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Of all the pictures ever taken of my two children, the one above is my very favorite! It was snapped only fifteen months before we moved to the place we still call home. Adrienne, our daughter, was 6 1/2 and our son, Brandon, was only 9. The photo takes me back to a very special day... We were a happy little family and Easter Sunday was always a day filled with so much joy!

It's difficult sometimes to wake up to the deafening sounds of silence on Easter morning. It just is! Their old rooms are beautifully decorated, but empty. I remember how this sacred day would roll in full of laughter and excitement! It was a day filled with sweet treats and yet one that was mixed with a clear understanding of who and what we were celebrating. Peace re-enters my heart when I remember that my Mr.AGPMan and I were successful in teaching the two of them the difference between the pleasures of eating pink peeps and hunting eggs and the joy that comes from knowing and serving our risen Lord! And then I smile~ For even though they are now grown I hold close the memory of them being little children...


On this day I remember clearly that our son found almost ALL the eggs during the hunt. I always colored or filled at least three dozen eggs so you can imagine his little Basket was quite full (and heavy). I will never forget as he walked towards his little sister and watching as he removed more than half of the eggs from his basket and placed them in hers.

"I found more eggs than Adrie" he said

"I will share mine with her so she won't be sad!" he continued...

She was so tiny and a little teary eyed that she had only found two or three eggs on her own... It was such a loving gesture made by an adoring big brother. I'm so proud to tell you that nothing has changed over the years~ He loves her with such a deep passion...he is still her protector and loving friend. She in turn has always been there for him...

The contentment I carry in my heart from knowing my children will be there for each other long after I'm gone is something that cannot be measured...


This Sunday our children are joining us at the church where my husband serves as Worship Leader for Easter Services! Then, along with their families, they are coming "home" for a big and fancy dinner and an Easter Egg hunt for our little Miss K... I'm sooo excited. Sounds of laughter and joy will once again fill the air!

God is good!

Blessings to you as you honor the King of Kings...Rebecca


Connie said...

Gosh, that reminds me of a picture of us on an Easter in 29 Palms, Calif., sugar. I'll have to find it and post it. Uuuuuh, if I can find it in the stash. Happy easter.

Ooooooh, Keith is getting better day by day. Go to blog to check on the latest about my gorgeous son!


Connie said...

Well, a lesson was definitely learned by this mother, honey! Also, I think you're right: joy could come from this. A mother's prayer is absolutely the most heard by our Lord!

Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

I love seeing pictures of them on Easter. You always made them look so precious for the Day. Before you know it, your backyard will be filled with lots of little children hunting for eggs. They'll have your smile and talents and Steve's brains. Sully remembered Steve in his prayers again last night.

Anonymous said...

Oh Connie I do pray your right about mother's prayers!!

Rebecca, what a lovely way to start off Good Friday with a story such as this. To know that your son's compassion and willingness to share without prompting... delightful and blessed!

Happy Easter to you and your family.

Barb said...

Sweet Rebecca, are we allowed to cry while reading this? It has touched me in such a special way.

Parents loving and cherishing their children is a gift beyond gifts!! Hope your Easter is filled with love and God's many blessings.

Hugs, Barb

~~Deby said...

oh what precious memories, I feel choked up...that mother's heart never leaves, does it?
We will be going to our children's home and lots of children will be there.Our 7 grandsons, their sets of parents, sisters and their extended will be noisy and fun...but...loving these years with my Mr....well it will feel good to come home to *quiet*....we are enjoying this nest of ours..NOW once we went through the transition..of is normal, I might have to sneak some Peeps...and black Jelly Beans..think I might need to run to the store..hehehe...

dollystar said...

hello Rebecca, I wish you and familia Happy Easter

Tanza said...

