Tuesday, March 27, 2012


When I was a teenager growing up in the mid 70's I dreamed of the following things for my wardrobe:

Shoes with clicky heels.
Fashionable jeans with appliques.
Belts with gemstone inlays.
T-shirts with pink, pink, PINK!

Now that I'm all grown up I'm amazed to find I dream of the following things for my wardrobe:

Shoes with clicky heels.
Fashionable jeans with appliques.
Belts with gemstone inlays.
T-shirts with pink, pink, PINK!
Funny how the more I change the more I stay the same!
 ~My Family in 1976~
(a bad copy of a great photo-I'm on the right))


The funniest thing happened on Monday!

My hubby works for a major copier corporation and yesterday he was at a local account overseeing some network changes when one of the employees (a guy!) came up to him and said:

"Are you Mr. AGPMan???????"
(I've decided blogging has taken over my life!!!!)


 Hope your day is wonderful.

Love to you...


Patty Patterson said...

I don't even remember fashion as being important when I was growing up. But then, being the third girl in a poor farm family - I probably had no choice. I wore what was handed down.

Unknown said...

Ahahahaha! He's a celebrity! Too funny. I hope he enjoyed his moment. Blessings.

White Lace and Promises said...

So funny! So familiar! Gotta love those 70's. No music like it!

Yasmin Smith said...

I remember what I liked as a teenager...in the 50's....high heels; skirts or dresses with FULL skirt to twirl when I danced; and crinlines to go under the skirt for fullness...charm bracelets;..peddle
pushers were the rage..and baby doll pj's.........now I like high heels (which I am not suppose to wear anymore!); still love full skirts; clunky bracelets; and capri pants..and lounging pj's;...and the color PINK has always been my first choice. We must be "girly-girls", Rebecca!!
Hugs, Francy

Theresa said...

As we age, we still love the same stuff! Same here:)

That is his name, isn't it? hehe I am so connected with all of my blog friends:) Too funny! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

NanaDiana said...

LOL, Rebecaa- I find that I am still the same in a lot of ways that I was back then, too. NOW I have the courage to act on some of those things that would have daunted me before.

How funny about your blog. When we were up North we ran into someone that recognized ME from my blog. MyHero about passed out.

Hey...what DOES AGP stand for? You have probably said at one time or another but I didn't catch it if you did! xo Diana

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh that is too funny! Did he duck or own up? :) Poor guy, can't catch a break. Hugs. t

Tiffany said...

I had forgotten about sparkly belts...I do remember those tshirts that had the smooth plastic pictures on them...and the clicky shoes. I dreamed of wearing "Candies". ;)

Anonymous said...

My dream clothes were bell bottoms & hip huggers & fringe around the bottom of my jeans. Oh yeah did I say PAISLEY!!!! Now ??? Not so much!! Just something comfy ... LOL!!
LOL about the AGPMAN recognition!!
Enjoy the Day!!

Jill said...

You've made your hubby even more famous. I LOVE it! :)

As a fellow 70's teen, I gotta love your style!

Jen said...

That is too funny! Is he impressed that he is famous?
As far as fashion goes, I sure hope I have a better eye now. I gringe when I see older pictures...lol


Julie Marie said...

I love your fashion choices, then and now!... and how cute, Mr. AGP man is popular with everyone, I love that he is a big part of your blog... too cute!... xoxo Julie Marie

Ginger said...

How funny, bet he was taken aback for sure. Must be a fan of yours. He he.

Donna said...

He is a celebrity! I still love the same things too :)

Blondie's Journal said...

This is funny, Rebecca! How did he react.

I am a 70's teen, too and I remember low cut bell bottoms, studded belts, clogs and feathered hair! We all wanted to look like Farrah Fawcett!! lol!


Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearsest Rebecca,

Funny with your pink... and also the way your husband got approached. Yes, he certainly got recognized from the photos of him as a worker bee and some leisurely poses!
Love to you,


EllenaElizabeth said...

that is so funny imagine being recognised from ya blog ya husband must have been shocked

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