Sunday, September 20, 2009

"LOVE IS..." and Other Things That Matter


I got sidetracked this week and forgot my "LOVE IS..." POST for last Wednesday. Hope you don't mind if I play catch-up! If you are new to following my BLOG you might want to go back through some old Posts. On Wednesdays I share my old "Love Is..." clippings my Mr. AGPMan would often tuck inside his love letters to me while we were dating. This one is especially precious to me. Considering the fact he sent the comics out LONG before we married, it is amazing to me how relevant and timely they still are after 30 years...

When I was just a little girl my sisters, brother and I would sometimes beg our Momma to light candles at dinner. It just made everything feel so warm and cozy and I for one just loved the glow put out by the tiny flickering flames. On the nights when she would oblige it created the BEST childhood memory. Even if the meal was simple, eating by candlelight made us feel like as though we'd been treated to a fancy dinner~

I still love to eat by candlelight! Want to create some ambiance? Want some inexpensive romance? Turn the lights down low and burn a candle or two while dining with the ones you love. You'll be surprised how wonderful it will make you all feel!

Blessings to you as you remember that many of the memories you create today will indeed last a lifetime...Rebecca


My Pink & Cream Cottage said...

Oooooooh I wondered what had happened to your weekly *Love is* I honestly love reading these they are just so special & yes my Sweet friend you are so right there is nothing like candle light, I love litting them out the back on a warm wind free night, pure bliss...

Hope your weekend is being kind to you...

Lyn xxx

blushing rose said...

G'mon, Rebecca ~

I started to say something to you about it & thought SHE'S TOO BUSY FLOATING ON THAT BABY CLOUD ... a reasonable assumption, chuckle! I love these little 'Love Is ....'

The flicker of a shimmering flame creates such an ambiance of warmth ...

Have a beautiful day, my friend.
Hugs of love, TTFN~ Marydon

Anonymous said...

Candle light can also make a girl look 20 years younger! ~wink ~

A Romantic Porch said...

OOOOOOOOOooooooOOOOooo we LOVE LOVE candlelight in our home most all the time! xo rachel

Julie Marie said...

That is so sweet Rebecca that you have kept those all these years, and you are right, they still apply to everything these days! Bisous... Julie Marie

June said...

Sweet Rebecca, I agree with you...wonderful memories made with candlelight. It's that time of year when I burn up a lot of wax.I love candles lit every night in the fall and winter months.

Unknown said...

Rebecca, it's so nice to see you in blogland and on Etsy. I have followed you on eBay for years and have enjoyed your work tremendously. Lovely blog.

Barb said...

We use candles quite fact, my honey liked them more than I do!!!! Yep, can you believe it?

How are you doing, sweet girl?

Love, Barb ♥

Abatevintage said...

Rebecca these little pictures are so cute, they look adorable and huggable :0) I hope this Sunday is finding you well. I hope that the Lord is shining down on you today sweety. You give so much of your heart and soul to others, and deserve so much in return. I am giving you a pat on the back and high five, and an applaud right now :0) Have a blessed rest of your Sunday, and know God saw what you did for my cousin, he knows your sweet devine intentions, and I know I heard words will never be able to express how truly angelic of a person you are. I love to visit your wonderful blog.

Blessings to you sweet angel,

Vicki said...

Hi, Rebecca,
I always love your "Love is" posts. I agree. Candlelight makes everything so romantic. I was just looking at the post about Miss K and her poodle skirt. She looked absolutely adorable. I know she was the "best dressed" student at her school. You did a wonderful job on it all! Vicki

Anonymous said...

I love candles, too! And, I didn't have a choice but to grow up as an missionary kid seeing my Mom light them up every night. No electricity where we lived. Cute little comic card!

Tanza said...

Hi sweet ~r~,
Ooohhh..Love the flicker of candle lights..nothin' better, especially the reflection they make on all my pretty pinks from my sweet friend..yep, it makes them even prettier.. Hoping you're enjoying this Sunday afternoon,doing what you LoVe to do !! I'll talk to you soon ~
Big hugs ~tea~xo

BECKY said...

Hi Rebecca,
Hope this finds you doing well, and having had a blessed Sunday!

Love your little Love Is posts, but just love your heart even more!! You are such a sweetie!

Hope your week is full of loveliness, my friend!


Linda said...

I would love to eat by candlelight. I am a romantic, but I have never done it as I recall. I will let you know how it goes when I decide to try it!

Lynn said...

How sweet! For BOTH of you!
I am a candle user.
It just makes every occasion an OCCASION.

Anonymous said...

I love candlelight too, Rebecca! Hope you've had a great weekend.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Beach House 27 said...

Hi Rebecca,

Yes, I love candles too - even in the daytime, even in the summer.

I'm always amazed when I go to a garage sale and they have some great new candles for 25 cents. I can't help but wonder why they would deny themselves the pleasure of enjoying them instead of having a meazly quarter.

Sometimes the tops are dirty too, like they've displayed it but never lit it, burned it, or enjoyed it. They just lived with it then sold it.

To me, they add the perfect touch to everything -

Happy Days -


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