Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"LOVE IS..." and Other Things That Matter

"Love Is...
Sometimes feeling like wringing his neck"

I'm back on schedule with my sweet "LOVE IS..." Posts this week and boy is this one a KEEPER!

This is for all of you Peeps out there who only THOUGHT things in my life (like my marriage and my Mr. AGPMan...OR ME) were perfect...NOT!

There have been MANY times when I've wanted to wring my guys neck and even a few times when I actually did it in my mind! :) I suppose you don't live through years and years of marriage without getting to this point once in a while. Right?

To be fair my guy would most CERTAINLY say the same thing if you asked him about me...

One (just ONE!) specific memory comes to mind...

Before we were married my guy and I went on a sweet little date to an Oklahoma City Drive-In Burger Joint called Bonaparte's. We could only afford 7-Up and French Fries, but it was a great place to sit and chat :) during the cold winter months. My guy drove a 1967 Chevy Impala which he had affectionately named "Old Bessie". Bessie had bench seating and was a faded cornflower blue in color. She also had this neat dashboard that was extra smooth and proved great for holding lots of bulky things like textbooks, folders and papers. One afternoon I decided to place a makeshift bookbag on top of his always meticulously CLEAN dashboard. When I did my VERY FAVORITE PEN slid down into what I thought was the air conditioning vent.

In a panic ('cause I LOVED that $4 pen!!!!) I started to dig into the 'vent' with my nail file. Even though my guy said "Beck! STOP! I'll get your pen!" I continued digging and poking around in hopes of dislodging my missing writing utensil for myself!

My guy was nearly foaming at the mouth over this little incident! FOAMING I tell you! I remember it like it was yesterday! Jeez...I was just TRYING to find my missing pen!!!!! Why all the yelling and crazy antics?????

What I know today and what I didn't realize then about this TINY incident is this...

I had successfully RUINED Old Bessie's SPEAKERS while digging for that favorite pen of mine! And, on a college kid's budget there was NO MONEY to replace them! This was NOT GOOD for a guy who lived to listen to "TUNES" and NOT GREAT for a girl who was hoping to steal his heart away.

I'm sorry to say the music died for us that day! Unless you favored listening to popping and crackling sounds mixed in with Simon and Garfunkel or Elton John, it was best to keep the radio turned off.

A year after we married our "Old Bessie Blue Car" was hauled off to the junkyard... un-recovered pen and all.

Thankfully I was allowed to stay...

Blessings to you as you enjoy the journey of life with those you love...Rebecca
PS: Wasn't this Post supposed to be about ME wringing HIS NECK? Hmmmm...


Stayathomemommy said...

What a cute post! It really made me smile. So sorry to hear you never recovered your pen :o) and even sorrier to hear you ruined his speakers! Thanks for the giggle before bed!

passion4pink said...

OOOh I had a day like this just yesterday, I m not dure how it started but today i am back 'in love' again.whew!!Nothin makes me sicker to the stomach than a argument with my hubby.I prayed that something would happen to change things and sure enough it came in the form of a dust storm and my love comforted me and all is good again.Thankyou God !

Simply Debbie said...

My Dear Rebecca,
I am so very sorry for the loss of your precious grandbaby. It is very heart wrenching no matter the age of your child. Everyone had already formed such a bond with this precious baby and will be able to hold her in heaven, I know that. I am amazed at God to give your precious DIL to you, as a MIL...the one beautiful lady that knows about the loss of a child and believing for a baby. It is so odd as I was preparing the prayer list for my post today, your name came up in my spirit as needing prayer...I didn't list your name but I prayed for you and then after I posted I read my comments from Tuesday.....chills went all over me when I read the comment from you. I'm sorry I was not there for you. I am sending hugs, prayer, and all my love. How is beautiful Miss K taking this very sad news? I know what a precious spirit she has.
Although we do not see or talk every day I knew the day I met you...we had a deep spiritual connection and would be friends for life.
I am so sorry Rebecca.
I love you more
Angel Hugs

blushing rose said...

Chuckle, my friend. I can relate, you are so funny. Glad he kept you.

I was PG with second child, and DYING for a pickle smothered cheeseburger at midnight. It was a cool monsoon nasty night in Hawaii ... despite his having to get up at 4AM to go to the USNaval Base DH got up, traveled about 10 miles looking for a hamburger joint. When he got home around 2AM I was fast asleep ... he was really ticked off & woke me up to eat that cold nasty undeelish!! burger. LMTY it didn't happen again ...

Hugs of love & prayers,TTFN ~Marydon

debi said...

LOL!! great post!

wendyytb said...

What a lovely story! (And he still marries you in spite of!!!)

Nice blog. Glad I came across it this morning.

BrushedByAnAngel said...

Oh, this brings back memories. My hubby's first car was a 1961 cornflower blue Chevy Impala convertible. Since he had just joined the Navy he had only enough money to pay for the car and insurance - so we had to share the coke he bought at McDonald's for fifteen cents. On pay days he could buy the burger, fries, and drink for less than fifty cents (and got change back). We had some awful arguments in that car but I would give anything to have that old thing back today. Thanks for sharing your story, Rebecca. I feel like we have all been there.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rebecca:
Did you know the store Forever 21 sells vintage style tees and they have "Love Is" tees? I saw them a few weeks ago and thought of you.

I hope you feel a tad better with God's Grace surrounding you. Know you are thought of and prayed for thru many of your friends on this blog.


Debra@CommonGround said...

Dear Rebecca, I'm so sorry to hear of you and your family's loss. My prayers are with you all.

Barb said...

Rebecca, I am laughing here. I always say I could 'pinch' Ron's head off!

