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If you were to ask my three siblings and I what the mainstay in our home was during our growing up years I believe each one of us would agree that it was our Gulbransen Piano. From as far back as I can remember my Mother's piano was in every home we ever lived in. It was a source of pride for her and rarely did a day pass by without hearing the familiar sounds of the keyboard. The piano was maple in color and within it's bench you could find songbook after songbook of mostly Christian music. On the attached music stand she displayed her favorite chorus books and church hymnals and there they would stay for many, many years.


Gospel Songs were always a part of our home and my Mother spent many hours teaching us the little bit that she knew about them and the music she had grown to love. My mother's piano playing would never have won any awards...she will tell you that herself! She plunked more wrong keys than she did right ones... Still, she could always be found in the early evenings working on a song or two, her pretty voice singing along with the music that sat before her. It would only be a few years before we would all begin to notice the devastating affect nerve deafness would have upon her and how it would eventually steal from her the gift of sound...

While searching today for some misplaced photos, I stumbled upon my Mother's beloved songbooks. I'd nearly forgotten she'd given them to me many years ago, back when I purchased a piano of my own. Dusty and worn, I pulled the fragile books out from their hiding place and began to leaf through their gently loved pages. I couldn't help but smile as I read the noteworthy titles of those beautiful, but aging melodies...

"Got Any Rivers?"..."Follow Me"..."He Giveth More Grace"...

In my mind I could hear my Mother's sweet voice whispering the tunes that had grown so dear to her~songs she lovingly sang to us, her children. Songs of faith...songs of hope...songs of peace, love and redemption. As I turned to the page that still held an old paperclip in it's grasp, I instantly recalled the song on page 4 as being one of her favorites...

As I read again the familiar words before me I was instantly taken back to my childhood. Long before my mother's ears were silenced and long before she felt it necessary to pack all of her music away.


Is it possible that over four decades have passed since I snuggled up next to her as she read to me my favorite Bible stories? Forty years since I listened to her fragile, waning voice sing aloud the very song I held within my hands?

"How Long Has It Been?"
by Mosie Lister - 1956

"How long has it been since you talked with the Lord
And told Him your heart's hidden secrets?
How long since you prayed?
How long since you stayed
On your knees till the light shone through?
How long has it been since your mind felt at ease?
How long since your heart knew no burden?
Can you call Him your Friend?
How long has it been
Since you knew that He cared for you?

How long has it been since you knelt by your bed
And prayed to the Lord up in Heaven?
How long since you knew
That He'd answer you
And would keep you the long night through?
How long has it been since you woke with the dawn
And felt that the day's worth the living?
Can you call Him your friend?
How long has it been
Since you knew that He cared for you?"

My Mother's unwavering faith has sustained me throughout my life and I owe her so much~ Her voice, tho sweetly ordinary, gave to me an amazing gift... Songs that will never end and a melody that will never die... Her music and the message live on in her children...

So, to the woman who gave me life...

Thank you, Mom! You've given me so much more than I ever realized. Thank you for those years of early instruction and for the message behind the music! I carry the Truths both you and daddy taught me within my heart today! Happy Mother's Day a few days early. I couldn't wait to tell you...xoBeck

Blessings to you as you remember the good stuff...Rebecca


Eclectic Chic Style said...

Rebecca, I just adore you, even though you got me all misty eyed this morning....again. Thank you for sharing that lovely story about your mom and your memories. I played the piano for years in our church growing up and I too just loved those hymnals and would play page after page, now we don't even use them at our church, it's all on a screen. lol Have a great day!!
♥ Teresa

A Southern Rose said...

How beautiful. Your story brought me to tears. God is so good to let us have our memories.
Lee Laurie

Anonymous said...

Dear Rebecca
It seems you always know what to post when I am hurting in the worst ways.
We are adopting Dylan now and his mother has signed him over to us. It should be a happy moment but to me it is like the final nail in the coffin that she will never be his mother and never be the daughter that I dream of. It hurts. It hurts so bad but the song above reminds me of where I need to go and what I need to do with all of this hurt.
Warmest Blessings

~~Deby said...

oh this is just so precious....I love it that our church sings hymns..that after time you know the verses...and they just aren't repetitive songs that are so popular now...I love the tenderness of them and how the Holy Spirit brings them to mind at the perfect time..and then to read the testimonies of those who wrote those hymns...a favorite of mine is : It is well with my Soul...
beautiful post, Rebecca

blushing rose said...

