Monday, March 22, 2010

~FROM ONE ARTIST TO ANOTHER...Creative Ladies You Should Know~

For me, one of the wonderful benefits of being part of the Blog world is, without a doubt, the other Artisans I've had the privilege of meeting along my way.  I mean...our planet is FULL of simply outrageous talent and I can't help but think it's a miracle of God that we all intersect at the corner of blogspot & dotcom.


A couple of weeks ago I got an email from a fellow blogger asking if I would share with her a graphic I had included on one of my past Posts.  She was looking for a picture, one with something purple (maybe violets or pansies!) and I obliged her by forwarding her a clear copy of the vintage image she was wanting.  I readily admit I'm stingy with SOME of my graphics ...but a few I willingly share! (Only the ones that are extremely rare or have to pay big $$$$ for are horded!) ahhahahh...

Gorgeous Handwork my SHOCK (see...God rewards our gifts to others!) I received this simply GORGEOUS gift in the mail today!  It is a little purse made by none other than Pat Winter herself!  Not only does it showcase the image I emailed to her, but it is full of tiny bead work, beautiful silk hand embroidery, lovely laces and colorized motifs.  In her note to me it said 'since I was a PINK GIRL if I wanted to I could forward it along'....HUH???  No way!  This gorgeous masterpiece is staying here in my La Chaumerie de Briarwood.

Thank you, Pat!  Your heart is much more generous than mine.  I will treasure your gift always!

Please take the time to visit Pat via the link above.  She has a lovely blog full of 2die4 things...


My second BRAG ABOUT Artisan is none other than Terri Smith.  I love Terri's work and so happy we have become friends.  Her painting is like none other and I sooo love her originality and the passion that shines through in all she creates.  I can tell by the comments Terri makes on my Posts as well as the style in which she writes she has a heart full of sweetness.   I hope you again will take the time to check out this talented woman's blog.  You can find her at the link above!

Blessings as you seek to uncover your greatest passion...


Karen said...

You are so right about blogland. That is the main reason that I started my blog, I had read so many beauitiful blogs with extreme talent and wanted to share some of what I have and do with others. Pat's work is just gorgeous and to have a piece of her work is outstanding. I too have her book and a necklace that she made. Such treasures!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Rebecca..... Your gift is beautiful. I am crazy for Crazy Quilts & this so reminds me of them!! So beautiful!!
Have a Wonderful Week!!

Anonymous said...

How lovely! Simple precious,have a nice week Rebecca!

Terri Smith said...

Dear Sweet take my breath! God is lifting me so high today! I've simply felt His Touch alllllllll dayyyyyyyy longgggggg!

The gift you received from the lovely Pat Winter, is absolutely stunning! I'm also in awe of the many talented artists I've come to know through this wonderful media.

One in particular is YOU my new friend! How gracious is God's Love to continue to send us one another. My heart is forever grateful!

Blessings, Love and Heartfelt Gratitude, Terri

Charlene said...

Oh that bag from Pat Winters is divine! My friend Pat Close is a huge fan of Pat Winters work. I am off to visit her. I will tell her I saw the bag she sent you. That was a wonderful reward for sharing. Funny how HE sends us lessons in so many forms! Hugs! Charlene

Prairiemaid said...

Love the gift Pat sent you. What a sweet thought.

Have a wonderful week.


Nancy's Notes said...

Rebecca, Blogland is such a bright spot in my life. Oh my heavens, the wonderful and talented people that are here, truly amazing. I love your blog, it's truly wonderful.

Nancy's Notes

Doni said...

Absolutely loveley purple bag! It's just beautiful! So glad you shared it with us!

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Beautiful gift you received from Pat. She does do gorgeous work. We do have a blogland filled with so much talent and such sweet and thoughtful ladies. Makes me proud to be a part of it.
Hugs, Pat

Terra said...

Like you, I enjoy seeing beautiful works of art and crafts made by blog friends. This opens up a whole new world to us, and to the artists.
The purse is lovely.
I create with words in books and articles and other blessed artists create with color palettes.

myletterstoemily said...

since i have no artistic talent
at all, i am always amazed
at the beauty showcased

incredible gifts you girls have!

Anonymous said...

Blogland is great for a lot of reasons. The chance to learn to show off our hard work but mainly to learn for me. I have learned so much about photography, sewing, art, and on and on. Blessings to you

Dolores said...

Wow, what a wonderful/beautiful gift!

Our blog friends a such a blessing and gift to us.......

Thank you for sharing your beautiful blog to us..... so much beauty in art and words...

Julie Marie said...

Ok Rebecca, to use your very own words... WAAAHHHHHHH !!! I want that little purple purse! Yes, you have my address, and feel free to forward it along... tee hee hee! It is sooo beautiful! I will visit both ladie's blogs... Happy Spring to you! xoxo Julie Marie

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Not a true fan of purple...but oh my goodness...this is one piece of purple I would certain LOVE and show off...what a wonderful gesture on her part and yours to share your treasures and God given gifts.


Paula said...

