Wednesday, January 28, 2009

MY LOVE AFFAIR with WHITE......(& a HINT of PINK!)


I have always had white in my life. When I was a young girl the first bedspread I remember enjoying was a crisp white beauty that arrived complete with double layers of flirty ruffles and a matching quilted pillow sham. Simple white linens dressed my soft white French Provincial bed, which actually came as a set of two…one for me and one for my big sister. The set included matching dressers and I was always a bit envious that hers included a pretty attached mirror.

For years our walls were painted the palest of natural white and from our single widow hung dainty “Pricilla” curtains in a soft and similar hue. The bedroom suite, although fairly inexpensive, was quite an investment for our parents and we would live with it the entire length of our childhoods…

I’m quite sure I couldn’t have known it then, but so began my love affair with the most angelic of all colors.

As my decorating style began to change a couple of years ago, I willingly embraced again my love for all things white! Whatever it is called, “Cream, Ivory, Eggshell, Bisque, Ecru or Snow, it’s all still the same to me. Layering whites, no matter what the shade, evokes within me a passion for the past. I find myself eagerly searching out all things that are truly lovely, all things handmade, romantic and beautifully feminine.

Since I will never stray too far from my second favorite color, the softest, palest shade of pink, I’ve decided to concentrate on using it as a much deserved accent shade throughout my own home versus a stand-alone color. I encourage you to come along with me as I mix my palette up a bit! I’m happy to have you accompany me on this exciting journey of change! The canvas around me is always evolving and I’m looking forward to amazingly good things…only good things!



Tanza said...

Sweet ~r~,
YES.. Everything you do is truly Amazing.. I LOVE this journey with you.. What a ride it's been too.. All the shopping, and surfing the internet for the perfect find.. What a joy to find that something perfect to go in our homes..It's such a excitement to find a treasure calling your name, out on a shopping jaunt..huh..I still think the most fun and thrill of it all, is in the hunt.. Your new room is so soft and dreamy.. LOVE it...Keep your creative juices going.. A pleasure to follow along.. Hugs ~t~xo

Anonymous said...

Yes and I am sooooo happy to have this beautiful piece. White and pale blue are actually a favorite of mine, but I love white, old white. New white kitchen cabinets aren't bad, though. I have enough of your lovely work that your journey will show through in my home. Now that's probably true of many of us. Amazing work Reb, thank you sweet woman.

My Pink & Cream Cottage said...

Well Rebecca what can I say except you have done it yet again! First comment has to be on your bed frill, gorgeous is the word that comes to mind. Your guest room is looking so pretty! White just has to be the prettiest shade, made even better with touches of pale pink, & I have to admit my favourite colour pale green. Cannot get enough of your postings, just like your beautiful creations.

Have a great day my Sweet.

Lyn xxx

Unknown said...

Hi Rebecca! I am so happy you came and visited my blog! Your comment left tears in my eyes! I am so sorry about your sweet grandma. I am so close to my grandma's also. How wonderful that yours was able to make it to your son's wedding, what a blessing that is! Pineapple Upside Down Cake is truly one of my favorites. My grandma always made big soft molasses cookies with raisins in the center. I love them so much :)

I have to tell you, I have been a HUGE fan of your work for a long time! I hope to own a piece soon. I am always too late and miss out, lol! You are so talented and your art is absolutely stunning!

Celeste of La Rea Rose is my best friend :) She is such a doll, isnt she?

I hope you have a beautiful weekend!

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