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See these sweet boots?  They are the loveliest pair of Victorian/Edwardian beauties I've seen in a long time and I just HAD to splurge on them!  Sometimes I think I'm shameless in what I spend my mad-money on!  But in my defense...while some of you make a daily visit to your local Starbucks for your favorite-latest-greatest-Latte I'm at home drinking a cuppa home-brewed tea and surfing the Net for antique shoes! :)

I'm just sayin'.....................

For the longest time I've searched for a pair of vintage WHITE LEATHER BOOTS and even signed up for eBay reminders when something new was listed.  But...the auctions always went too high for me and even now if you look there is a pair offered at $799 (Hello?  Are you kiddin' me???)!!!!  

That just isn't EVER gonna happen.  I'm not even willing to spend $100 on a pair.

So...I kept looking...
And watching...
And looking...

And then one day a couple of weeks ago a pair came up with a BIN price of $65.  I scanned the ad super-quick and did a once-over on the buyer's feedback before hitting the Buy-It-Now button!  The boots came a couple of days ago and honestly I was speechless when I took them out of the box.

The shoes have never been worn and look to me to be about a 5 in today's sizing!  Dainty and petite and I'm pretty sure they are Kid Leather.  The stacked heels and soles are also leather and I love the aging patina on them.  Very, very sweet!

Pays to patient!  

I'm back in my studio today working on more new product for my website!
(See...told you I wasn't going to stop painting pink roses!)  :)
 I especially LOVE to paint them on baskets!

Hope your Thursday is wonderful!

Love to you...


Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Rebecca,

Patience always does pay off. The impulsive buying gets punished often. But you knew what you wanted and got it. Assuming that you will not be able to wear them though. That's probably the reason for the great pricing. Only some oriental women would fit them.
Love to you,


Unknown said...

Congratuations!! Those are so sweet! I am so glad that you found something that you have wanted. I can just hear you ohhing and awwing as you were looking in the box! So COOL!

Ldy ~~ Dy said...

What a lovely pair of boots. Such tiny feet! So glad you found them for you to admire and enjoy. Currently I am teaching myself to paint roses similar to the ones you so beautifully paint. Or at least I'm trying!!Lol! Hugs!

Jill said...

Good for you! Those boots are just amazing. So pretty!

VM Creation Atelier said...

Hi,dearest,talented woman Rebecca!

Woooow........such unbelivebly nice look here in you blog:-)))*

I love,Love,Love ALL here!
And truly,these shose are so elegant and beautiful!!!

I'am so happy to see your nicest blog again,there is always mostly fantastic inspirations:-)*

My warm,sunshine hugs,

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Now you know that those sweet boots would touch my Victorian heart!!
LOVE them!
I drink my coffee at home too. It is far too expensive for me to buy it out . Or let me say that i am far too cheap to buy it outside of my home.
I would much rather spend my money on boots like these!!


Susan said...

What an awesome find on the shoes!!! You always are so creative in what you paint your pink roses on, everything is always so beautiful.

Anne said...

I agree patience does pay off.Those shoes are so pretty.They will look perfect in your home.

NanaDiana said...

OMGOSH, Rebecca! WHAT a buy! I absolutely LOVE them..and you didn't have to get all rationaliz-y and slap me up side the head about my Starbucks addiction, you know!;>) You could have just bought them and I wouldn't said a word. I hope you love them forever-they are that beautiful. I have never seen a pair like that anywhere in that condition! God was smiling on you that day. xo Diana

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Oh Rebecca, I'm so glad you finally got a pair of shoes like you've been wanting. Their so pretty, waiting did pay off, great buy!
Hugs~~ Daphne

Julie Marie said...

Ooooh Rebecca!... those are just stunning!!! How happy I am for you that you found those... I am a bargain hunter, like you... I refuse to spend outrageous bucks on things I want (even though I reeaaally want them!)... and you are right, it is all about priorities where you spend your money... I have never even tasted a Starbucks (sorry, I am from the old school, I drink plain old coffee at home), no offense to anyone, but I think it is kind of a yuppy thing...and expensive... I would rather spend my money on vintage treasures like yours anyday... so happy for you!!! xoxo Julie Marie

Anonymous said...

I've been watching our local jaunts for years for boots to go with an 1800's dress for my manny-quin and like you, the price is far too high for my liking. There was one pair I thought might have hope but they were in such disrepair I had to walk by. You did well at $65. for such a nice set as you have here. Well done. LOVE the basket. Would love to put my sweeties cards and letters in such a pretty basket. Hugs. T

Theresa said...

Beautiful shoes:) A girl can never have too many! Enjoy your day my friend, HUGS!

Pink Roses and Teacups said...


These are beautiful! I am a thrifty spender too, and no Strabucks for me either. Glad you found these beauties!

Debbie xo

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Way better than a cup of Starbucks...Way Better!!

Cheryl said...

I love that you have 'mad money' and it is all about our values isn't it Rebecca, Victorian boots for you, coffee for some and wool for me :)
Love the boots tho I think it was worth the patience and the money.


Karen said...

Oh my.. you DID hit the jackpot. Good for you!! Amazing.. never been worn. Love it. I wonder what the story is behind them?
Thank you for commenting on my blog post.
I'll be back.. have to see what you're working on next!
Ladybug Creek
P.S. Love the train case! You are so talented.

Rita said...

Oh Rebecca,
what a lucky find - patience DOES pay off!! Those boots are g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s. and I'm so glad you now own them!
I missed your latest posts and did some catch up... your train case from the previous post is stunning beyond words- I love your roses, only wish I had your talent.

Brenda ~ The Heminger Farmhouse said...

Those boots are fabulous ~ waiting does have it's rewards, doesnt it :) I love that sweet basket!!

Donna said...

What a pretty pair of shoes!! You were very lucky to find such a great pair. Love your new blog look!

Char said...

Oh Rebecca, I am so happy your hunt paid off.
I have to be honest here, I am not a shoe girl. I am a burkie girl, I suppose that comes from have RA in my feet for the past 30 years.
Oh well, I can fully appreciate the beauty in those cute boots, but I am sure glad I don't have to wear them.....HA! OUCH~
Now, as for the basket graphic you have shown us.....well girl, THAT, I love, love and love some more!!

Ivy and Elephants said...

The boots are just gorgeous, and you've of course displayed them so artistically! I love taking a chance and surprising getting just what I wanted. Jack pot!
We'd love to have you share your find at our linky party, too.

Miss Gracie's House said...

GORGEOUS!! Definitely worth the wait...and I'm like you...that is where I spend my extra money...on vintage pretties.

Anonymous said...

You did good! They are gorgeous and so is your pretty blog!

Marilyn said...

I'm with you for tea time!! You need to be my teacher in the shopping department! I'd be a good student. Promise.♥♫

Your Craft Book said...

Hello Rebecca, I love the books and I wear a size 5 shoe so I think they should come home with me!! :)

Though I do not think I would get to wear them in Florida, just a thought though, Maureen.

Carolyn said...

Rebecca, just came back from lunch hour qfter stopping in a little local antique mall. You will never guess what I came across!! A beautiful very gently worn boots like yours only in a soft brown leather for $55!! I didn't buy them bec I just had a huge unexpectted auto maintenance bill! :( I think I will go back & get them though...they were so pretty!

Only thing is that I had never been in this shop & they had a TON of "gotta have that!" YIKES! "WHAT TO CHOOSE???"

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