Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Yesterday morning found me in our local Hardware searching for concrete paint. Just WHY I was there hunting down such a thing is a story in and of itself...something I'll share with you another day (and soon). For today I want to tell you something I witnessed with my own two eyes that took my very breath away... Another life-lesson, timely sent.

Our newly built LOWE'S was out of the tint base I needed for an important project so I decided to drive south to a much smaller building supply store to find what I was in search of. I was running late even though it was only a little after 10AM. So, I hurried into the store, walking directly up to the checkout counter explaining I needed help in their paint department. After a couple of minutes of waiting for a human being to show up I heard the voice of a woman in haste scurry past me with an store employee in tow... Trailing behind her was a handsome, neatly dressed, white-haired gentleman around the age of 70. I assumed it was her husband.

"I'M LOOKING FOR 'PEEL-STOP'!" the woman shouted out.

"Pelstar?" the employee answered with a questionable sigh~

"PEEL-STOP!!!!! It's P-E-E-L S-T-O-P!!!!!!!" she said, spelling out the letters in anger!

"PEEL-STOP!" she repeated at the top of her lungs. "Do you have it? PEEL STOP! I'm in a hurry here and don't have time to wait. You either have it or you don't!"

At that moment the white-haired man accompanying her inched closer towards the woman and spoke up and said~

"My back is hurting, do you mind if I go back to the car?"

"I don't care WHAT you do!" the woman replied in anger. "Go to the car! Just don't whine to me about why!"

Carefully the man turned around and began walking to the parking lot. As he shuffled by I caught his eye... and his embarrassment and pain.

I couldn't help myself. I slowly turned towards the woman who had spewed the nastiness out of her mouth... The employee, who looked pale and weak, was speechless.

I'm not sure how long I stood there with the look of utter shock on my face, but it was more than a few seconds. Although painted up with lipstick and rouge, complete with silky, well-coiffed hair, her face was gnarled and her eyes dark and pitted.

Breaking my stare was the employee's gentle voice~

"We don't stock the product...I'm sorry! Maybe LOWE'S carries it!" he continued.

With that the woman angrily muffled something under her breath, whizzed passed me and exited the store.

"Ugly is as ugly does!" the young man said. "I know that woman well!" he continued...

"She's my mother!"

With that he mixed my October Mist paint color and I left.

Blessings to you as you remember that nothing is ever as it seems...Rebecca


stefanie said...

why are some people sooooooo ugly? its a waste of time

blushing rose said...

There have several circumstances that we have viewed this kind of ugliness ourselves. God bless that sweet young man for his kindness & patience that has been bestowed upon him.

G'day, Rebecca ~ Hope you are better rested. How are things coming along?

Spoke to Sherry on the road & will check on them periodically throughout the day. She sounded so tired. She's looking forward to meeting you ... but then aren't we all.

Hugs of love, TTFN ~ Marydon

Debra@CommonGround said...

Ouch. I used to get in a hurry about things, but as the years have gone by, I try to remember that courtesy and a smile is what is called for. That poor man... both of them, how sad to have to live with that. Thanks for the reminder. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!"
Have a wonderful day, Rebecca!

my cup of tea said...

Oh, that is so sad! That young man and his family really need our prayers.

A Southern Rose said...

I have to deal with rude people all of the time working in retail. Poor little old man. That made me sad.

Stacey said...

Rebecca, I have goosebumps that you wrote about this because I have thought about writing the same thing lately. I was at the grocery store the other day..Homeland at Danforth and Bryant..and saw two different mothers being so ugly to their children. It was the time of day when people have picked up their kids and everyone is exhausted. However, it just makes me so sad to see that ugliness in action. We all have our moments but I try so hard not to react without thinking.

So now, the guy said it was his mother?

Lisa said...

I am going to take a page out your your book on this subject, Rebecca. (See I have been listening!) What made her so angry, what happened in her life? Perhaps she's sick, physically or emotionally. You never know. As you know, better than anyone, anything ugly can be made lovely with love and kindness. Lets hope she finds that in her life.


Rebecca Nelson said...

Stacey...Yes, the man said the woman being very unkind was HIS MOTHER... :( Very sad. From all appearances though he was not following in her path...

Lisa T...I said your exact comment to my husband. What happened in her life to make her so angry and bitter? What was it that caused her to think it was acceptable to behave in such a way... We can only hope and pray she finds peace in her life. None of us know what goes on behind closed doors...or even in public.

Lee...I worked retail for years and have done eBay for almost 8. Mean people are everywhere and in all walks of life. Thankfully, I believe most people are kind...


Abatevintage said...

Wow sounds as though even though the mother wasn't such a nice person her son was a pretty good person. I think what I got out of the story is that we all make our own choices, and even though he was raised around hatred he still came out a good person.

Blessings, and lovely story,

Anonymous said...

Wow. I learned long time ago to take things slow. So many people are always in a hurry and can be rude.

Sometimes we treat strangers better than our own family.

I feel for her Son and Husband.


Carol said...

Now that was definitely a sad "Senior Moment" for everyone involved. My heart goes out to her poor husband who must have felt so humiliated & brow- beaten.

Here's hoping that one day the lady will find peace & harmony in her life.


Tara said...

Yikes. Do you think that woman will ever realize how her bad behavior affects everyone around her? I doubt it. How sad for her family that have to deal with her.

Happy Birthday to your beautiful sister!

I'm also sorry to hear about the wee little smash up you had with the car. Sometimes you just can't help it, "STUFF" happens! I'm glad you are alright, even if the cars aren't!

Anonymous said...

Yikes! I know at times, I forget just how good I have it with the kind men in my life. Trips to the store often remind me, though. What really tears me up is to here parents be cruel to their children in the store. I like to go and try to catch the child's eye with a smile of love and comfort. ♥

Dolores said...

People who express so much anger in public, frighten me for their family, wondering how they must act in private.

The woman's son was brave to admit this was his mother. I feel for the husband and son.

Thanks for a good, but sad story...... it reminds me to stop and smell the roses.

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