Sunday, October 25, 2009

~HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADRIENNE - With Love From Your Momma~

October 25th, 1984

To My AdrieGirl...

As hard as it is for me to believe, this very day you will turn 25 years old (at exactly 9:34 AM)! Where have the years gone? Seems like just yesterday your Daddy and I celebrated your exciting birth. Knowing you would be our last child we were thrilled when the doctors told us we got our BABY GIRL! My little family was complete. Daddy, Me, Brandon and you. Beautiful, sweet, adorable YOU!

How is it possible you are now the age I was when you were born? Inside my heart I'm still 25! Do you know that? Somehow I remember feeling 'older' than you appear to be. Maybe that's because I already had your big brother and I'd been married for six years. You still seem so very young to me and I still want to protect you... Letting you go has been so hard~but, I've done it (almost!)....

(Thank You, God)

The moment above is forever etched on my heart and in my mind. Tiny little features and such a huge answer to prayer! I just loved it that you looked just like me...

(He'll Always Be There For You)

Except your nose! To this day it still looks just like your daddy's...

(I LOVE Your Toothless Grin!)

You've been so loved by your family over the years! Especially by your brother (he'd do anything for you!), and your Grampa (I know you miss him).

(Truly Loved By All)

As you grew older you became even more lovely...

(Long After You'd Grown Up!)

I especially love how you still make time for me even though you are all grown up! From the very beginning you made me feel special and needed. See our hands?

I'm so grateful we've never experienced the struggles so many mothers and daughters have had! Your grace and love is so inspiring...

(The Apple of Your Daddy's Eye)

Two years ago we celebrated your beautiful wedding and watched as you pledged your life and heart to Micah. What a JOY it's been to see you both begin such a wonderful journey together. Don't forget~our prayers are always with you and we are trusting you will hold onto the years when the difficult days come...

I love you so very much! Happy Birthday, my beautiful, beautiful daughter. You continue to bless me over and over and over...

Love, Momma


blushing rose said...

Oh, beauty, twice! My goodness you all have so much of your grandfather in you both ...

How blessed you are to have your parents, & they you. I hear your Mother's voice on the phone with such pride in you & the joy you have given to her.

Happy birthday, Adrienne, may your day be filled with happiness & blessings.

Hugs, TTFN ~ Marydon
PS ... & the 3rd beauty ... 3 generations ... little Miss K is the image of you both. Love you, Rebecca

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter! What a blessing she has been to you. God is so good to us.

Your photos are so sweet Rebecca, I love the one of the two of you on the sofa. That reminds me of how sweet my youngest son Russ is. He's 28 and will still hold Mom's hand in public, such an adorable heartwarming thing for a son to do.

Big hugs, Sherry

Please email me when you have time @ so I know where to email you at with my addr. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I teared up at the picture of Steve kissing her on the cheek on the day of her wedding. How beautiful and sweet!


My Pink & Cream Cottage said...

Oh Rebecca that was truly beautiful. I cannot get over the likness between you & Adrienne, she certainly takes after her beautiful Mum. Hoping you spent a very special day with your Adrienne.

Lyn xxx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos.... Doesn't take long!! Our son will be 40 in January. That just makes me quake!! Whaere did it go????

Tanza said...

Happy Birthday sweet Adrie,
Hoping you have a very special day doing what you LoVe and with those that you LoVe .. She looks just like her Momma, and I KNOW her heart just as sweet and loving .. Aren't we blessed to have daughters ?! Best friends for life they are !! Have a fun day together ~
big hugs ~tea~xo

Pat Winter Gatherings said...

She is a beauty! How funny, my son turned 24 on Friday! The time just passes much too quickly!
Enjoy your beautiful daughter and happy birthday to her.

karen said...

Happy Birthday to your baby girl. She is so pretty as is her mom.

Rose of Sharon said...

Tell her happy birthday! She's such a beautiful girl, just like her mother! I thought the first picture was a doll at first, she is so perfect!

Hugs, Sharon

June said...

