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Remember last week when I told you I didn't know WHAT I was going to do with my antique pie safe?  Well...after moving our furniture around a bajillion times I think we finally found a place for it!  I am soo happy we put felt pads under everything!  Made moving the stuff around so much easier!!!

 Looks like it's new home is going to be in our dining room.  Fitting place, I suppose, for a Pie Safe.  I guess when we decided to open up the wall between my family room and dining room I didn't think about the fact I was losing an entire wall that once held a lot of furniture!

My girl told me anything I didn't have room for she'd be happy to take it off my hands... :)

Yeah...as if!

Now...I junque everywhere!  Super nice homes and even those that aren't so super nice! :)  But...I must admit that lately it's been slim pickens out there! Lots of estate and tag sales, but other than some bits of old lace and crocheted doilies I haven't found much.  I did find more cigar boxes, but I don't have a clue what to do with these!
Any ideas?
Send me the link to a tutorial! 

The crochet tablecloth you see above WAS a great find too...but I got it at antique mall for half off!  I think it was $8.  I know...crazy-good price!

Anyway...when the yard sales don't get my cash I can always count on Hobby Lobby (you know it's based in Oklahoma City, right?) to clean me out!
Sometimes I just hate that store.

All the stuff I snagged at Hobby Lobby was 80% off so I didn't walk away too terribly broke!  All of the items have been base painted and most have already been hand painted with roses...  All will be on my website when I reopen it later this month!  

Now...do you remember last summer when I found this great old Clothes Hamper Frame?  Well...I finished it's MAKEOVER (gee...only took me 9 months...I could have had a baby in that amount of time!)!!! :)  I'll be showing it to you tomorrow for White Wednesday!  This piece was fun to give a face-lift to!
Hope your Tuesday is fabulous!  I'm off to create and to blog-hop around!

Love to you...


Denise said...

I love the lace draped over the doors.I'm going to do it if you don't mind Me coping you.I Mod padge Cigar boxes and I do use them.Lace them up real pretty.I so enjoyed visiting you this morning-Denise

stefanie said...

wow,,,you found lots of goodies!

Anonymous said...

Oh WOW.... You hit the jackpot when it comes to painting surfaces!!
Love the lacy stuff!!
Have a Great Day!!

Sarina said...

I really like you pie safe.It's gorgeous.And the lace hanging over the doors,hmmmmmmjamjam,mouth watering.
Have an nice day,


Brenda ~ The Heminger Farmhouse said...

I'm so glad you found a place for the pie safe, and yes, the Dining room is THE perfect place for it :) Great finds! You'll have them all "prettied up" in no time when you work your magic on them :) Can't wait to see the pics of the clothes hamper ~ I know it will be just GORGEOUS!!

Warmest hugs, Brenda

Stella said...

Look like the pie safe found it's home and settled in. Why not cover the cigar boxes with paper found in the scrap book section of the craft stores. You could do both inside and outside. Or sheet music would work well. Make great boxes for keeping all the little things.

Old Time Cindy said...

It has been slim pickins out there! Looks like you found some great treasures, though!

NanaDiana said...

Rebecca- I love your pie safe all decked out in your dining room. It IS the perfect spot for it.

You have a lot of great finds there, Rebecca. I did see some cigar boxes somewhere all repurposed. I will try to remember where. It might have been on Debi Huntsmans(?) site?

I can't wait to see your little laundry basket makeover. xo Diana

Linda said...

The Pie Safe looks lovely. I like the old lace items too. Isn't Junkin' fun? My hubby and I enjoy it. We are running out of space though. (:>)

It is so windy here today! Yikes...we feel house-bound, because that ole' Kansas wind could blow us away!

How about where you are? is it a blustery day there in OK. too?

(Enjoying your pretty music as I write this. You and your blog are so full of beauty! The music is speaking straight to my heart!)

Love you,

Sheryl said...

Ideas for cigar boxes. I have seen them made into purses, stationary boxes, jewelry boxes, gift boxes. Or just paint them up as you do the wooden boxes you sell.

Hugs, your house is looking good girl!

Anne said...

I am so glad you kept that pie safe.It looks perfect.I think you would have been sad to have let it go.LOVE that hamper frame.I had a great day shopping.I have so many things I will be listing soon.I have to admit sometimes it is hard to sell.I only buy what I love.I am sure you know what I mean.

Mouse said...

oooo looks pretty there :) and my mum used to keep all her sewing bobbins etc in the king eddie boxes .. I used to love being nosey in them as a child as I think some of them had buttons in them and I love buttons and cotton lace ...lol love mouse xxxxx

Marilyn said...

Oh...I hate that HobLob, too! I can go in for ONE little thing and come out with the largest bag full of goodies. And they are always so sweet..."Did you find everything you needed?!!" Of course, and MORE!! Anything your daughter doesn't want, send on out on the Pony Express to me.♥♫

Kerri said...

I love to visit your blog... I love the humor you put into your posts!!

I can't wait to see your hand painted pretties!

Have a blessed week :)


EllenaElizabeth said...

Just love the metal boxes and the tray. Glad you found a place for your your safe.

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

HobLob and I have a hate/love relationship! I just absolutely cannot go there and NOT buy anything!! So many times, avoidance is the best way to handle them!!
However...I love me that 80 percent off aisle!!

Theresa said...

WOW, lots of pretties! I knew that you couldn't do away with the pie safe! So pretty! Enjoy your evening, I'll check back tomorrow to see the hamper makeover:) HUGS!

Christine said...

I agree with Stella's idea about covering the boxes with scrapbook paper and then top the off with flowers and ribbon.

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Rebecca I cannot wait to see what you have been creating! I know it is just amazingly beautiful!

joanne said...

great finds! I can't wait to see what you do with those cigar boxes. We need a Hobby Lobby here, looks like a great place to find some great deals. Maybe I need to visit OK!

Passionate for White said...

Love the metal hamper - it's the perfect size!

Sheila said...

always love to visit your blog.. everything is soooooo beautiful and feminine and delicate...always makes me feel special....when I visit

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