Dear Sweet Rebecca Suzanne, :)

The purse Pat gave you is so beautiful! Such detailed work! It is exquisite! Isn't it so wonderful how the Lord blesses us!

There are so many talented bloggers, and you, dear one, are of of them!!! I am so inspired by the beauty you share and your sweet spirit is a blessing!

Terri's work is so pretty and cheerful! Thank you for sharing the links!

Much love and blessings to you!
Paula Suzanne :)

Unknown said...

Beautifully said, Rebecca! I too am amazed and thrilled to be exposed to so many wonderful, clever, and talented people!

Pat created such a beautiful purse! One of the prettiest I've seen! You certainly deserve it!

I will certainly visit both Pat & Terri's blogs!


Char said...

Hello Rebecca, I remember when I used to do basket shows. Once in awhile another weaver would come to my booth and ask where I got patterns, supplies and about certain weaving technics. I found it kind and aspiring to share knowledge with them. Somehow my rewards always managed to find me and bring me not only friends, but an invaluable knowledge base as well. Of course, we all find the ones that love to take and never give, I think that is just part of life. Your bag is so beautiful and one can see the love that was put into it, just for you. Nothing is more special than that, Char

Dorthe said...

This present is so very beautifull, love the gorgeus work, congratulation, for being rewarded for your sweetness.This is how we should all be.
Hugs, Dorthe

VM Creation Atelier said...

Dera Rebecca!-)*

Such a wonderful post,my dear friend from an amazing Blog Land!!!

SO talented womans,I am happy that I meet you here and all other beautiful creative peoples!!!

I am here not so lond time,but my world is much bigger now!-)))

Thank you amazing much for you for share with us you great,delightful thougts,my dear lovely friend,talented Rebecca!!!

Much Love,


Lynn B said...

Wow Rebecca that is one gorgeous bag to a very deserving lady!
I agree with you about blogging, it is amazing how many talented people there are, I just love visiting blogs and seeing all of the wonderful creations out there.

Lynn B

Pat Winter Gatherings said...

Rebecca, your post made me blush :-).My goodness. I am thrilled that you like the bag and I will enjoy that violet image you shared so much. I love sharing, and since I am not a millionaire, I share what I make because that is what makes me feel good.
Your blog is a delight to browse and your spirit and kindness flows from your writings....that is what life is all about. Not being afraid to share one's thoughts and giving from the heart.
Thanks again for your kind words and wonderful blog and friendship.

Unknown said...

G'morn, Rebecca ~ I know Debra will be thrilled with your giveaway gift ... it is like winning the lottery to receive one of your beautiful creations to treasure. TRUST ME, I know!

I am so glad that you connected with Terri finally. I just love her gift of art ... they are such sweet & beautiful creations she presents to us.

The Pat Winter purse is breathtaking, Rebecca. How sweet of her to share with you, this beautiful creation. Will you show us where you tuck this beauty in with your decor? Inspire us ... once again.

We truly are blessed to share daily life, talents & treasures with our wonderful friends in 'bloggyville'. Such a fabulous network of women.

Have a beautiful day.
Hugs of love, Marydon

PS I still go back & peek at the glove box ... it is so beautiful, R.

Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

~*Pat is a wonderful artist, designer and friend!*~
Isn't it amazing what she does?

Always be kind, Angels are always watching and entertained when we are nice to each other!

Anonymous said...

OOooooo, that little purple bag is gorgeous!!! How lucky you are to
have received it. What a nice lady Pat is.....I went to her blog and it is delightful. I love all the blogs you tell us about, and enjoy reading them. Such talented ladies!
Of course, I never miss yours!!
It always "makes my day" as it is sure to bring a smile...or sometimes a me!!
Have a good sunny day..Love, Francy

myletterstoemily said...

dear rebecca,

thank you for sharing with me
about your son.

i can't tell you how it resonates
within me to hear victorious
stories of prayer like that.

so happy for you!

Diane said...

I came to visit you from June's Laughing with Angels. I find your blog absolutely enchanting. I will be back. Thanks for the words to the beautiful music, too. I love your purple purse, what a great friend! Diane

A Rose Without A Thorn said...

Rebecca, What a truly beautiful gift from a very talented and creative lady, blessings, Maureen....

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

What a sweet post, Rebecca! You are right. Some of the most talented people I have ever met are in blogland or Esty or Ebay. When I run into one of our bloggers that has is like finding gold. Yes, amazing talent being one of the best ever! I have been smitten with your work for years now.
And it isn't just your artwork and's your heart and soul that shines through in every single thing you do.

June said...

Rebecca, I will definitely be checking out these amazing women's blogs. That little purse is so beautiful. What lovely handiwork she does. thank you for sharing them with us!

My Vintage Studio said...

Hi Rebecca.
Hope you are doing well.
Pat's art work is always so beautiful!
Your post this evening is right on the mark about blogging friends and art.
I, too, think American Idol is not fun to watch any more.

Hugs, Sharon

jordiegirl said...

Blog world is absolutely fantastic and a great way to meet so many lovely people.

That little purse is absolutely gorgeous, how kind of her to gift it to you. You are very lucky to receive it and I totally understand why you aren't giving it away.

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