Sweet mother, like daughter. What a beautiful Birthday tribute to your lovely girl.
I love that photo of the two of you holding hands on the sofa. What a treasure. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Adrienne!
Your Moma loves you so very much, and she is so proud of the beautiful woman that you have become. You look just like your beautiful Moma Adrienne. I pray you have a beautiful day today and that all your dreams come true. God Bless You Sweetie. I am so blessed to be able to call your Moma "Friend". I will cherish her friendship forever, Love, Sherry

Carol said...

Happy Birthday wishes are coming your way from Texas today.

Your Mom is one of my very special ~Forever Friends~, and shares with me how proud she is of you Acrienne and what a lovely woman you have become. Yoy have made her so PROUD :)

Best wishes for a new yesr and may all your dreams come true.

P.S. My son turned 46 yesterday
Yikes-time flies...


Dorothy said...

I love how you cherish your family. Happy birthday to your daughter.

Jocelyn said...

How very sweet. Your daughter is so beautiful! I have a boy who turned 25 this summer. What a gem he is. Thanks for sharing your sweet girl.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!! She really is a younger version of you and of your mother as well!!! Beauty certainly runs in your family!!!

passion4pink said...

Happy Birthday Adrie!!Where does the time go?? As much as I would love to have my little girls stay 'little' I have really enjoyed seeing them grow into beautiful young ladies.

Candy said...

Happy Birthday to mom and your sweet girl. What a beautiful lady she grew into. Blessings to both of you.
Make a wish and blow out the candles...;-)

Dolores said...

Oh Rebecca, this is such a beautiful and heart warming post of 'mother and daughter love'.....the pictures are so sweet!!!

God bless you and your wonderful family.


Beach House 27 said...

Love the hand holding - I've always been touched by photos of hand holding, especially strong male hands holding childrens hands, but this reminds me how much I love mother daughter hands - any age.

Beautiful post & Happy Birthday to your daughter!


Laura said...

Hi Rebecca-

You have won the Christmas prize in my giveaway!


Just email me at with your mailing address.


Mary H said...

~~Rebecca~~I love your tribute to made me have tears of joy for you and think of my own relationships with both my daughters.
Adrie sure looks like you, I thought the picture with her and Steve(on her wedding day) was you and Steve!
Hope your family all had a wonderful day today with her in celebration of her special day. Happy Birthday, Adrienne!!...Love, Mary H.

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Hi! what a very touching post. Your daughter is just lovely!! I love how you took the post thru the years, starting with her birth, growing up, right up to the present. Fantastic. My oldest just turned 25 also, and it is still amazing to me that I could have a child that old, cuz some how I don't feel much older then that in my heart. I watch my body age, but I am still as I was back then when he was born! I was glad to read that you feel the same way. I hope you all enjoyed the birthday celebration. warmly, Debby

Anonymous said...

So beautiful. I hope she had a wonderful birthday. They do grow up so fast don't they.


cottagepinkperfection said...

What a beautiful post. You have a beautiful relationship. Your blogs always seem to make me cry, in a good way. Thanks again for sharing with us.

Blessings to
you both!

Rita said...

They grow so fast.....enjoy while you can. What a lovely blog! I enjoyed visiting with you.

Anonymous said...

Rebecca while you were in labor with your beautiful baby girl I had just had my bundle of joy little boy David the day before!!

We are so very blessed how God gives us a glimpse of His love for us by giving us children!


Tara said...

Happy Birthday to Adrienne. She was certainly a beautiful baby girl and it sounds like you have been very blessed to have such a wonderful relationship with Adrienne as she has grown. She certainly grew up to be loveleigh just like her Mom!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh Rebecca...your girl is just stunning....What a sweetheart. I love being the Mum to a dear girl too....I love her soooo much.

Happy Birthday Adrienne!


Anonymous said...

What a beauty your sweet daughter is!! She looks so much like you!! I loved the pictures through the years of her and your family......what a wonderful family you have, too!
I wish for Adrienne to have the most marvelous birthday today, and many, many more.
You are truly blessed, Rebecca
Your sweet light always shines through everything you do!
Love, Francy

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