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Last Saturday I had a few errands to run and decided to pop into our local Tuesday Morning before spending all my money or groceries! Since our TM store is less than one mile away from my home I tend to spend quite a bit of time there... I love the eclectic mix of their offerings and even find things to re-purpose on occasion! I especially love their "Junque Section"! It doesn't matter to me if something is scratched or a bit dirty...I usually paint over visible damage anyway and I always wash soft goods before using...

One of my favorite places to land in the store is the book section. I love inspirational writing and can't pass up the discounted prices I often find penned by my favorite authors. On Saturday's visit to the store I found the delightful little book above.

Tucked inside this beautiful keepsake are amazing little reproduction Die-Cut Cards, 14 in all. They include sentimental sayings on the reverse side and are quite lovely. On the opposite pages there are little love quotes and snippets of vintage poems. Each Die-Cut is tucked inside an envelope like the one below:

The pretty envelopes open up and on the inside you'll find ....

cards like this....

and this...


and even this!

Each Die-Cut is different and truly special! Want to know what made this an even greater find? The book cost only $3.99.! They only had one (boo hoo!)...I'd have bought all of them if they'd had more! Original price of the Book was $14.95! What a deal!

I just couldn't resist sharing this fabulous deal with all of you! If there is a Tuesday Morning in your town you might want to skip on over and see if you can uncover one of yourself! Sweet as a gift and perfectly delightful when displayed in our romantic homes, too!

Blessings to you as you seek and find...Rebecca


Anonymous said...

We just had a TM move in about 8 months ago. I too love the mass of items offered. I picked up a book of roses to write notes on and such along with some pillow forms and cedar chips... bunch of little things for next to nothing.

blushing rose said...

I'm out the door ... they are beautiful. I get my die cuts for the shop from a vendor, they are similar to these in beauty. TY for the tip.

How is the tool carrier coming along? Dying to see it.

TTFN ~ Marydon

English Cottage in Georgia said...

Tuesday Morning is one of my favorite haunts also. I am kicking myself after reading your post. I did a quick walk through the day before last, but skipped the book and stationary section. Ah well, there is always "a next time".

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Rebecca, There are absolutely lovely! I, too, love the vintage and vintage-look books and cards! Thanks for sharing these!

~~Deby said...

I like TM as well...mine is not close...I sure think you found a treasure...I love it when we find those special blessings...CHEAP....

Mary H said...

Love these little beauties...I especially LOVE the new painted pretty.."The Chest". That is so beautiful...I think you have outdone yourself this time, well maybe, I haven't yet received my sign to compare..LOL!
Hope you're having a bright and happy Monday. I'll check out Tuesday next time I'm in town, maybe Friday. HaHa! Little funny, there...Love and Hugs dear friend, Mary H.
Oh, almost forgot, I just received my Rachel Ashwell Treasure Hunting Guide..good price too. Can't wait to sit down soon and look through it!!!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Hi Rebecca!

Oh how sweet. I'm going to my little Tuesday Morning is a surprise......Tuesday Morning....I'll look for this. They had some great stuff in their ad I wanted to check out too. I'm going home tonite. My girl's doing great. We went to the Dr. today. No infection, just a lot of swelling. Poor dear. I'm so looking forward to sleeping in my own little bed. YUM!!!

Hugs to you!

Sue said...

I really enjoy going to TM, and I think the Lord really blessed you with a great find, HE is so good!! Thank you for sharing.The book is a great find by itself, but to find these little treasures inside, awesome.

Eclectic Chic Style said...

(Gasp) I just passed by ours on my way from Hobby Lobby tonight!! Should have read blogs before I went out, LOL! Those are adorable, I love them and what a bargain. Do you know I've never even been in ours? Thank you so much for the tip, I'm going Saturday for sure now. Apparently I didn't know what I was missing. ;) Have a sweet evening!!
♥ Teresa

Tanza said...

Sweet, romantic, find sweet ~r~,
Don't you LoVe when we stumble upon a pretty treasure.. These are so thick and well put together too.. Yes, I would of picked up one too..Is there ever anything you find that lil' ole' me doesn't adore ?! Oh by the way, darling chest you have shown.. It's kinda like the one I got last year from you,I LoVe mine.. I put pictures in functional as well.. I LoVe my sweet friend...huggers ~~tea~~xo

A Southern Rose said...

I wish that we had a Tuesday Morning here. My sister has one close to her house and I've been there a few times. I love to find bargains. I love the little book that you found. It is precious!

Lee Laurie

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

Don't you just love those bargains. They almost make you want to shout it out from the roof tops. They certainly come with bragging rights.

Unknown said...

Rebecca, what a wonderful deal! That books is just gorgeous. I love finding wonderful baragains like that. I wish we had one of those stores here.

June said...

Hi Rebecca,
Such a great find! I adore Tueday Morning. My closest one is 60 miles, but I manage to get there about three times a month. I always find something I can't live without.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Great find! I feel a trip to TM in my near future!!

Angelic Accents

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