Saturday, May 28, 2011


Before I update you on where we are regarding our latest remodeling projects I just have to say this...

After about 100 tries over the past couple of days to make ONE SINGLE LITTLE POST I finally decided to try going through my A Gathering Place Website to see if I could access my blog through my own BLOG BUTTON!  I clicked the LINK and WHAT-DO-YOU KNOW!  It worked and I was FINALLY able to sign in.

Now...we'll see if if this Saturday Post will actually POST!  Hmmmm...

Also...does anybody have a CLUE as to where our followers went and if we are ever going to get them back?

OK...on to some FUN STUFF!

Well...since we "chatted" last my Mr. AGPMan and I have been VERY BUSY!  I thought today I'd give you an update on where we are with our breakfast room and kitchen remodel!  We are still in the early stages, but everything we've done so far HAD to be done before anything else could be started.

CLICK HERE to and HERE to catch up on past posts and for several "before" pictures!

If you've been following along you know we removed a window seat and installed French Doors and side windows in their place.  Today I'm showing you the pics that were taken while the original backdoor entry/exit was removed and then sealed back up!

Here you see where the original backdoor use to be.  We matched the existing paneling that came original to the house (and I love) and then primed and painted it to match the paint already in the room!

This charming vintage Pie Safe (or cabinet) was once upstairs in our guest room.  I used it to hold finished pillows, etc. for my website.  I painted her out (she was once sugary pink!) with my favorite COTTAGE WHITE PAINT (from Behr/Home Depot) and I'm loving how she looks standing proudly in her new room.

Why paint over the pink????  


It's just this is our family room and the colors are soft and understated.  When I moved the cabinet in place the PINK stuck out like a sore thumb.  It had to go...

Here's a quick picture of what the room looked like before the French Doors were installed and the original backdoor was still in place!

I can't tell you how much I LOVE walking in my front door and seeing something OTHER than my back door in front of me!  


Presently we are STILL trying to decide on flooring.  We know the carpet and tile are coming out we just aren't sure if we are going to go with a tiled kitchen floor or use wood throughout the entire downstairs!

Hope your Saturday was awesome.  I was sad I didn't get to join in PINK SATURDAY!  Maybe if blogger behaves itself :) I can take part next week!

Love to you...


Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Blogger has been a royal pain lately...but you new dining area is gorgeous! We have tile throughout our home. I love the wood, but I tell you, I am thanking God that we put in the tile. It is soooo easy to take care of. One of those steamers, and voila...clean floors, dogs, grandkids and all...just my two cents worth!!
Have a great Memorial Weekend!!

Julie Marie said...

Hello Rebecca... I tried to comment earlier on your previous post and it would not let me... hope this one comes through!... LOVE your new remodeled look! I want to move in with you, 'k??? Your Mr. AGP sure works hard! (so do you!)... and everything is just beautiful!... as for followers... I can see yours, but you can't... try signing out of your blog, and just google your blog WITHOUT being signed in, and I think you will see they are still there... Love you!... xoxo Julie Marie

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

It is looking sooo pretty, Rebecca! I miss our old house's French doors so much. We had them in our bedroom, too. I love your cabinet and it looks so perfect there! Whatcha got inside it?!? Inquiring minds want to know....

Happy PS! And yes, blogger is a big headache right now.

Big Hugs,
Angelic Accents

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I bet your house looks twice the size! How beautiful and wonderful to have that project done!

I just came from researching the followers problem. There is over 800 comments 0n various help threads, people missing followers. Blogger has not made one comment to even acknowledge the problem exists. It has been going on since Friday.

The other problem is posting and commenting, they have acknowledged this and are working on it.

Any one reading. Do not make any changes to your blogs until all this is fixed. People that have, are having big problems


Sherry said...

Your changes are great and your home is just lovely. Thanks for sharing your pictures, they inspire me to keep working on the things we have planned here.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Rebecca, my followers just came back and so did yours!


A Rose Without A Thorn said...

Rebecca, The back door replacement is looking beautiful. It must be so nice being able to look towards new vista's. A wood floor sounds beautiful. We replaced all of the carpet in our house and now only have tile and oak floors. I love it, but whatever you choose I know you will love it too, Blessings always, Maureen.

Mariette said...

Dearest Rebecca,

So glad to see your kitchen area come this far! All the hard work and lots of mess, did pay off. Congratulations to your dear husband/love/friend/handy-man+++
Yeah, tile or wood... big question! We do have tile floor in the kitchen and veranda but at that time wood flooring wasn't that big (1990) but meanwhile we have solid oak planks in the dining; bedrooms and living room and we love it. One of the best things we ever did. Our friends have also wood flooring in the kitchen and it looks real nice.
As for Blogger, looks like we cannot trust them anymore. Your Members 1210 are visible on the side here. But mine come and go... Anyway I feel good about having backed up my blog and for the rest with getting an email for each new blog I know I can back up easily. Before I delete my emails/blogs weekly I have backed up again and that gives peace of mind.
Serious followers do follow anyway, they got you on the side-bar and come back. But it is tough for wanting to follow a blog and you cannot...
Anyway, have a meaningful Memorial weekend and rest from all the projects. We too have accomplished a lot the last two weeks; will post about it later...