The dearest gifts that Heaven holds, the very finest, too ... for a Mother's love is fashioned after God's enduring love ... it is endless & unfailing like the love of Him above.

Your memory of your Mother is very moving & deep ... thank you for sharing this.

GB ~ TTFN ~ Marydon

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the "Mother's Day Post." You have given me this beautiufl "Gift" of words and memeory. I really warmed my heart and brought tears to my eyes.

My music is still packed away -- but I recall the words. I still sing the songs, albeit, off key I fear. LOL Music is good therapy and the hymns lift my soul to a higher plain.

I remember those days when all of you were so young, standing around the piano. And-- I still "HEAR" your sweet voices as you sing.

I love you, dear, dear daughter.

God Bless -- Mom

Sue said...

Hi Rebecca,
I am blessed beyond words, at this tribute of your mother. What a legacy she has given you and your family, and I see that continuing in you through your writings on your blog.
You will never know how much your words meant to me today not only in this post but your words of encouragement to me.
Sweet blessings,

Tanza said...

oohhh sweet ~r~,
You,ve done it yet again.. pulled at heartstrings that only you can do.. very sweet note to your Momma..but, sweeter yet,the note your Momma left you back.. Always wonderful to be blessed, but, oohh to be a blessing.. I know you blessed your Momma by paying this sweet,heartfelt tribute to her, but you my friend are truly blessed, and continue always to share them with others..Have a wonderfully, blessed day my friend..
big hugs ~~tea~~xo

English Cottage in Georgia said...

What a loving tribute to your Mom. What a joy for life and Christ she instilled in you through her love of music. How wonderful that you found the long ago tucked away sheet music to stir all those beautiful memories.
Thanks for sharing - your post touched my heart.

Lois Christensen said...

Hi! Found you over at Sue's blog, read your comment. I wanted to leave a comment and tell you how I found your post today on your mother's singing and piano playing enjoyable! I also wrote about an old hymn on my blog today and have been working on some new songs on my piano for Sunday's service. Enjoyed your blog, have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Your are blessed to have known your mother so very well. To have your memories and hold them so dear & to continue to share them with such love. Such a blessing.

Barb said...

Rebecca, what a lovely tribute to your dear mother. You are indeed blessed to have had a mother like yours.

Blessings and love, Barb

June said...

Rebecca, This has been a real gift, to come here and read your post today. I feel the appreciation and love you have for your mother through your writing. It gave me chills. What a gift you gave your mother today. She is a very lucky woman indeed.
Hugs, June

Secondhandrose said...

What a tender , sweet post. Makes me cherish my own memories of my dear Mom. I love your blog.


Andrea said...

Rebecca, I am so moved by this post about your mother. What a wonderful woman of God she was. She was a lovely woman, and left you with a priceless legacy.

I received a sisterhood award, which I am passing along to you. You may pick it up on my blog. It is at the bottom of today's post.

Many blessings! And thank you for being a dear friend and sister-in-the Lord.


A Romantic Porch said...

Rebecca, I feel tears swell up in my heart. How sweet of you and your mother. My mother gave me my deep love of music also. Though she never played the piano. I only hope that I have been faithful to pass these timeless values on to my children. Thank you for sharing. xo rachel

Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

what a beautiful tribute to our mom!!! music was such a big part of all our childhoods and remain embedded deep in the memoir. you're a great writer, beck.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Rebecca, Such a beautiful post. It takes me back to wonderful memories of my childhood and the old hymns I still love so much.
Your Mother is very special and you are a beautiful reflection of her.
Thank you for sharing. You always inspire me and bless my heart with your gathering of thoughts.
Love, Celestina Marie

Linda said...

I collected those "Love is..."sayings as a child, probably a teenager. You brought back memories by putting that on your blog! Thank you! I know that I still have those around in a storage box somewhere!

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