Friday, September 18, 2009

~PURE BLISS - And the INEXPLICABLE Joy of Being a Nana~

(Quick~Do you have a CLUE what I used it for???
NO PEEKING! Don't scroll down yet! Do you hear me? NO!

Last June while I was out perusing one of my VERY FAVORITE Thrift Stores, I stumbled upon a simply fabulouso deal! Couldn't pass it up!!! TEN YARDS of BubbleGum Pink Trigger Fabric reduced to $1.00. Not kidding! ONE TINY LITTLE DOLLAR!

Now...I had no immediate plans for this material. But, being the fabricaholic that I am I know killer a deal when I see it. Soooo...home the fabric came and it sat untouched for about 3 months.

Then one day my little Miss K (my 6 year old granddaughter) came bouncing through the door with her daddy spilling out the details of a Fund Raising Event at her Elementary School.

(Pink Fabric - Black Felt - Pink Dotted Ribbons)
How About Now? Any IDEAS???

I placed the information sheet on my fridge outlining the planned activities while carefully detailing in my mind just how I was going to fix up our little sweetie for this exciting, fun-filled day!

(This Curly Headed CANINE is the KEY!)

Give up?

Figure it out?

(And the Diva of ALL Diva's, Miss K!)

Wah Lah and Whooo Hooo! A 2DIE4 (and CHEAP!) POODLE SKIRT!!!!!


I wouldn't have missed this experience for the world! No kidding! I feel like I'm living my second childhood (or at least another one with my kids)! You should have seen Miss K getting in the car with her daddy...such a priss! I loved it!

Now...get this!!!! Total cost of making the Poodle Skirt was practically nothing! I bought black felt for the Poodle and two sizes of black pompoms and some non-roll elastic for the waistband. I printed the poodle pattern off the internet and then cut it out of the felt. Hot Glued the pompoms on the felt and then embellished it with pink dotted ribbon and braid sent to me by MD (thank you again MaryDon)! And...of COURSE I used that amazing thrift store fabric for the skirt! Black belt, polka dot scarf and shades from Nana's Closet. Slipper Shoes and ATTITUDE belong solely to Miss K. :)

Had I purchased the Skirt Pattern NEW (I just cut out a 47" circle), bought 2 yards of Trigger Fabric, bought a Poodle Applique vs. making one, paid for the ribbon and all the other embellishments, etc., the final cost of the Skirt would have been about $40-$45.

How's that for having fun while being truly thrifty???? Cost for using MY HEAD? $5

Blessings to you as you take part in the lives of those you love...Rebecca


Cherished Treasures said...

Dear Sweet Rebecca, Or should I say you TEASE !!! I thought after your previous post about the new baby you were going to tell us that is was going to be another precious grandaughter. Oh well I guess we will just have to wait to find out later.
By the way, the Poodle skirt & Ms K are just precious too.
Have a blessed weekend, Carol

Elyse said...

absolutely adorable! what a cutie, what an outfit, what a deal!


blushing rose said...

OMG!!! How absolutely DARLING,ADORABLE,CUTE,PRECIOUS!!! Miss K is DARLING! & such a ham!

My heart swoons, my feet dance ... memories of the good ol' days.

I love it! She is so beautiful, Rebecca.

TY for sharing ... you are so sweet a friend, R.

Hugs, Love ya! TTFN ~Marydon

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Well,if there was a contest, I am sure she won! Adorable! And very clever use of fabric and it!

June said...

Sweet Rebecca, Miss K had to have been the chicest one there for sure. Having a wonderful nana...Priceless!

Julie Marie said...

Too cute Rebecca!!! I want one too!!! Bisous... Julie Marie

Lynn said...

I'll bet everyone wants you to be their grandmother!

The Green Pea said...

Oh yes, what a romantic train case! You did a wonderful job with it. sandi

Jocelyn said...

Wow what a deal. And it looks so cute!! You did an incredible job Rebecca :-)

Anonymous said...

I loved that story. There is nothing more fun than doing things for and with ones grands. I sent one of my a card to thank her for a GP day piece of art. It is on my post for tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me so much of when you girls were in grammer school. Such fun making costumes -- And what do you know-- I am STILL doing it! You fashioned a darling outfit. Love it and Kylah is a darling 50's Babe.
Hugs-- Mom

Deanna said...

This is wonderful what you did and everything turned out so nice.

I remember the poodle skirts...I had one when I was 5 and going to kindergarten and I did feel very special.

Your little one looks be-u-tee-full
and I hope you took lots of pictures.

God bless,

Sue said...

