Wednesday, March 18, 2009


(Through My Hubby's Car Window!)

I shared with you all last week that my hubbs had to travel out of town for business. He made a quick trip down south to Little Rock, Arkansas, and I truly wish I could have gone with him! We lived in the state for a few months right after we were married and the countryside was easy to fall in love with...the land is amazingly beautiful!

My Mr. AGPMan knows I simply adore vintage homes. I can't pass one by without begging to stop for a roadside visit. Since I couldn't join him on his business jaunt he took it upon himself to watch out for those sweet old homes for his high-maintenance, pink rose lovin' gal! On his way through Pine Bluff he passed this charming PINK Victorian and couldn't resisit snapping a picture for me. Pretty good for a camera phone, huh?


Even though the gorgeous old home needs some TLC (and probably some seriously big bucks!), I would love to make it mine... The next time my guy makes his way to Arkansas you can believe I'm going to be with him!

Couldn't resist showing this beautiful pink beauty off to you! Hope you love it, too!

Blessings as you make your house a home...Rebecca


Anonymous said...

That is an amazing house. Look at all that pink!! I love the older homes and finding inside the stories they tell. This one is gorgeous and still has all of it's gingerbread woodwork. I would certainly be an act of love to restore her.

Anonymous said...

Is it for sale R? Maybe we could take virtual tour together... LOL.. that is one way... or do what another blogger does and wait for night fall and take a window peeking trip. Just sort of drive by and look in on the lights at night. YES, she is gorgeous my dear friend.

WE have a whole street of these very vintage home that are protected. Perhaps hubs and I can take a drive and snap some pics to show you. There is a white and pink gingerbread that is to die for. Gorgeous.

Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

that is so cool. see - he thinks of you even when he's away. pink is chasing him. hahaha! i have a chimney on my house - you've probably never even noticed it - it's white. i really want to paint it pink. (hot pink). it's just sitting up there all by itself - lonesome and forgotten. i think it's calling my name. after all these years, it won't be a flower on the wall anymore. ;)

i came across this web site the other day - where every monday people link and post something yellow. so, for the next two weeks everywhere i went i saw yellow. it's like it was chasing me. =0

~Nancy~ said...

Oh my gosh! My hometown is just "down the road" from Pine Bluff (Warren) and I even lived in Little Rock for a while after college! Small world! Arkansas is truly lovely and I miss it so much! I moved to Kentucky after my daughter went off to Atlanta to attend Emory. I am stuck up here by myself now and this post sure made my heart homesick! I am trying to place that house as I am sure I have seen it while shopping, visiting family, and taking the daughter to dance class in Pine Bluff for years and years.
You SO need a big pink house like that! It would be a dream!

Eclectic Chic Style said...

So sweet of your hubby to take the picture for you. The home is really awesome. Can't you just see the potential there? Love it, thank you for sharing!!! Have a beautiful day!
♥ Teresa

Anonymous said...

I just noticed the balcony... upper right corner first pic. Very romoe & juliet. I'm getting a kick out of this house. Even if one could only enlarge the picture to hang on my wall in white roughed up shabby chic frame... a girl can dream... Just a thought Ms. R! What a wonderful man. My husband would do such a thing as well and i'm so grateful when he does.

A Southern Rose said...

This old Victorian house is so beautiful! Can you just picture it when it was brand new? I would rather have an old home with history than any 'new' home. They have so much character. When I see old homes like this I tend to come up with a name for each one. This one, I would name 'Grace'. I could just picture you and your hubby living in a home like this. You would have it decorated so pretty with all of your roses!

Have a blessed day!

Lee Laurie

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Rebecca dear, I posted a pink house yesterday too, isn't that funny? Please come on over and check it out. I have to tell ya, we have a lot of beautiful victorian homes in near by areas that are so beautiful. The one you posted is really a big Wow factor, and I'm sure if you had your way with this home, it would be unbelievable with your great talents.

Gone said...

Oh...I love it, too!! Tom and I OFTEN stop on our trips to get a closer glimpse at these beautiful homes!!


Just Me said...

The house is just gorgeous, Rebecca....such potential. And how sweet of your hubby to take the photo for you.

I'm having a rough day and visiting your blog today has made it calmer and more lovely.

God bless you!

Paula & Skip said...

Just found your blog and simply LOVE it.

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