Sooo Sweet ms.~r~,
Makes me sad for my babies.. I LOVE doing the Easter baskets.. They were so fun at that age..The excitement of it ALL !! Easter surprises, and baskets.. the hunt.. Now, we're doing it for my nieces and nephews children..I love the sounds of the children, and squeeling, and laughter.. A true delight.. Thanks for sharing your thoughts again.. Have a blessed Easter with yours.. I know you will !! Only blessings,love, and hugs for you ~tea~xo

Sue said...

what beautiful pictures of your children in times past and what special memories you have to hold dear to your heart.I was so blessed while reading this, Wishing you and your lovely family a most blessed and joyous Happy Resurrection Sunday.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet post. The children have grown, but they are still precious and beautiful... My Kylah is an Angel.
Happy Easter dear daughter -- You are making memories.
Love you-- Mom

Mary H said...

~Rebecca~~Couldn't miss a chance to wish you and your family the most special Easter time together. The kids sure are precious in these pictures and I love them. You and Steve have much to be proud of now that they are grown. They are making wonderful lives for themselves and it all starts in the home. You are right, the most important of this season is the resurrection and our family celebrates that first too. The children have such fun with the colorful eggs and the great meal with the family. I too am looking forward to that sweet, happy family time. My blog will reflect the true meaning in a picture posted on Sunday.
Many hugs and much love to you dear friend, today and always!...Mary H.

Eclectic Chic Style said...

Beautiful beautiful pictures and a beautiful post from you as always. Your children look so adorable in those photos. Wishing you and yours Easter blessings!!
♥ Teresa

Gone said...

What lovely memories...

Happy & Blessed Easter...

Jan & Tom

Lighthouse Prayer Line said...

Hi Rebecca,

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Candy said...

Thanks for stopping by this morning. I makes my heart smile as we connect in the Spirit and walk in love.
Cute Easter memories, precious children.
Blessings, Candy

Andrea said...

Rebecca, the pictures of your children melt my heart! They are beautiful, and yes, you can see a deep love between them even at their young ages then. What a blessing!

You are going to have such a glorious Easter with all you have planned. I know how much it means to have your children with you again for a little while. My husband and I are empty nesters, too. And we are blessed that our son, who lives in Missouri, and his sweet family are leaving directly after their service tomorrow to be with us for a week. I can't wait to see the little grandbabies, whom I haven't seen since Christmas!

Many, many blessings to you!

In Christ's Love,


{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh Rebecca,

I always so enjoy your posts. What a sweet story.

Have a wonderful Easter!

Bless you!

Sugarplum Cottage said...

These are darlin' pictures, beautiful children. Everything is so prrrreeety on your blog, love all the vintage items here. Hope you and your family have a Blessed Easter. Hugs, Rosemarie

Anonymous said...

They are precious! I can see in those photos how close they were. What a wonderful it and enjoy it. I can remember of our daughter and her cousins on Easter Day! May you and your family have a bless day and may God be with you all. Thanks for stopping by...sweet comments. Thanks agoin for the sharing your precious memories and photos of your children. Kathy

June said...

Rebecca, such a lovely post. My children are grown also and our angel son is the only one left at home. I know he understands better than me the sacrifice of his Savior. For He came to make him whole again someday. I love your remembrances of Easters past. I hold them in my heart as well. I well remember the excitment in the morning and the joy of the day when all were home. Thank you so much for your last comment and I do pray for all those suffering loses at this time in your lovely state. I pray the rains come.
Hugs to you, June
Enjoy the day with your family. I will with mine.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

What a beautiful blog and your children are precious. Our four are all grown up and out on their own now. 2 girls live in the U.K., one in London, one in Wales and two live in the U.S. but in different states. Secretly, I long for them each ad every day and get so excited when one of them comes to visit!! Last week our daugher from Alabama came and Monday, London girly is coming for a week.
May you and your beautiful family have a very blessed Easter, take good care and.....

Steady On
Reggie Girl

English Cottage in Georgia said...

What beautiful children! I do not believe I have a pic of my son hugging my daughter after the age of 1 - sibling rivalry on steroids at our home :-(.

A Southern Rose said...

These pictures of your children are beautiful. That was so sweet of your son to share his eggs with his sister.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

What a precious post! I got goosebumps reading it. You did great as a mother in teaching your children, Rebecca. The Lord has to be so pleased with you AND with them.

Had to smile as I, too, always think how quiet it is on Christmas & Easter mornings now. I never hear anyone else mention it, but I miss the chaos!!

Angelic Accents

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