Sunday, January 4, 2009


Last summer my hubby removed his PROPERTY :) from our upstairs office and permanently established it in another place in our home! This of course was very exciting to me as it freed up a bedroom for a complete makeover. I'd always wanted a comfy place where I could sit a spell and slowly sip a cup of my favorite raspberry tea. The once "highly technical space" has now become a place of refuge~ I can relax, read, write or maybe even "dress the wounds of a trying day..."
The walls of my pretty new hideaway are a soft pinkish taupe color called "Pale Brick". The delightfully sweet desk you see above (circa 1940) was in my daughter's bedroom when she was just a little girl. But, because of it's style it really wasn't suitable for use with a computer, etc. So as she grew older, off to storage it went! I just couldn't bear to part with it. It took a few coats of my favorite cottage white paint to make her presentable again, but today she is lovely once more. Paired with a vintage oak chair, a swivel mapel rocker from an old thrift store and the timeless charm of a vintage Jelly Cabinet, the room is now complete. I'm in heaven.


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TheMuffinMan said...

You forgot to mention the previous incarnation of this room... it was mine! Remember the giant "311" on the wall with blue Christmas lights? Good times! :)

Love the blog!

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