OH Rebecca, What a beautiful job you did, I must admit i didn't know where you were taking us until you mentioned the poodle had the clue.
Miss K, is beautiful in her new outfit, and I bet she was such a hit at school, how blessed to have such a gifted Grandmother, and just wait until that second grand daughter comes you are going to have the time of your life, just think two precious angels to dress and play with. Our daughter has two and they are so much fun. Congratulations to your family on the special blessing to come. Have a great weekend.

passion4pink said...

How absolutely gorgeous!! I just love it and who better to wear it than Miss K.

Tara said...

She looks so adorable! I always wanted to wear a poodle skirt. The opportunity has never presented itself. You are such a wonderful Nana and you did a beautiful job. The memories you are making with her are priceless.

Tara said...

Hi again Rebecca! My name rhymes with cares, fairs, hairs, pears, chairs, you get the idea. I so need to do a post on this. You are not the first on to ask!

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

Fabulous!!! Both Miss K & the skirt.

Anonymous said...

Adorable girl and a brilliant gramma! ♥

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the poodle skirt! "Miss K" is sure to be the "Queen of the Hop"!I remember mom making me a poodle skirt when I was six too. Good times. Thank you for sharing!

Candy said...

Oh you had me going until the poodle cut out. Sometimes one must get a good deal today and just wait for the idea to come along. Love it. Person without a clue...$45.
Clever Nana...$5
The final moment...priceless!
And look! Miss K's bangs are just perfect.
Livin'large at AGP way to go ;-)

cottagepinkperfection said...

Miss K is adorable and sooooo lucky to have such a cool Nana! What a great use of such a great one dollar bargain.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I remember those poodle skirts from the 50's because I had one!! Soooo cute!
Your grand-daughter is darling!! She reminds me of my great-grand-daughter, Layla, who is also darling and such a HAM!!
Enjoy...they grow up way too fast!!

A Southern Rose said...

How adorable! She looks beautiful in her 50's attire! I remember in Jr.High when we had 50's day...I went to a thrift store and bought a really full black shirt and I cut out a felt poodle and hand sewed it on the skirt. My girlfriend had a pair of black and white saddle oxfords that I borrowed. It was so much fun.
Miss K. will remember this forever. She will always remember how you made the day special for her.

Lee Laurie

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

So cute, Miss K & the skirt! Love the poodle! Have a wonderful weekend.


karen said...

Thanks for the visit. Come back anytime. Your blog is so pretty. I love pink.

Mary H said...

~~Oh, this is sooo cute!! I'm loving it. Very clever, Rebecca and it looks like it was a hit with Miss Kylah!! Very nice touch with the sunglasses!
Love & hugs, Mary H.

Linda said...

I must admit that I thought the pink fabric meant your son was having a girl! My brother had a girl last night. She is so tiny. We drove there right after school.
The poodle skirt is adorable. I have one that I bought my daughter at a garage sale for a cheaper price too...although she hasn't worn it yet!! Thanks for sharing that cutie K with us again.

Tanza said...

Ooohh Sweet ~r~,
This turned out adorable, BUT what did I expect from you !! She is a living doll !! she is the princess of all princess's..yep, I think you need to dress her as a princess or Belle, or snow white.. She is soo precious..what a fun time she will remember her whole life.. Her dreams coming to life by her sweet Nanas' loving hands..You are such the Nana.. Are you sure you have the time to spoil another ?! hahaha.. What blessings these sweeties truly are !!
I LoVe my sweet friend..
hugs ~tea~xo

Debra@CommonGround said...

Well, now I know what Nana's are supposed to do! How wonderful, and I think she must take after YOU! Full of fun and Sass!

Lynn said...

I am terrible, I couldn't guess, all I could think of was curtains or table cloths LOL.
You made an AMAZING outfit for your sweet grandaughter and I hope she treasures it forever :)

Moments of Grace said...

The only thing better than a poodle skirt is Miss K in a poodle skirt.
Blessings to you today.

In Grace,

DeeDee said...

Oh My this is just little granddaughter loves the poodle skirt I made for my daughter...she likes how they swirl she says.....good eal on some lovely pink fabric too..

she loks so adorable

My Pink & Cream Cottage said...

How sweet does she look & what a great deal loving the poodle just soooo 50ish.... well done my Sweet Miss Reb....

Hope your having a great weekend...

Lyn xxx

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Although the skirt itself is adorable (and inexpensive, thanks to a super NANA!), the 'tude and prissiness of that precious little Miss K is what pulls it all together so perfectly! What a doll.

We gave my daughter a 50's bithday party on her 10th & it was so much fun. All in all, I've already made 3 felt poodle skirts and probably have a couple more left in me if I am lucky enough to get any more granddaughters!!

Hugs in TX,
Angelic Accents

Lisa said...

Love Poodle skirts!

Hugs, Lisa

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