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Before I say anything about our ongoing IT'S TAKING FOREVER TO DO KITCHEN REMODEL I want to say a huge thank you for the kind notes you left me after my recent fall.  I'm much better today...still can't go out, drive, etc.  But I'm hoping by the middle of next week I'll be better and back on track with my life!

Our kitchen remodel started sooo long ago and we've been living with some sort of rip-out ever since.  Again~when you are do-it-yourselfers and you are saving and paying as you go it can really take a long time to get things done.  Add to it about an 18 month hiatus for my hubby's school and it's easy to see how projects can be left in limbo.

Since January we've done a lot.  Moved tons of wiring in the attic to accommodate the repositioning of appliances, etc.  Load bearing walls needed support...all the things that need to be done when a kitchen is literally torn down to the bones.   This isn't a's a total remodel...

Both the doors you see at the top were actually the corner of our original downstairs bathroom.  The pantry door (the right one) was originally the door that led into the tiny half bath.  We hated it as it was right by the breakfast other privacy (especially for guests!).

This is the opposite side of the kitchen.  The fridge is being moved to the other side of the kitchen which I HOPE I'm going to love.  Originally it was right in the opening of the once galley-style-kitchen and if you were standing there with the door(s) open no one could get by you! 

After much thought and planning we still don't want it right in the it's being moved.

I haven't shown too much of the left side of the kitchen because it was pretty much left in place while the really tough stuff was done first.  Living through a remodel is horrible...but it is what it is.  Can't afford to move out of our home while it's being done and since the main worker also works a full-time-job most of the work is done on the weekends.

Now...see that wallpaper above?  The entire ceiling of our den and breakfast room showcased this lovely avocado/medallion style print.  After moving into the house in 1992 I tried my best to remove it.  Since it was hung directly onto the sheet-rock that stuff was NOT coming off.  Anyway...ended up texturing over it.  This little bit was around a grill we have HAPPILY removed. 

You can see the grill in the upper right corner of this picture.  This photo was taken a long time ago and after we removed the center wall that separated the bathroom and laundry room from the kitchen.

In case you forgot here is a picture of the kitchen before we started the remodel.  Simple galley kitchen that was totally non-functional!

Our target date for completion is December...or at least by January 1st.  I would NEVER have dreamed it would have taken so long to get everything done.  But...I have stood by and watched my hubby work nearly every weekend doing everything from plumbing to electrical and he's a master at what he does.  No slouching here.  Just a one-man-crew working non-stop.  The boys (Brandon and Micah) come over and help when something big needs to be done...but for the most part my beloved has done everything by himself!

I've looked at tons of pictures and I've come across one style I love the most.  You can see it above.  Love everything except the steeple style cabinets.  But that can be changed!!!
I'm hoping that after all the wiring and plumbing, moving of doorways are completed it will look something like the one you see above.  I'm so excited as most of the super-tough-grunt-work is done!

~More Photos of Inspiration Kitchen~

I'm going to say it again.  Total remodels down to the studs are NOT for the faint of heart.  It's back-breaking work and requires tons of life-altering sacrifice.

When I need a big pan to cook with I have to go into the garage and dig one out of the boxes that hold almost all my cookware and bake-ware.
Someday!  Someday! Someday!
Someday it WILL all be done!
If you want to see more pics together you can visit my PINTEREST page that shows more of the progress!
Hope your Saturday is lovely.

Love to you...


Deanna said...

Becky Sue, I hear ya.
When it is all said and'll be rejoicing for shore. Having progress pics are very helpful as time passes and the project has morphed to another stage than what is in the picture.

My Kitchen is torn up and the work comes hit and miss. Life has gotten in the way. Hoping ours is finished by Christmas. That will be a terrific gift for me.

It is fun to pop in and see what you're up to.

God bless,

Bente said...

