoroughly enjoy my gardens. Auck! The other night we had the BIGGEST skunk I've ever seen in our front yard. It is very hard for me to endure any animal in pain or having 'moved on'. We have truly invaded territories, haven't we.

That is so sad, sorry Steve had to take care of matters for the poor lil' fella.

Hugs of love, TTFN ~Marydon

Abatevintage said...

Hello sweety, I am not sure what just happened but my post got cut off. Sorry if it comes threw un done.

I was just saying that this is an awful feeling to have inside, when we see unfortunate events such as the poor little animal you saw last night. I am sorry to hear of your pain. Try to stay strong and remember that we may not see the answer to our problems, or our pain right now, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Stay strong I will pray for peace for you tonight. Blessings, to you and your family.


Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Ugh, critters SCARE me silly! We had a possum on our fence a couple of years back & hubby & I tripped over each other getting back into the house!

BTW, I love your post on using white in our homes. I'll have to get that book. Look on my Shelfari ~ I've got Decorating With White
by Jeanine Larmoth as one of my fav books, too!

Big Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Melissa/Piney Rose said...

Hey Rebecca! I am s-u-c-h a country girl. Always have and always will love the country best. My daughter and the country life never really bonded. She went away to college, fell in love with the city and hasn't looked back. We have wonderful wildlife - well except for the wild pigs that have suddenly appeared.... the thrive in the mountain near us, but recently have roamed closer; 3 were in my backyard one recent morn!

June said...

Hi sweet Rebecca,
I do love the country so. I love sharing life with the fox and the deer, racoons and the owl,... snakes...not so much. I would love it if I had a fabric or craft store closer than 60 miles away however.
Hugs, June

Ana~A Petite Cottage said...

Hi Rebecca,
I am a country gal at heart. Always loved it. I feel so much more at home there than in the city. However I have yet to convience my hubby to move:-) I feel so blessed, so much so that as long as I am close to my family and I have my wonderful hubby and beautiful daughter by my side I am happy where ever I am. Have a wonderful weekend.

Blessings and a hug,

Anonymous said...

Aw... Poor thing! So glad god made most men with the strength to deal with such things better than we can!

Even with me being a country girl with 4 brave white hunter sons, I can't stand to see an animal hurt but I've learned to let the guys be themselves, too.

When we were eating breakfast on the porch yesterday, Micah and I saw a little Deer family trot right down in street in front of us! Micah couldn't help but "eye" the rack on the buck but even he said "Aw..." ☺

Have a great week end, Rebecca! ♥

Beach House 27 said...

Oh yeah those possums - I once had a preggie one give birth in my garage. We had to capture them. Don't ask. And you know, I have a hard time watching animals in distress even when they're being rescued. I just can't take it.

I too remember the Nancy L days of Victoria and I will try to get my hands on the book you have.

You gotta get Atlanta Bartletts "At Home With White" I think it's the best one.

Enjoy the weekend -

Vicki said...

Hi, Rebecca,
Sad, but true. More and more we are invading their homes. I have had opposums and even a grey fox in my yard. Really many more creatures than these even, and I live in the "city". We have had such a dry summer, I think they are trying to find food and water. Thanks for sharing your story. Vicki

Anonymous said...

We live near the city and we get possums all the time under our house. Once a year my hubby has to put a cage under the house to catch one and than he takes it to a nearby cementary to let it loose. We also have deer that come across the roads. Your hubby is so right, we have invaded their home.

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

So sweet!

Barbara Jean said...

Yes, I'm afraid we have infringed on many an animals territory.
Much to think about.

Barbara Jean
PS love the Max Lucado quote, and he fall picture.

chicroses said...

First off where do I start. You mentioned Oklahoma City..I was there about 10 yrs ago. I loved it. Red Earth days were going on. Still have movies from it.I antiqued to alot of stores. My sis and I..someone asked us if we were from Boston. We are both natives of Washington state.That was fun. Anyway Route 66. My thrill..Anyway I grew up on a farm, lived some of my married life on a farm. It is wonderful.We just made the major move from a small farm to just a lot. Im okay with it but now I realize I will never have sheep or turkeys maybe again..Well I will quit whinning. Maybe we all think about what it would be like when we dont have it. Really I think you would enjoy being in the country. But when would you have time to paint after taking care of big yard and animals?? Well this is long and silly. Sally

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