Friday, March 20, 2009


One of the greatest privileges in my life has come from being the mother of a beautiful daughter. My girl’s name is Adrienne, and she is truly one of the most kind and gentle people I’ve ever known. If she wasn’t my daughter I would choose her as a friend. In the 24 plus years she’s been in my life I’ve never known her to intentionally hurt anyone. She has a heart of gold and carries upon her young shoulders more burdens than I even begin to share with you… During my entire life she has never failed to bless me for deep inside her she shines with the presence of the Lord.

So…when I answered the phone this afternoon and heard sobbing on the other end I knew instantly something serious was up. Unlike me my girl isn’t a crier. She is more like her father…stoic and strong and holds her emotions close to her chest. Even as a little girl she would run into her bedroom before shedding a tear in front of her family. It was and always will be, Adrie’s way…

I struggled at first to understand the words on the other end of the phone. My first thought was that deep sadness had overcome my girl as both she and her hubbs attended the funeral this morning of his beloved Aunt Anne… She had passed earlier in the week…much too young to leave this earth. Still…her sorrow seemed compounded by more than death and I wasn’t sure why… So…I continued to listen.

“Mom…I need you to pray! Right now…PRAY!”

Adrie began to share with me something serious that was pressing in on her young life…a concern that was greater than she and one that would require the help of a healing, loving God. Through her sobs I listened as she spoke of the sorrow of a friend…there was so much tragedy and real fear. I promised her I would pray; all the while assuring her that NOTHING was too big for our Lord…

As I hung up the phone I immediately offered up my prayers to the Most High. I’m so grateful and thankful that even though my prayers sometimes feel a bit awkward and my attempts to talk with the Creator of all life often sound a little feeble, I must remember the real POWER is in HIM…the ONE who HEARS all of our prayers...

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted, and He saves those whose spirits have been crushed. (Psalm 34:18)

Blessings to you as you cast every care upon Him…Rebecca


Anonymous said...

Adrienne, I do not know what causes you pain or distress but I do know the power of prayer. I will pray for you and your loved ones.

Rebecca, i'm sorry this day for your distress. I will pray for you as well that he will lift you up so you can bear up for your daughter who needs you.

Prayers, love and hugs to you both.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Rebecca,
Your sweet daughter sounds like a wonderful young women with sincere heartfelt concern for her friend. I will pray too. God Bless her! I know God hears and will show the way.

Enjoyed a bit of catch up with your posts. Love the Ark. Victorian. My DH and I have traveled a bunch to Eureka Springs and I have toured some of these old homes and they are spectacular.
I could easily see one converted to a shabby rose shoppe.

Hope you are doing well. I know you are busy. I have been busy too and never seem to get it all done, but it is fun to keep trying!!
Have a wonderful weekend.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

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