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From as far back as I can remember I wanted to be a Momma. It is hard for me to believe that this year I celebrated my 27th Mother's Day...seems like it was just yesterday that I held my children in my arms or was a crazy-busy Mom of toddlers. The years flew by and when I wasn't looking my tiny children grew up...

The photograph above was taken in Irving, Texas on the Sunday my hubbs and I had our son, Brandon Kent, Dedicated. I know the picture is grainy and poor...but I'm thankful to have it. The original photo was lost many years ago and only a damaged negative survived. I was thrilled when I discovered it last year and was grateful a print could be made of one of the most special days in my life.

I actually remember that April day very well. The morning was bright and sunny and my Mr. AGPMan and I were excited to have his parents join us for the beautiful, sacred ceremony we had planned for our first born. As our Pastor lifted our son up to heaven he prayed a simple but meaningful prayer for God to guide his every step. He asked God to anoint his life, keep him healthy and strong and to ultimately bring him to a place of total dependency on Him. He also prayed for my hubbs and I that we would walk a Godly life and teach Brandon to do the same.

Our son indeed grew up and has a very blessed life. As a child he was a feisty, curious, extremely intelligent little boy and one I easily fell in love with from the second I laid my eyes on his chubby cheeks and soft brown hair. I prayed for over 3 years for a child to call my own and I've always been grateful to God for sending me such an amazing son.


I heard it said once that God allows the sometimes tough "breaking away teenage years" of child's life to take place because without them parents would never be able to allow their children to leave the safety of their nests. I believe this to be true... for our Brandon was our child who couldn't wait to spread his wings and soar. With a free spirit and a calling designed by a loving God, he did just that. When others said "he couldn't"...Brandon always knew "he could". I'm quite sure I'll be long in the ground before he truly understands how very much I have loved him.

Not long after Brandon's birth I penned the following poem in his honor of the very child who gave my life breath. I'm blessed to share it with you...



I felt you stir within my body
And I knew the hour had come
I was frightened by this confrontation
And prayed to find comfort in my Master

The pain increased to an unbearable pitch
And in my heart I knew
A miracle was needed

Secretly I knew you were my son
Forever being my first born
And I, your mother

I remember how I'd prayed for you
How from the beginning
You were not mine
But, His

I felt my flesh tear from my soul
As we tried to save you
My mouth was parched
My body was weary

My faith was failing
It was then I knew
He was helping me to
Safely deliver my cargo

With newfound strength I held you
Knowing you'd been taken
From my body unwillingly

Now you are safe within my arms
You can find refuge there

Rebecca Nelson/1982

I will always remember your tiny hand held tightly in mine, Brandon Kent. Thank you for all the years of sharing your sweet, tender spirit with me and for the gift of your life. It is my prayer for you that you will always remember to allow God to go before all you do and say...I trust every single day for Him to guide your every thought and every step. He has such big plans for you...

Blessings to you as you rejoice in the gifts He has given...and in anticipation for those you have yet to receive...Rebecca


Tanza said...

Happy Mothers' Day my sweet,sweet ~r~ friend..I LoVe your poem to your handsome Son.. You are truly blessed, and to realize that you are blessed,is even more wonderful.. Both your children are something to be quite proud of !! You and Mr.AGPman have done wonderfully, at what you've been called to do, and now able to reap all the benefits.. And to think he's the one that has blessed you with sweet Ms. ~k~..Now, that's a whole different blog in itself..Well written again ~r~..I just LoVe Mommas' Day, don't you !!I thank God everyday for mine, and can't imagine my life without them.. They make our days so meaningful and sweet.. Ooohhh, did I forget busy..yes, they make me BUSY !!! hahaha...Wouldn't have it any other way tho.. Thanks for sharing from your heart again..
only love to you~

Sue said...

Good Morning Rebecca,
Again I am truly blessed by your thoughts, Brandon and you dancing is priceless. Mothers and sons share something real special, I so enjoy talking with ours when they call, no matter how old they get there is always that "little boy" quality in their voice. Thank you so much for sharing. I know you had a very blessed Mother's Day yesterday.

Unknown said...

