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Even though I've been missing in action over the past few days I've been busy working! With my hubbs out of town last week I took some time away from stocking my website (new pretties coming this week!) to work on a FEW personal projects that I started several months ago but remained half finished. I couldn't wait to show you the end result of something that truly proved to be cottage least I think so!

When I first started my Blog (January '09) I shared with all of you a story of a cottage down the lane (a REAL Cottage, mind you!) that was being demolished to make space for ANOTHER retail shopping center. In the story I explained how we (um, my hubbs!) hauled all the vintage doors and windows to our storage shed for decorative use in both our home and a shoppe I hope to open later this year! My idea was to use one or two :) as a backdrop in some sort of decorative vignette! I've seen vintage doors used as "walls" for years in antique shoppes and I LOVED the idea. So, I incorporated that thought into something I hoped might work in my own home! This is now the second refurbished door we've chosen to showcase as something other than a DOOR! I think it adds so much interest and charm to our shabby cottage chic decor...


The beautiful old door you see was once the back entrance to the French Style Cottage that once stood dainty and proud! It's been totally re-purposed and now is proudly displayed in my upstairs landing!

After a thorough cleaning, the door was primed (sometimes old paint colors are difficult to cover) and then painted a soft and creamy pink. My hubbs used garden brackets to support the shelf he added to the top (at the crown of the door he also added a metal garden-rose arch~it is hard to see because I snapped the picture in the evening). As an afterthought we (um, HE!) added metal hooks to the sides. Delightful for hanging those sweet old hats! The shelf on top is perfect for displaying a pillow or two or even a favorite old photograph...


Because our landing is fairly small we had to come up with a decorative find that was both functional and narrow. Across the front I hand painted a spray of fluffy pink roses and soft leaves in basil and pale fern. All the original hardware was in place making the door an even sweeter find!

Hope to share more with you later this week! Don't forget that gorgeous vintage corner cabinet is coming up soon! Now that's a sweetie and a real treasured find for sure!

Be creative, challenged and changed!



Anonymous said...

OOOH REBECCA. LOVELY! I have an 8 pane door right now on my cottage front door. I will be replacing it eventually as it's just not as functional as I would like. It has the depression wavy glass in it. I am going to be doing a similar treatment. Only, I will be adding a bench to the bottom and it will become a functionally hat tree stand. The hooks will be vintage you bet. Yours turned out lovely my dear and I love how you displayed it. Nice job my dear GP peeps!!

Anonymous said...

Rebecca, this old door looks marvelous and I love the painted roses you put on it! It is a beautiful door and don't you wish it could tell you some stories about all who passed through it down through the years?
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)


Rebecca...this is just beautiful!!! You and hubby did a marvelous job with it!!

I just wonder how many different people used that door, entering or leaving that lovely little cottage...


Tanza said...

Ooohhh ~r~,
Knock..Knock.. Another sweet door by you, and Mr. AGP.. This is simply "cottage charming".. The BeSt I've EvEr seen.. You are the tops girly-girl.. This is the most yummiest pink you use.. Love Love Love IT !! The lace is so soft, and that vintage hardware.. WOW !! You did wonderful, with this sweet treasure find.. I too, always wonder about the storys that can be told about these old finds.. The laughter and tears probably, behind these doors.. Wish they could talk..mmmm..Love when you so graciously share your creative talents, and give meee all kinds of ideas.. Like I need more !!! hahaha.. Okay sweets, sleep well tonite, you Nana you !!You gotta start on that cabinet tomorrow!!! hahaha.. Soo good talking with you tonite.. Your truly my inspiration.. To the moon sweet friend.. hugs ~tea~xo

Mary H said...

Oh, Rebecca~~How lovely this came out. I'm trying to visualize the upstairs landing with this new feature and the clock. Are they near each other??
This door is beautiful..looks like one that served as the back door on my Great Grandparent's house. Just lovely, Rebecca. I love the scrolly white beauties.
Good job...and glad you are back in action. XXOO -Mary

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

This is what cottage dreams are made of! How beautiful and charming! Just love the cottage white glow of everything! Thanks for sharing!

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Rebecca, This is so charming the way you displayed you door, epecially with the table in front of it. I absolutely LOVE IT! I do appreciate woman with good taste. Very, very pretty. So much eye candy!

Unknown said...

OHHHHH Rebecca!! That door is so beautiful!!! I absolutely love it!! Your home is stunning! I would love to come over and just look at everything, lol! You sure do have an eye for beauty!
Love ya,

Kris said...

Rebecca, The old door looks amazing. You've repurposed it to a state of shabby beauty! Love the soft spray of roses and it's the perfect piece for displaying more of your pretties.

Kudo's to you

Have a happy day


English Cottage in Georgia said...

how I loved that post... from your written words...feeling your sadness a seeing a dream torn down, then exhilaration at being told you could take whatever you wanted...then from your written words, I was there with you and your wonderful hubby, picking through the worn, tired treasures.
I love what you have done with the door. AND really appreciate your description of how you brought it back to life and dressed it.
May I ask the brand and color of paint used?
Happy St. Paddy's Day

Anonymous said...

This is just gorgeous! Isn't it lovely when a plan comes together?

I do always feel sad to hear that beautiful old homes and buildings are being torn down for shopping centers, malls, etc. However, it's thrilling to know that you were there to salvage some of that wonderful history and it will be cherished. And look at how pretty you made it!!

I can't wait to hear more about your shoppe, too. CONGRATS!!

You are truly special Rebecca!!

A Southern Rose said...

You are so talented! This is so beautiful! I had to go back and look at it several times and each time I saw something else that I missed the time before! What a beautiful way to dress up your landing. Your painted roses on it are gorgeous!

I'm so exited that you are going to open up your shop soon!

Lee Laurie

Lisa McDonald said...


What a beautiful piece. You did a fantastic job of repurposing that old door. What a lovely addition to your home.


Connie said...

Lovely, Rebecca! Just soooo lovely, chickee!

Anonymous said...

Love you-- Mom

June said...

Your blog is lovely and I'm having a great time exploring it. Your home is beautiful and full of such sweet things. I look forward to my next visit.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

The door turned out beautifully; I just love re-purposing vintage items!

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