Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"LOVE IS..." and Other Things That Matter


I've decided that on Wednesdays I'm going to share with you my favorite "LOVE IS..." sentiments. Simply put, these charming little clippings mean the world to me and I hope you will enjoy them...

Many years ago when my Mr.AGPMan and I were dating, we were separated by many miles and our only source of contact came in the writing of letters. Tucked inside nearly every envelope I found not only beautiful words penned by my guy, but also the latest "LOVE IS...." drawing as well. They always made me smile.

I just couldn't resist scanning in a bunch of my favorite ones to share with you over the upcoming weeks. I believe the captions are as relevant today as they were 30 years ago...

Blessings to you as you experience both the good and not so good of life...Rebecca


Tanza said...

Ooohh r,
Sweet little verses and clippings.. I used to collect these years ago, and probably have them in a scrapbook somewhere..the good and the bad.. remember we had this discussion earlier today.. this can be just like the world as well..right.. God is good, and in HIM alone we place our fears and disappointments..Our faith, and HIS grace will get us through..right?!I LoVe my friend to pieces..psstt.. why are these two nakie.. Their privates are showing.. ohoho..I wonder if they knew..hehehe..You know me, I always have to throw something in.. Isn't that why you LoVe meee??!!to the moon ~~tea~~

blushing rose said...

You tickle me! What a way with words in your writings. I wish somewhere in time I had all the letters my hubby wrote me when he was gone ... The art clip is precious. You would brighten anyone's world, Rebecca. TY for sharing ... Hugs, Marydon

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hi Rebecca! Taking a few moments tonight to catch up on some of your past posts! I love the Love Is... cartoons, too. So sweet that you have kept them. Your tribute to your sweet mother is inspiring & so loving. Thanks for sharing so much of your life...& your heart.

Too cute what sweet little granddaughter prayed ~ Kids do say the funniest things. Not just kids, tho....tonight a tv anchor started talking about the "fwine slu", (swine flu)I kid you not!

I so adore your Fancy Edging sign & the cross-stitch pillows & the sachets & the train case.....don't think I've seen anything I DON'T love!!

Big Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Eclectic Chic Style said...

So sweet, and so sweet of Mr. AGPman! You are adorable, and I love visiting you!! I used to love to read the Love Is... also. I will be popping in to see the latest. (and tea cracks me up) LOL!! Have a supersweet day!!
♥ Teresa

Rebecca Nelson said...

I was a little "worried" about the nakie thing... But, I figured if I tried to fix their little clothes-less bodies and cover them up I might make the two sweeties look worse! :( LOL


Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

Thank you Rebecca for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet note. You inspire me and when I feel I am floundering spiritually I always think of your lovely words and reminded that we are only human and as you know this all too well. Thank you for being you.
God bless. Susan

Terry said...

Oh my I remember these little sayings,I have often wondered what happened to all the merchandise that went along with them,the many greeting cards and tacky little plastic figurines that were oh so adorable. Thanks for the memories.
What a great idea to post these ,the world needs this cute little couple again.

A Southern Rose said...

These little "Love Is.." clippings are precious. I have always loved them. It is so sweet that you have kept those letters all of these years.
Lee Laurie

Unknown said...

Hi Rebecca!
Oh My, so many memories those adorable Love is...have! Hmmmm I think in my Jr High Years (getting sooooo old, hehe)..and I also loved the Holly Hobby girls too!

Thanks for continuing to be an inspiration and blessing. I wish I had done a better job of Saving some of my hubbys cards and such when we were dating. What treasures you have from your sweet guy!

Leaving you with many wished Blessings!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh is that ever cute rebecca! your hubby is so sweet and romantic! He should give lessons, lol!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Rebecca, The sweet little cartoon love couple is so cute. It's those special treasures that make love so grand.
Pure romance!

My trip was canceled due to the flu in NY. God is keeping us safely at home.
Have a great evening.
Love, Celestina Marie

Sue said...

This is so adorable, and I love the idea of sharing what love is on Wednesday. I will be looking forward to more..
This reminds me of when my father was overseas in Korea, he wrote my mother everyday, and put a piece of gum in his letter. Thanks for the memory.

Anonymous said...

How sweet this is....

psst... R.. they is nakie

Cute but nakie!

Andrea said...

Very, very sweet! My husband and I also wrote many letters during our "courtship." I savor that time now, but it was so hard to be apart then.

Have a great weekend! Many blessings!


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