Sunday, April 5, 2009


Bottom Looking Up

I've shared with you several times that I live in a pretty two story home built in 1970. Decorating this charming "diamond in the rough" has been an exciting experience for both me and my Mr. AGPMan. The house was truly a pretty sad little place when we purchased it in the summer of 1992 and I still grimace when I think about the layers of soot that covered the outside of the fireplace (UGH!). I'll spare you the details in this Post except to say that there wasn't a room that didn't need painting, floors that didn't need scrubbing and windows that didn't need cleaning.

Pretty Mirrors & Light Fixture Repainted

During the past 201 months of living in our humble abode, we've successfully transformed much of the square footage! We've taken down and put up walls, changed nearly all the decorative moldings and trims, carpeted twice, put in new windows, doors, and completely remodeled the main upstairs soooo much more! It is a good thing my hubbs and I are "Do-It-Yourselfers", otherwise I'm afraid we'd be broke...worse yet we'd run the risk of pricing our home right OUT of our neighborhood! It doesn't hurt tho' that we purchased our home before the real estate market in our town went totally crazzzzzy....

Light Surround-Once Wall Decor!

One of the biggest challenges we've ever faced as far as decorating is concerned has been our stairwell. When we moved in it was wallpapered with a 1970's print. ACK! The paper was garish, loud and poorly hung, I couldn't wait to rip it down. I re-papered once...the cost and the work almost killed me! After that I opted to lightly texture the walls and just paint. Cheaper for sure but still a pain in the bumm to do!

Over the past week or so my hubbs pulled out his custom made :) scaffolding and got the painting job done yesterday! See those mirrors on the wall? When he was only halfway finished painting he arrived home to see them all hanging right where they'd been a couple of days before. Let me tell you....HE WAS NOT happy with this gleeful little wifey of his! His only comment was "Rebecca! How am I SUPPOSE TO FINISHING PAINTING without knocking those mirrors off the wall? If they fall YOU are cleaning up the mess!" I agreed and the mirrors stayed in place...(none fell either!) :) ....

How It Was Painted
Scary Scaffolding

Anyway, while he was on that narrow tightrope looking piece of wood, I convinced him to take down the light fixture so I could paint it. I also wanted to put up a Light Fixture Surround as well! So...down came the light and after repainting it a soft creamy white and lightly distressing it, back up it went!


Taaahhhh Daaahhhh again! Another project can be marked OFF The-To-Do-List! And to think that we actually PRAYED to be home owners...hmmmmmm

"Let your patience show itself perfectly in what you do." James 1:4

Blessings for a beautiful Holy Week...Rebecca


Mary H said...

~Ooohh Rebecca~~What a beautiful project...I'm glad your hubby didn't mind balancing on that tightrope...heights scare me like that. Came out beautiful though...thanks for stopping by...Love to you this beautiful sabbath day, Mary

Eclectic Chic Style said...

Breathtaking!!! What a beautiful job. I'm in love with your mirror arrangements and oh my goodness, did you have to leave the house while hubby was on the scaffold? I would have been a nervous wreck. It's absolutely beautiful!!
♥ Teresa

Sue said...

Hi Rebecca,
I am trying to play catch-up on my blog reading, and I have just read your last three post and enjoyed all of them! We have a six year old granddaughter who is so sweet too and when she visits us she keeps us laughing too!
Thank you for being so honest about you feelings, and sharing of His love for us .
And you and your husband have done such a beautiful job with your stairwell!!

Rebecca Nelson said...

To Teresa...I didn't leave the house when hubbs was on the tightrope...just didn't look!!!!!! SCARY! I hate heights...thankfully he doesn't! He's the first on the roller-coaster while stay on the merry-go-round! :) :)

To Barb...I'm behind on reading my Blogs, too! Always happy to have you visit when you can!

Connie said...

Aaaackkk, I hate remodeling because when we lived in California we put on a 2nd story addition and it about drove me nuts!! Never ever again. We lived like pigs for 5 months. That was one reason we bought new here in Idaho this time. It's sooooo nice to be able to turn on the shower, dishwasher and washing machine without a sudden drop in water pressure and screaming hubs saying, "Connie, turn off that faucet!!!!! NOW!!!" He can be such a "drip"!! LOL But your remodel looks great in that stairway, chick.......

Oooooh, go read my blog post today about our son. We had to sit and listen to General Conference with this on our minds. We're still in a state of shock today, but my prayers were answered.......he wasn't killed........


Anonymous said...

The white on white is GORGEOUS, Rebecca! I love the decorative choices in the mirror frames too. What a lovely home you "mirrors" your personality perfectly!

Much love,

Lisa McDonald said...

Rebecca ~

Your stairwell is absolutely gorgeous. I just love the mirrors.


