Monday, October 26, 2009

~VINTAGE TRAIN CASE - Transformed Into a Work of Art~

Special Order for Cheryl

Happy Monday, Sweet Peeps! I hope this beautiful Fall Day has found you well! The year is certainly moving right along, isn't it?
Old Skeleton Key, too!

Over the past few years I don't recall ever being as busy as I am now! Not just in the business sense, mind you. Just BUSY in general! Typical stuff for my Mr. AGPMan and I! House renovation, family get-together time (lots of celebrations during the last half of the year), Christmas and Holiday shopping (we start early), selling hand painted and hand sewn pretties in my new Booth and online, and of COURSE, Blogging! I actually consider my busy schedule to be a good thing as the economy has hit all all pretty hard. I've never been one to turn down work because socking away money for a rainy days sure isn't as easy as it once was.

Vintage Lace, Ribbon & Rhinestone Accents

Over the past several weeks I've taken three special orders for refurbished "Gathering Cases" (Train Cases). I've decided to share with you the one you see above as it came to me because of BLOGGING! Made for a very special lady named Cheryl, I finished this Case about 10 days ago. But~ because of the gloomy Oklahoma weather it was in no hurry to cure!!! Today it was packed up and will soon be on it's way Canada! I'm so excited for my sweet blogging friend to get this truly special Case. Cheryl doesn't have a Blog as far as I know...she just FOLLOWS them!


Cheryl chose one of my very favorite Mary Rose Cottons for the lining of her Gathering Case (tm). She chose a crisp white exterior and hand painted pink roses from Yours Truly! :)

Ready for Her Transformation

Thought I'd include a photo of the Case after I finished priming it! I only use Vintage Cases that are MADE OF WOOD! Truly they are the best of the best!

Here's a little tip for all of you who are planning a Train Case Makeover for someone you love...

Before base painting your Train Case, remove all the old and yucky lining and start FRESH! Prime (PRIME! PRIME! PRIME!) with a bonding Primer (Remember...I told you about ZINSSER!!!!!!). Be careful when using latex paints that have added thickeners!!! I just discovered (ugh...the hard way) that SOMETIMES these paint additives will react with the rubber trim and cause the Case to remain tacky and/or sticky. Skip using Behr Paint AND KRYLON Spray Paint on your Train Cases! They will both leave you disappointed with the results.

Thank you for stopping by today!

Blessings to you as your creative juices continue to flow...Rebecca


blushing rose said...

Oh, my GOSH!!! To die for!! Lucky Cheryl. Now tell me how you would know if it is wood? Know what I am looking for now, for sure! Amazing recreation, Rebecca, & that FABRIC is awesome.

You continue to just floor me with your beautiful talent.

TY for sharing this dreamy creation.

Have a lovely week, my friend.
Love ya! TTFN ~ Marydon

Dolores said...

Hi Rebecca.....
You are a wonderful artist! I love the dainty/delicate and romantic look and feel of your work.
You obviously are a perfectionist with a lot of patience.

The picture of your dad and your children in the previous post is so sweet!! Aren't we thankful for our pictures.


Debra Howard said...

It turned out just beautiful. I like to make some like that for gifts only mine have cherries on them with Mary Engelbreit fabric inside. Everyone loves them. Yours is really pretty.

Anonymous said...

This is so sweet Rebecca! You are so good and I love those roses and the way you've lined this little case is just precious! Now, you know I'm old, but as a girl there were the purses that looked just like your case, maybe they were a little smaller, and they were called Choo Choo Bags! I wanted one so much. My parents didn't have a lot of money but wanted so to give me things. They both had to work and got paid every two weeks. So they saved the money for this purse and bought it for me! I was so thrilled! It was black! Sorry to go on and on - you just hve a way of bringing back memories to me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Unknown said...

Your traincase is absolutely beautiful. I'm sure Cheryl will be very happy with it.

Unknown said...

Oh, gosh! It's absolutely beautiful! You are such an amazing artist. Cheryl is one lucky lady to have one of your creations.


Dixie said...

Amazing and beautiful. Thanks for the helpful hints... maybe I'll tackle this one, someday... till then, I'll just enjoy looking at the photographs of your lovely creations...

blessings. Dixie

Tanza said...

Ooohhh ... Whew !! and yippee skippee !!! These are sooo gorgeous !! You know me, I LoVe when you share your wonderful creations, and I already own one !! Cuz, I would sooo be dying to get my lil' hands around this !! I think it turned out beautiful !! But, I STILL am in LoVe with my sugery pink case, and my cottage white one !! They are simply the BesT out there !! I have to laugh that you are sharing the re-make, cuz who, ooohh who, could EvEn do this !! And, you make it sound so EAsY !! Silly girl .. this is work .. I'm soo happy when you share beautiful !! I'm EvEn happier cuz I have two .. Not one but Two .. One in each room I always am in !! These are truly keepers !! And they smell sooo pretty when you sniffers them, I don't know what it is that you packed in mine .. But, they still look and smell yummers !! You're the BeSt sweet one !!! We'll chat more soon .. Happy evening time to you ~
to the moon

Vicki said...