You alway have the most beautiful, loving posts Rebecca. You are an inspiration. these posts for your children are just the sweetest and I know they will cherish them. I hope you had a beautiful Mother's Day!
Love ya,

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

I celebrated my 27th Mother's day yesterday also. We prayed 9 years for our son! He has kept us hopping since the day they put him in my arms! I totally understand the joy you feel about your son!

Anonymous said...

Touching... Tearful.... Loving....
Thank You so much for sharing!!

~~Deby said...

A beautiful
well spoken
said with
Hope your Mother's day was lovely,

A Southern Rose said...

So beautiful...I can just feel the love that you have for your son. I celebrated my 26th Mother's Day. It seems to have just flown by so fast. The poem that you wrote for your son was so touching and heartfelt. You are such an inspiration to so many of us.
Lee Laurie

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Dear Friend,
I love this post and feel the love you have for your wonderful son.
I know you had a special Mother's Day and Brandon Kent is a blessed young man. I celebrated my 32nd Mother's Day, and like you,am very grateful for my treasured gift from God.

Thank you for sharing your heart.
Love ya, Celestina Marie

June said...

Dear Rebecca,
I loved reading about your fine son. I feel the love you have for him in every word you wrote. Those years we cannot get back but in our dreams. I love my memories of my children when they were young.

Angie said...

Beautiful posts for your children. They are quite blessed to have a mother like you. We should all be so lucky! I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day...when you get a chance, stop over to my blog and pick up something I have for you.

Hugs ~ Angie

Anonymous said...

A beautiful tribute no doubt. To both of your children. I think we were given the ability to retain memories as a gift from God for nuturing our children in the way they should go. The task is very demanding but also very rewarding. In good times and bad, the love of a parent never ceases.

Happy Mother's Day R!!

Barb said...

Hi Rebecca, I am almost speechless. I hope your children know and understand how truly special you are! I am sure they do.

God bless you, Barb

Mary H said...

~~Rebecca~~What a sweet post of your son. I'm crying!! He is sooooo cute in his 4 yr old picture with his "chubby cheeks". I have a pic of my daughter with the same cheeks and look on her face too. Cute age...mischevious, but cute none the less. Priceless picture of the two of you dancing. My absolute favorite! Well, and the blessing one too..ok, I love them all. I know how special both of your children are to you and hubby and thank you for sharing. A relationship between a mother and son is very special...I actually gave my 89 yr old MIL a Mother's Day gift this year on Saturday, of a whole day with her son, as funny sounding as that might seem, I thought how special that would be for each of them to have one on one time with just each other. It was hard as her and I LOVE spending time with each other too, but this was important for them. They both have not stopped talking about the specialness(?) of that and she thanked me for thinking of her. There are 6 children in my husband's family and special times like these with their Mom are hard to get one on one.
Anyway, thanks for sharing and letting us get to know Brandon and Adrie a little better. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend with your family. Love and hugs to you...God is so good.

Unknown said...

Sweet Rebecca!
That was so tenderly sweet! The depths of your love to your children is so awesome! God's richly blessed you! And...deservedly so!

Love and Hugs..Lorena

PS..I SO get those Teenage years..being in the mist of them! lol

blushing rose said...

Rebecca, your poetry & memories are so emotional, not just for you, but all of us that you share them with. A lovely ode to your son ... your children are very blessed.

Tenderly we look upon that child at our breast ...
To deeply love & give our very best ...
Memories never rest ...
From God we are so blessed.

TTFN ~ Marydon

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Hi Rebecca, What a beautiful tribute to your son and daughter. I'm sure they are very grateful to have a wonderful mom such as yourself. This was a very sweet post and I'm sure they were touched as well. I know I was...

Bless you,

TheMuffinMan said...

Between all you commenters and me, I think she just kept me around because of my technological prowess... *grin* heheheh

In all seriousness, thank you for the beautiful poem Mom. I do not think that I tell you often enough that while I may rival you when it comes to computer knowledge and the like, that your gifts of art, music, and prose send me into an awestruck state on almost a weekly basis. What I would give to have a sliver of your creativity... :)

I love you Mom! I am glad you had a great Mother's Day!


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