I once leaned on his car while we were dating and he had a quiet fit. He said it pushes the dust into the paint and scratches it to do this. Mind you....if I had seen 'any' dust...I wouldn't have leaned on his car with my lovely clothes. Ha!

At the risk of sounding soppy...I wouldn't trade my Ron for anybody in the world!!!!!!!

Blessings to you this day ♥

Abatevintage said...

Rebecca, what a great post lol the picture is adorable as always. Have a great day. I hope your daughters anniversary went well yesterday.

Blessings to you and yours,

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Rebecca!
So loved this post honey. Was just precious. You had to sing and make you own tunes for awhile. Boy have we all been there.

I was so sorry to her about he grandbaby. I will be praying for your family. I know how much you were looking forward to this one. We are not to question.

I will be leaving for Oklahoma 1 week from today. It is a long drive, and I am going to drive straight through I believe. My foot has not healed, so I will be in this boot at least another 5 weeks anyway. Not looking forward to it, but will do what I have to do. Can't wait to get home. No place like home. I hope and pray that I get to meet with you while I am there.

Have a wonderful blessed day today, and thank you Rebecca for touching my heart. I love you, Sherry

Tara said...

I am thinking possibly, that he wanted to wring your neck that day! Good thing he's a forgiving man and decided you were worth the cost of the lost speakers!

Mr. AGP said...

Ok y'all, I have to say this day will live in infamy at our house. Sure glad we can laugh about it today! To give a little clarity to the "incident", she DID drop it down the defrost vent. If you recall, on the old impala it was one long grove where the windshield met the dash. Now the speaker was right in front of the defrost vent, soooooo, being the creative and completely non mechanical girl she was (is), THEY MUST BE CONNECTED. RIGHT? NOT!!!!!! Now let me tell you folks, she was so "ticked" about losing that pen that she really went after it. I mean she could have been auditioning for a roll in Pshycho that day. OMG! I was dating a slasher! Now, being the good Christian kids we were, we were not living together, but if we were, I may have slept with one eye open that night. HA!!!!!! :-)
She still wanted that pen back though. After a brief lesson on the layout of the defrost system, (not connected to the speakers), and the 15 hours it would take to dismantle the entire dash and vents to retrieve the sacred article, she finally conceded it was gone.
Alas, we got past the "slasher" phase and moved on. Now you must get her to tell you about the super large ice water and "Bessie's" front seat. Oh the adventures we had in that car.
I love you babe and I would not trader our "adventurous" life together for anything in the world.



Rebecca Nelson said...

To My Mr. AGPMan aka: Baber II

I forgot about the water incident! But if I remember CORRECTLY it was YOU who first threatened me witH your H20...

Still your fault! :)

Love you most~Baber I

blushing rose said...

OK Rebecca, Steve has me lol! You two are a 'gas' ... Love ya! Hugs, TTFN ~Marydon

PS You know our hearts & love are with you all ...

Anonymous said...

One thing for sure for us is we argue less & less as the years go by.... I think it is because the kids are grown & life has settled!
Before??? Oh Boy, I am sure he has wanted to ring my neck just as often as I him!! Hey, that's life...
Take Care!!

A Southern Rose said...

That is so funny! Sounds like something I would've done! LOL One time I did do something really 'stupid' with my car and tried to cover it up before my husband got home. My car was a 'spruce green' New Yorker...I loved that car. It wasn't new but we had only had it for a few months. It was so big and safe. Anyway, as I was pulling out of the drive thru at the bank one day, I didn't clear the big white concrete pole that they had seperating the different drive thrus and I scraped it and white paint got all over the side of my dark green car! It didn't dent it or anything so I thought that I could 'fix' it. I went to Kroger(across the street) and bought some of those scrubby sponges and some soft scrub cleanser. I went to work on it right there in the parking lot. I wanted it fixed before I got home. Well..I got the white paint well as the clear coat and I made a bunch of little tiny scratches on it. I was so scared for him to see it. Anyway, to make a long story short, he wasn't too happy with me! But, the next day he sent me roses to work with a note that said that it was just 'material' and he was glad that I was okay. Wasn't that sweet? My friends at work could'nt believe that I got flowers after I did that.

Lee Laurie

I didn't know about your loss...I must have missed a post. I am so sorry. I lost a baby once too.

BellaRosa said...

Rebecca what a great post...Thank you for sharing that memory...after more than 20 years with my husband we have plenty of stories like that ourselves...and every now and then we remind ourselves to make each other laugh and to just remind each other how much love there is here that after all these "lil" incidents...we are still together lover...ugly warts and all :) Rose

Julie Marie said...

Hello Rebecca, thank you soooo much for cheering me up on my blog today, and for the Rachel Ashwell quote... that is why I emailed you first before I posted about my little dressform, and gave you credit for coming up with the idea, I would NEVER copy something and claim it as my own... I am also so saddened for your recent loss and my prayers are truly with you and your family... as for your post today, that is precious! Just because we love them doesn't mean we don't want to wring their necks sometimes! Sorry you lost your "special" pen too! Bisous... Julie Marie

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Rebecca ~ You are so cute ~ I so remember those days of being sooo very poor in school and yes "no tunes" was not a good thing ~ It is amazing how those incidents that were so important then are so not important now ~
Thank you for sharing ! It brings back fun memories ~

sharingthebliss said...

Dearest Rebecca,
I never got a chance to thank you for your warm comment on Monday. I also wanted to tell you how lovely your daughter is. What a beautiful bride she made. May she and her husband have a life time full of happiness, peace & joy in the Holy ghost.
With much love, Carmen

Margie said...

I love this post! It's so true! The only difference is i've always invisioned clonking him on the head with a 2x4! lol!
I love my man!!!!~Margie

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