Dear Rebecca. I can imagine that it`s hard waiting for the kitchen to be finished. But one day it will be so very beautiful, I`m sure. (The old kitchen was pretty too)

Have a great sunday.
Hugs from me

myletterstoemily said...

it wil be beautiful, and i love the photo
of your dream kitchen. sorry you've
had to live through the remodel. i
did that once and hope to never to it

Anne said...

Rebecca I am sorry to hear of your fall.I have not been able to keep up with reading all of my blogs.I seem to be getting more and more behind.Ah your kitchen is a work of art!You are so blessed to have such a talented husband.He is doing an amazing job!

Maggie said...

holy toledo.

your progress and your inspiration kitchen are awesome. wow, what a huge project, girl!!

Unknown said...

Rebecca, I can sympathize with you as my hubby and I moved into our little cottage 9 years ago and have been remodeling ever since. My hubby is like yours, he does everything himself. He knocked the shed that was our bathroom and laundry room off the back of the house and built me a beautiful new kitchen and bedroom on top of it that are huge and I had to live with my kitchen in my living room for 9 months. Currently, though my living room looks like your kitchen. The floor had to be taken and beams put under the house and lots of new dry wall and now waiting to tear our steps out for new stairway to upstairs. It does seem to take forever and I will be so glad when it is done and I know you will too! Best of luck to you.

joanne said...

I've been mia for awhile, had some surgery, so I didn't know you were injured. I will have to go back and read what happened but for now I am hoping that you were not badly hurt and that you are recovering nicely. I just hate being laid up during the prettiest days of the year! I don't think I would ever be courageous enough to do a full kitchen remodel but then again after looking at your inspirations photos I might be convinced otherwise! take care sweet Becca.

Theresa said...

I am happy to hear you are on the mend! I know it is tough living thru all of that construction but you will enjoy it for years when it is finished! Have a blessed day dear Rebecca, HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're feeling better, Rebecca!

I've never understood how a woman can endure a remodel! Then again, women say to me that they can't imagine how I home schooled 4 large boys! I guess we all have our cross! :)
I'm sure having an empty nest helps with a remodel. at any hour of the day, my last growing boy can be found in the kitchen cooking.

Cheers to your hubs for work so hard. You'll have to really celebrate once it's all done! ♥

Jeannie B. said...

Your dream kitchen is beautiful. And dreams are worth waiting for!!

Donna said...

I know how you feel! We completely remodeled out kitchen down to the bare bones before I began blogging. It took months but so worth it in the end. I love my kitchen! One thing I did and love is the pullouts for all the lower cabinets in my kitchen. Nothing gets lost and forgotten.
Can't wait to see it all when you are finished. Your inspiration pics are gorgeous!
Glad you are better.

Shabby chic Sandy said...

What a job! Glad you are doing better. I love remodeling a kitchen--good excuse to eat out which is my favorite thing to do!

Lady Pamela said...

You will be blessed for your patience.

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Rebecca,
Don't explain to me as we've lived through eating dust and more dust while Pieter did build our Rose Suite; including all the plumbing; wiring of electricity; ducting for the air-conditioning; masonry etc. etc. The shower was full of sand and tons of dirty laundry after numerous sweaty changes. How sweet when you finally can clean and it's DONE. I'm showing still the remodeling of our home and right before going to Curaçao I thought I never manage to have things clean before we leave. We managed again and now the final stage is the balcony... Sometime in July I can do my thorough cleaning and hopefully back to normal.
Hugs to you and glad you feel a lot better!

Judy said...

Rebecca, Hope you are feeling much better by now. Just a reminder, the older we get the harder we fall and the longer it takes to recover. When you get nearly 64 you'll understand more clearly what I mean. I can hardly wait to see your kitchen redo.....hurry up! Love the kitchen you have shown, I'd love that too. Hugs, Judy

Tara said...

I think your finished kitchen will be just stunning if your inspiration pictures are anything to go by. You have such excellent taste anyway, I would have never doubted it! Hope all is well with you and your loved ones!

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