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As we head into another weekend I couldn't resist sharing with you our latest "OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES" story with you!

I had the PURE PLEASURE of keeping our little six year old granddaughter yesterday for an overnight visit. She has only about 30 days left in her first year of school, kindergarten, and it's been a joy to watch her learn and grow...

As we sat down for dinner last night, as is the custom in our home we bowed our heads to thank God for His gracious bounty. It was then my Mr.AGPMan asked our Miss K if she would like to say the blessing~ She smiled and quickly said "Yes Papa...I would!"

Everything was silent for a moment as we both listened for Miss K began to pray...

"Now I lay me down....oops! That's not RIGHT...that's the wrong prayer!" she said smiling (almost giggling)!

She began again...

"God is great....(silence)...."

After a LONG pause she began again...

"God issssss.........(silence)....."

After asking her if she needed help she again smiled wide but shook her head in the negative. She started one more time! This time she recited the following words (which came out before I could even speak):

"God is great. God is dead (huh?). Let us thank him for our bread! AMEN!"

After I peeled myself off the ceiling :), I gently corrected her and together we spoke the prayer with the right words...

"Time to learn a new prayer" I silently thought!

It's also time to have a talk with her daddy! It's a "Mom Thing". Trust me...he'll get it!

Blessings to you as we remember that God loves the innocent hearts of children...Rebecca


Anonymous said...

And because I truly believe God does in fact have a sense of humor... you will definately hear the angels giggle tonight.

Wonderful to share. I'm cyber adopting this kiddo!!

Sue said...

Rebecca, This is so adorable.Miss K. Reminds me of our little Miss K. this sounds just like something ours would say ever so innocently. I heard a song one time about Jesus laughing, and I believe that's what he was doing the other evening. Thank you for sharing, and continue to enjoy and make these memories with her. Blessings,

June said...

What a sweet post. I enjoyed it so much. Miss K is so lovely. G-children are such a gift. I love having mine for sleep-overs. Not all at the same time, however. (I have seven)

Connie said...

LOL, she probably heard kids at school say that prayer in fun, honey! We always bless our food also. Yep, teach her a new prayer. AND talk to her daddy about that!! :-)

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

My dear hubby...God love him, with the children...
God is Great, God is Good, let us thank Him for our food...Yea God!!
I can still hear it in my head.
Miss those days!

A Southern Rose said...

She is so precious! I bet she keeps y'all laughing!

Andrea said...

Oh, so precious! A sweet story you'll forever remember. And your little granddaughter is very beautiful!

I understand how special it is to spend time with grandchildren. Someone told me we're being repaid for raising our children.

I hope you have a blessed weekend. Thank you so very much for your comments on my blog. They mean so much to me.

With Christ's Love,


Eclectic Chic Style said...

I am crying, what a cutie pie!! How in the world did you keep from breaking into hysterics? What a joy she is to you I am sure of that. I can't wait to share this one with my sis in law, she will love it. Thank you for sharing that and Miss K is a beautiful little girl. ;) Have a sweet day my friend. ♥ T.

Anonymous said...

Aren't kids the funniest. I adore my grandbabies too. One is 5 and the other 8 and they keep us in stitches. I love having them around. Children are truly one of God's greatest blessings!!!!!

If you have a chance visit my blog, I am new at this.

Blessings 2 U
and your's

Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

Oh, that's a good one!!!

Barb said...

Dear Rebecca, what a lovely story and what a darling little girl. I so believe God looks at our hearts and very little at our words.

He knows!

Hugs, Barb


Rebecca she is just precious and really adorable! I'll never forget this post!!!!


Margie said...

Lol! Really, I laughed out loud! I bet she's into rhyming just like my 5 year old! Dead and Bread, it rhymes grandma:)God bless our imperfect prayers!Love ~ Margie

blushing rose said...

How adorable Miss K. This brings back memories of Ansel, at age 6, being asked to say grace. We all joined hands after we said In the name of the Father, Son & Holy Ghost ... Ansel started out with a little stumble, then said, 'I pledge allegiance to the flag, stopped & looked up with a plaintive eye ... we all encouraged him to finish what he had started ... Well, you know the rest. It was adorable. The innocence of the little ones, yet so serious ... what a chuckle & smile this brings to we Mimi's & Poppy's.

Thank you for sharing Rebecca. TTFN ~ Marydon

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