Thursday, March 5, 2009


My beautiful friend, ~TeaGirl~ and my sweet friend Mary at "Isabella's Closet" both passed this sweet award onto me! Thank you so much! Still learning the tricks of the trade ladies... there is still so much I don't know!

Here are the award rules:

List 7 things that you "Love" and then pass this award on to 7 Bloggers that you love!Be sure to tag them and let them know they have won! You can copy the graphic by clicking onto the Award Icon and then placing it on your sideboard. This lets the whole world know that you are KREATIV!

Seven things I love...
1. I love God & his Son, Jesus Christ
2. I love my family- Bran, Adrie, Mr. AGP, Micah, Sarah & Miss K.
3. I love my amazing girlfriends...both in and out of Bloggieland
4. I love to shop at Second Hand Stores, Estate Sales, etc.
5. I love to decorate my home in shabby cottage chic...yum!
6. I love to entertain & host small dinners for close friends..
7. I love to paint and earthly passion

Tammy - A Stitch in Time
Mary - Mimi's Corner
Linda - Threads of Loveliness
Lucy - English Cottage in Georgia
Sarah - Shabby Roses & Pretty Things
Rhonda - The Cozy Loft
Lee - A Southern Rose

Blessings to all these talented are all a huge inspiration to me...Rebecca


Unknown said...

You deserve it Rebecca!!!!!! :) Congratulations!

I just received my bunny and oh my gosh, she is just beautiful!!!!!! I love her so much! Your art is amazing! Thank you for packing it so beautifully too and for the candle! You are so sweet!

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

I came here to catch up on my blog reading and I find this lovely award!! Thank you so very much - I am so incredibly honored. Now I'll love reading the other blogs you have chosen, too, as I haven't been to any of them before. Thank you again, Rebecca! You have absolutely made my day!!

Many blessings and many hugs,

A Southern Rose said...

Thank you so much for the award! That was so sweet of you!
Lee Laurie

Mary H said...

Lovely Rebecca~~Okay, now I'm crying. That was so touching to remember me. I haven't been able to do my blog reading for a couple of days and it's been awhile on my own blog and then to find this. You have made my needed that "warm hug" from a sweet friend! You know your blog soooo deserves the award. You keep up on it so well and it is beautiful. Love the new corner shelf unit. I love architectural and beautiful dimentional pieces like this. Very eye catching! Great find! Thank you for thinking of me...with love, Mary

a Pocket Angel said...

You and your blog bring much joy to so many of us.. thanks for showing us your lovely work!
There's still so much I do not know about blogging too.
Let's just keep blogging when we can.
Hugs & blessing to you my sweet friend ~Mary~:-}

English Cottage in Georgia said...

Rebecca, you have truly honored me.
Such a compliment from a woman I am in complete awe of - decorating ability, inspirational writing, and technological ability to create and post so many beautiful images.
LOL! I greedily accept the honor, but I have not figured out how to load anything onto by blog except my own pics.

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