Cheryl is a lucky girl! Absolutely beautiful train case, Rebecca. Have a beautiful week and blessings to you! Vicki

Unknown said...

It's so sweet and beautiful. You are a great artist!!!

Mary H said...

~~Rebecca~~Just beautifull!! This case came out fabulous, I just love it. I noticed right away that is is a little different then the previous, I love them too, but I love the little newer look too! if you don't suggest Behr or Krylon, what paint do you suggest after the Zinnser primer??
Congratulations to Cheryl on her new train case!! Hugs, Mary H.

joanne said...

very sweet and oh so are so very talented! jj

Sheila said...

What beautiful artwork. The inside is so very pretty.. I have 5 cases in different sizes. ONe like your there. I just do not have talent.. lol Two of the cases have been used for many years by my grandmother and my mommy... Both passed on now. Many hair curlers were taken on vacation trips in one. Thanks for sharing

Terri said...

I was going to be sassy and say that you should send that ugly thing to me (wink)...Then I thought I can't do that she might not get my sense of humor (smile)...what I'm saying is it is WONDERFUL and really so beautifully done. And the lady in Canada will be thrilled when she gets it!
Terri G.

Anonymous said...

This is unbelievable.... It is a confection of romantic cottage dreams!!
Have a Wonderful Day!

Barb said...

Rebecca, this is truly beautiful and a lovely work of art. God has blessed your hands.

Since I know you are truly spirtual, may I ask that you say a prayer for me and ask for God's comfort. I have had to go to comment moderation after two extremely hurtful comments and I am feeling a bit 'bruised' right now.

I really appreciate this. I am a sensitive little girl :-(

Love you, Barb

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Beautiful train case Rebecca, as are all that I have seen and I have seen a lot of your beauties come and go on ebay. Your work is sooooo lovely. Each one is so delicate and girlie. Thats a talent that God shared with you because he knew you would share it with everyone.
Thanks for the posting. I know about the Krylon paint, I had some sticky places on a case and on the handles. I doesn't dry at all.
Hope you have a great day!
Hugs, Pat

Cherished Treasures said...

Dear Sweet Rebecca,
I would love to see photos of your retail booth on your blog. ;o)
I know it is gorgeous and soooooo inviting.

Cindi said...

OMgoodness, from trash to treasure...what a talent & to share it will others...amazing

Anonymous said...

This one is a beauty, Rebecca!!
It is going to make Cheryl very happy!!
I have bought three or four of your gorgeous traincases...bridal gifts and one for an auction, then I saved the last one for ME!! I have it displayed in my glass door armoire in our bath...pretty!!!!
You are so talentd! Oh, remember the year you did, what...???.about seven traincases for ONE lady for Christmas gifts!! I know that lady was thrilled!!
Bless you for always lifting up my spirits when I read your Blogs, and for being my "e-bay" friend!!
Love, Francy

June said...

Oh is Cheryl ever going to love this beauty!!! What an amazing job you do on the linings of these! I am so inspired by your beautiful artwork girl!

Tara said...

It turned out beautifully! Can you imagine packing your luggage and taking a long luxurious train ride with your pretty traveling tote in hand? What fun!

A Southern Rose said...

It is so beautiful and she is going to be thrilled with it! Your artwork is amazing!
Lee Laurie

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Rebecca,

How absolutely lovely! and so impeccably made! Your talents just amaze me. I can just imagine how thrilled Cheryl will be to receive her train case designed by "Rebecca".
Enjoy day and keep creating,

Ginger said...

How beautiful. Where do you find antique wooden cases? I know about using the Krylon. I painted a suitcase with it about 2 yrs. ago and it is still sticky. Hope to see you in your booth in a couple of weeks.


mariondee-designs said...

Hi Rebecca, your train case make-overs are a work of art! Truly beautiful and I am in awe of your talent. Lucky ladies who own one! take care, Maryann

Cathy said...

Lucky Cheryl! It's gorgeous!

Cathy ♥

Sandra said...

Hi Rebecca! Gosh, girl! You have such a beautiful gift! You always do a wonderful job. Thank you for sharing with us.
Have a wonderful evening.

Cheryl (in Canada) said...

It is close to midnight as I am just arriving home - gone for a week to conferences on H1N1! As I am driving home (4 hour drive in snow) a message pops up on my blackberry from sweet Rebecca... and I can't wait to get home to pull out my lap top and see what's coming.
I am so over the moon - words do fail me. The case is stunningly girly beautiful - perfection and art. It takes my breath away!! I cannot wait for it to arrive.
Off to sleep I go dreaming of my case arrival...and perhaps starting a blog...
Thank you so much Rebecca - bless you!

Lynn said...

I see that Cheryl has seen her case and is over the moon :) I would be too, you do such beautiful work Rebecca, this is stunning, and that is one my favorite Mary Rose fabrics too :)

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