Saturday, May 14, 2011

~~~~~~~~~~HAPPY PINK SATURDAY~~~~~~~~~~ Just a Little Of This and That


Happy Pink Saturday to you!  I hope you have an awesome day checking out all the fabulous PINKS out there in Bloggieland this weekend!  Thank you so much for stopping by!  I hope you're able to visit lots and lots of PINKIES over at Beverly's of HOW SWEET THE SOUND...  Always such fun and we have an amazing hostess!  Thank you Miss B for hosting our party of us each and every week!!!
 ~Yummy Chocolate-Raspberry Candy~

Three weeks ago my Mr. AGPMan ducked out of town of a little getaway to the Grand Canyon.  We had an amazing time while visiting the gorgeous State of Arizona and we hope to return someday soon!
 ~Pomegranate Candy, too!~

I saw this totally fabulous BIG PINK TRUCK hanging on the wall of a local shoppe!  I LOVED IT and just had to take a picture.  It was actually only "HALF a TRUCK", but it was still amazing!
 ~Darling Little Sweetie Bear~

Even though I somehow managed to stay FAIRLY committed to my Weight Watchers Diet while on vacation, I have to admit I did indulge in a wee bit of chocolate raspberry candy.  I totally fell prey to commiting
 (I did ask for forgiveness tho...and I'm happy to say the next day I was back on the straight and narrow chocolate-free path!)

Oh...and that little bear with the pink bow just had to come home with me!  Got her for my Miss K!

The darling shoppe that sold the candy also offered these tiny pink tins.  Can you say

Now...I'm always looking for a piece of paper to scribble on.  And so...tucked down into the bottom of a fabulous new purse from my guy on Mother's Day I found this darling dispenser.  Isn't it fab?

Now...because I'm shameless :) :) :) I'm not afraid to SELF-PROMOTE my A Gathering Place Website.  This IS after-all MY BLOGGIE :) :) :) and besides I'm totally into FREE ADVERTISING!  For what I have to pay for those Magazine Ads I need all the free press I can get... :)  Kaaaaaa-Ching!!!!!

One of my sweetest longtime customers asked me sometime back if I'd fashion some wraps for gourmet soaps.  (I've been working on it Miss F...sorry for the delay!)  So far nothing has come out over-the-moon wonderful.  This one came out KINDA Sweet...but personally I think it needed a black bow!  I'll be back to the drawing board computer "key" board on Monday!

I've been working on some new altered art greeting card designs and this is a prototype of a new one.  Still needs to be tweaked but I'm liking it more and more...

Now...over a year ago I snooped around until I found the company that manufactured this fabulous metal case.  Several years ago one of my customers (hi, Heather) sent me one she found at a garage sale.  I truly thought it was vintage.  Come to find out it wasn't even though I sold it as such (sorry to whoever bought it!).  Anyway...this one I base painted pink before painting a bouquet of pink roses on the front and sides.  
Betcha can't guess who bought this one?
Can you?

Her name starts with a "T"...

Will there be more you may ask?  I have four or five primed and I'll take special orders on them for those of you who are interested! :)

That's it for my PINK OFFERINGS today.  
Hope you had a pinkalicious time!

Love to you... 


Anonymous said...

Loved the PINK items you posted today for Pink Saturday! The candy looks deliciously sinful...and that is the best kind!!The other items are all lovely, too....I can't wait to see the finished French soap wrappers, the ones on the "drawing board" are beautiful...I am sure the finished product will be, too~
Hope you have a fun weekend, and that the rainy weather does not dampen your "junking" today!!
Big hugs my sweet friend..Love, Francy

Lynne Moncrieff said...

Happy Pink Saturday
I have fallen in love with the Parisian items. I go a bit weak at the knees with any thing that has an Eiffel Tower or "Paris" written on it.
Lovely post.

Bluebirds and Roses said...

Love your post and that truck ..beautiful pretty creations...HPS!

Anonymous said...

Can you delete "sold" items?
Would allow for easier browsing.

...just a thought...

Betzie said...

So many pretty pinks and such a pretty blog! HPS!

Screaming Sardine said...

Wow, so many pretty pink items you shared! I especially love that pink truck. How cool is that! Looking forward to seeing your finished corset card, though I'd say it looks perfect as is. :)


Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Hi Rebecca
Chocolate and raspberry - mmm, decadent!
Your little pink case is sweet, bet lots of pink lovers will want one.

Olivia said...

Oh sweetie your pinks are gorgeous! What a beautiful heart and talent you have! Happy Pink Saturday.

Susan said...

I love the pink suit case! That little bear is a sweetie!!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I just love coming here, everything is so gorgeous! I wish I could paint.....Wish I could sing too, I bet you do both


Carol said...

Dear Anaymous
It would be a huge mistake to delete ~SOLD~ items. Things on AGP'S Shoppe sell so quickly. If there is an inspiration piece we can't live without, if gives Rebecca a chance to do up a ~SPECIAL~. She has the description & item# available so the correct item can be duplicated.
..Just a thought...
Carol from
Good 'Ol Texas


LOVE the pink truck! It would be so much to have one.
Have a blessed Sunday!

Dolores said...

As I look at your beautiful pinks.... and listen to the gorgeous music..... I'm entranced with love and beauty.... thanks Rebecca!
Love you!

NanaDiana said...

Beautiful post, as always, Rebecca- And a little diversion for chocolate never hurt anyone-unless it leads you down the choclate path to the CHOCOLATE PIT!

Your things are as beautiful as ever-I think you get better and better all the time! Hugs- Diana

Linda said...

I think I need more pink in my life! (:>)

Love you!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

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