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The beginning of this past week brought with it much anticipation!!! My hubbs knew how excited I was to place the vintage cabinet we found a couple of weeks ago (that fabulous 2die4 piece above) in her new corner! She sure needed a lot more work than I thought she was going to take to return her to her once glorious condition! She is simply Shabby Cottage Chic WONDERFUL now! Couldn't wait to share with you the details of her transformation!

This gal's makeover list is a tad lengthy! Hubbs had to do a little repair to her dainty spine, a bit of wood filler was needed to camouflage some scaring left by shoddy nail removal, a good sanding off of the old oil-based paint was absolutely necessary as well as a thorough cleaning! Once she was sturdy and strong she was given three generous coats of fresh cottage white paint! Taaah Daaah and WHOOOO HOOOOO!


The newest addition to our family is now safe and sound in a tiny nook in the upstairs landing! She looks simply divine and I'm soooo happy! She sits directly across from the vintage pink rose door showcased in one of my recent Postings! Want to know her age? Almost 100 YEARS OLD! The date 1911 was written in black crayon across her back...

Newly decorated with some of my favorite finds, I'm proud to have this beauty in my home. She was originally handmade with great attention to detail and I suspect she will stay right where she is for many, many years to come!

Gracing her shelves (including the top!) you'll find a vintage Fenton Hobnail Lamp, lots of old pieces of lace and crochet, old rose plates, vintage books in PINK (of course), hand painted pretties, fragrant sachets, vintage glassware and even an old Bible Box... There is a jar filled with vintage buttons and a gorgeous pink glass necklace...

Hope you love the peek at this charming transformation! Isn't it a blast to turn something that has lived past it's prime into something functional again? I think so!!!

Note to Hubbs: THANK YOU BABER! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! This HIGH-MAINTENANCE GAL of yours PROMISES TO LET YOU REST FOR A LITTLE WHILE before asking you to start working on that table she just bought! :) :) :) xoxoxoxo

Blessings to you as you work towards finishing what you have started...Rebecca


Eclectic Chic Style said...

Breathtakingly beautiful. Your pretties look so comfy and right at home in it. Have a beautiful Saturday.
♥ Teresa

Anonymous said...

Oh just look at her so pretty in her new home. You did a wonderful job as usual. I am just yearning for Spring to start painting here. I may just have to clear some space in the house for hand painting. I love how she is decorated up as well. Very pretty indeed not that i had any doubt mind you.

Connie said...

I just finished a chair I got for $12.50 and it looks so much better, too! I love doing old things over for my home. Hubs just looks at me like "oh no, not again"!!! Hah....he's not even close to what I have in store for him next time. ;-) But I have to let him rest for a season at the moment. *Sigh*........

How's Miss "K" doing, chickee!


Gone said...

Oh my, Rebecca, it's GORGEOUS. Your hubby did a 'fine' job at fixing her did you accessorizing her.


Tanza said...

Okay ~r~
I'm on the floor.. WOW !! You did an amazing job !! Just simply GORGEOUS !! You never cease to amaze mee.. You're such an inspiration, and I've only looked once at your transformation, I will go look more, and yes !! I will question all I see..hahaha.. I see that padddle too.. You moved it.. Soo sweet.. Okay, my friend I have to scoop myself up, and go jump in the shower.. I will talk more soon, and let's find something else to remake..mmmm.. doesn't take long to want to create another beauty !! I love and adore sweet, wonderful, creative YOU !! You are truly blessed with TALENT,and boy, can you style these items.. You may have to look into being a photo stylist.. Everything you touch is Simply WONDERFUL !!! Okay more soon~~To the moon and stars~~ hugs ~tea~xo

Unknown said...

Hi Rebecca!
What a true beauty you have created and such a great fit too! And all those pretty plates and goodies are devine! I am a rose plate girl myself! just can't have too many! They add so much to vinettes!

I actually have a base like the bottom of your does that mean it might take me 17 years to find a top for it?..I guess I'd better get looking! lol

Thanks for letting us see the finished product! Lovely!


Barb said...

Rebecca, it is did a wonderful job.

Hugs, Barb

Unknown said...

REBECCA! That is soooo beautiful, oh my gosh!! Amazing! I would love to have a gorgeous piece like that in my home! You are magic for sure! Love this :)

Just Me said...

Dear Rebecca,

Part of me THRILLS when I see a new post from you and there is another part of me that sighs longingly after I read of your exceptional talent and ease in making truly beautiful vignettes.....

You and your hubbs are truly a talented duo! I'm trying not to be GREEN with envy! You have a gift, Dear Girl!

Sue said...

Hello Rebecca,
I am so enjoying my visit with you this evening. I also love to see pieces of furniture such as this cabinet come to life. If they could talk would they not have some wonderful stories to tell!!! Please tell your husband that I think he did a beautiful job!!! I know that you will get many years of pleasure having her in your home.
Thank you for coming by for a visit and for your sweet words of encouragement. You too have a beautiful blog.

A Southern Rose said...

Everytime that I see a piece of furniture that you have transformed it inspires me so much to get busy with my own projects! You have motivated me to get the paint brush out and start painting all of my 'cherry' furniture...cottage white. I'm still a little bit intimidated to paint all of that but I know that once it is all done I will be so pleased with it. My little cottage is not really fit for fancy 'cherry' furniture. White will look so much better. I've been trying to make my mind up for a while now. Thanks for the little (big) nudge! Your cabinet is so beautiful! I know you and your hubby put a lot of hard work and love into getting it 'beautified'. Thats my new word!

Lee Laurie

English Cottage in Georgia said...

Oh Rebecca, your corner hutch is so pretty. I love how you have "filled it" with equally beautiful goodies - so interesting.

Anonymous said...

~Rebecca~I'm speechless!! The cabinet turned out so great!! I really love it. I was hoping you would paint it "cottage white". I was just waiting to see. Very classy, my dear. Love it and how you decorated it.
Your hubby is a genius at fixing up the imperfections on furniture or anything! Good job to him too!
You've inspired us all!!
Hugs to you....Mary H.

Sheila said...

all your stuff is sooo stunning and beautiful...where do you find it all...

dollystar said...

I was delighted with the Romanticism of the page, congratulations Dolly said...

Love. Give your husband an extra hug! He is a rare find these days. I wish I could send a photo of my hundred year old pine hutch which my mother-in-law and her husband sanded and refinished by hand when they were first married around 1953. It has served us so well though almost 50 years of our marriage now. What a treasured gift it is. So thankful she chose to share it with us when we were first married. It is pictured not too long ago on my Cora Simpich Facebook page for those that want to see it. I have a one room cottage from 1914 original home on this farmstead. I hope to someday rebuild the chicken house that was out back. My chickens will need a kitchen sink and a bathroom while I am at it. Maybe the stairs to the little loft will contain a corner at the landing to hold just such a special piece. Enjoyed your post and your unusual enthusiasm that encouraged me this morning!

Rebecca Nelson said...

Thank you for your sweet comment, Cora...<3

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