Tanza said...

Oooohhh sweet ~r~,
This is BEAUTIFUL !!! You Never told me about the mirror wall.. Oh darn... I LOVE LOVE LOVE mirrors on walls, grouped altogether..all sizes, all shapes.. Just Lovely !! NOW, I can see why you've been a busy bee.. This turned out just sooo DIVINE !! I'm sooo excited for you.. I could just lay on one on the steps, magazine, blankie, cup a tea, and just relax.. NOW girlie, you need to be in a magazine... I'm applauding you and of course Mr. Wonderful,He can do anything MAN !! He's incredible, what a patient, wonderful,fixer upper he is !! Gotta love 'em..I'm sooo happy you shared with us.. You are AmAaziNG!! OMgosh, and I'm suppose to go to sleep now, my lil' minds a reelin' with ideas..You are such an inspiration to many... Love and adore sweet you !! hugs ~tea~xo

Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

U-E-Louie!!!! I love it!! What a gorgeous staircase Rebecca! Well Done Friend!! You've got the perfect touch!!

Barb said...

Hi Rebecca,

Your stairwell is calming and elegant.

We do everything ourselves also...frustrating at times but oh, the money that is saved.

Doesn't it feel wonderful to check something off the list?!

Happy decorating! Barb

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Isn't that just PERFECT! I love it....

Rebecca, I've left you an award over at my little blog. I'm having such computer trouble today...well, actually for the past couple of weeks......pretty soon I'm not going to have a single hair left on my little head..from pulling them all out.

I know you probably already have about two zillion awards, but I'd like to offer you more! You've been such an inspiration to me...and I'm a grateful girl.

Blessings and hugs,

Anonymous said...

My list is long & come summer will begin. I love how mirrors reflect the sunshine. Your stairwell is lovely and MrAGP is doing a fine job!! Brava!

Anonymous said...

Just Beautiful! I love old homes....we were raise in an old home...I miss it so much! Love the stairway...and your Everything is just gorgeous! Your niece is adorable! Baby and children looks so peaceful when they are asleep. Thanks for stopping by and sweet comments...You have a Wonderful Resurrection Day...Jesus is Alive....He is Risen! Praise the Lord! :D Katherinellen

Andrea said...

Amazing! Beautiful! Your blog is a sweet, romantic place to unwind and refresh. I enjoyed my visit with you very much.


A Romantic Porch said...

Rebecca, Ah so beautiful. We have similar stairwell stories! I should tell mine sometime! AND I have mirrors hanging on our stairwell wall too! Happy Dance! Beautiful job you and hubs have done! xorachel

Andrea said...

Rebecca, thank you so much for visiting my blog. Your comments moved my heart and truly meant so much to me.

I love the song Broken and Spilled Out. It is so very beautiful and always brings me to tears, for it seems to reach the depths of my soul. May God, through His precious Holy Spirit, grant you and your husband peace and an anointing that will transform hearts and lives as you minister.

I so appreciate your love for the Lord and your servant's heart. God is so faithful, and His timing is always perfect.

In Christ's Love,


Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

You are a girl after my own heart with that mirrored stairway! I've got one, too. I even showed my DH the contraption your hubby made to paint the stairway & he said, "He's one pretty smart cookie!". I don't share much of the blogs with DH as he thinks they are a waste of my time (LOL), but I thought MR. AGP would enjoy the fact that hubby was impressed!

Angelic Accents

Unknown said...

Rebecca! Your home is absolutely fabulous, just to die for!! I LOVE the mirrored stairwell! IF I had a two story home, that is what i would do for sure! I love it!

Your hubby is awesome!!!

THANK YOU so much for your sweet comment on my picture on my blog!! You made my day!


Margie said...

What a little piece of heaven on earth. I absolutely love the mirrors and I got a glimpse of the clock. Sort of like it is peeking out around the corner! Sweet, sweet, sweet!!! Love ~ Margie

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said... to your absolutely gorgeous blog! I also love how you have 3 columns!! Looks like you did a lot of work on that stairway and the board looks scarey! I will be back...please come and visit me sometime when you have a chance...I am not shabby chic in decorating, but I am at heart!! Have a blessed Easter!

~~Deby said... is husband is my painter..and he is so wonderful...and will let me change my mind...your home is gorgeous..thanks for sharing

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

The mirrors are laid out so nicely on the wall, just BEAUTIFUL..The thing about doing this, if you love mirrors this is a good way of displaying them. I know for myself, it is so hard to pass one up without buying it.. I'm addicted and I have them all over my home. I may have to use them this way also going up my stairs, because I'm running out of room.

Anonymous said...

I just love the mirrors on the stairwell wall. I am definitely going to steal this idea for my own home! You are so talented.


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