Lots of love,


Brenda ~ The Heminger Farmhouse said...

It's looking wonderful so far ~ your new french doors and side windows bring in so much light :)

I've had my followers "come and go" today; sometimes I had them, then the next time they were gone. I've no idea what Blogger has been doing these last few days, but whatever it was has surely messed things up for so many. I can leave comments on some easily; those who's comment box pops up, but a little harder to do those that have the "drop-down" comments. To do those, you have to sign in to your Google account, and make sure that you un-check the box to leave you signed in...not sure why, but that works...crazy, I know! Hopefully one day SOON they will get all the bugs out of this.

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend :)

Warmest hugs, Brenda

Marilyn said...

Looks so nice! ♥♫

Deanna said...

Rebecca, your project looks greeeeaaaatttt!!!
You have done an outstanding job on this.
Love it!!!!

That ole blogger makes a huge challenge at times...growl.

Sweet blessings to you,

Linda said...

I thought it was just a problem with my I am kinda glad to hear that other people are having problems...but I hope they fix it soon.

Love your pretty room and the cabinet. You have such good taste. I LOVE wood floors. They are so easy to clean, and they are warmer than tile.

I'm sure whatever you decide it will be lovely!


Rita said...

My whole computer has been a pain the last couple of days. I've not even been able to get on e-mail, much less blogging. Your room looks fantastic. I know that you are glad that it is getting close to the end. When we go through change, things are always a mess and sometimes very upsetting, but the end results are soooooo good! Yours is great! Enjoy!

Rebecca Nelson said...

Stephanie...What's INSIDE YOU ASK?

All our DVD MOVIES! :) And...since I'm still hanging onto our old VHS Tapes they are in the bottom. That way my Miss K can watch movies upstairs in my studio while she is here. I still have an old VHS TV in that room! :)

You are soo funny...

Notice I didn't say NOSEY! :)


Mouse said...

Ohhhh that looks lovely ... a wonderful view once you walk in:) was the cupboard easy to paint ??? I am humming and ahhhing about doing some on a piece of furniture ..... I would have wood through out but that's my choice :) I've lost my followers too :( love mouse xxxx

Pink Princess said...

My followers are back as of yesterday :) I could comment everywhere but read many who had a lot of trouble doing so. I hope that Bloggers finally gets all the hick-ups repaired and leaves us alone for the next 50 years lol.

LOVE your room, you and hubby did a great job.

Hugs from Marian

Shabbyprimdelights said...

Rebecca, the renovations are looking marvellous. Your very lucky to have a handy hubby. Change is one of the best things and still cheaper than moving. I look forward to seeing more piccies as the reno continues.
Have a fabulous week,

KatyDidStitches said...

Just absolutely stunning breathtaking bee-uu-tee-ful, Rebecca! I'm ready to move sure to stock up on ice and vanilla coffee!

I haven't had any problems with Blogger...posted on Friday with no issues. But then I'm just a newbie with only FOUR followers! I can't imagine how I would feel if I had several hundred and they all disappeared...probably not good.

Thank you for the heads-up to those of us who were oblivious to the problem. I will certainly back up my Blog from now on.


Debbie said...

Oh Rebecca! your room looks wonderful! no wonder you like walking in the front door and seeing the changes that have taken place. Your cupboard looks great in white.
LOVE this music!!!

KatyDidStitches said...

Oh...and I forgot to say, I vote for wood floors. We have white oak throughout our "public" rooms (living, family, kitchen and foyer). We love it. It does show dust...but a quick Swiffering takes care of that...and it's so comfy on the feetsies!


Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Oh Rebecca, your french doors look gorgeous.... what a great job! Now on another note my followers have been removed from my page, but yesterday it appeared back, well this morning it's gone again. Blogger has been a big pain lately... hope they get things fixed soon!!!
I'm so excited I was finally able to add you and others to my blog list, I haven't been able to add anyone in about a year, so glad it's fixed... now I can better keep up with the blogs I love!!!
hugs~~~ Daphne

Susan said...

Rebecca, those French doors made such a difference in your home! Your home is so beautiful!
I had problems with blogger all week, finally it is working again! My followers just reappeared this morning!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this really changes the look of yur home in a good way!

If you are asking for advice on the floors, go with tile! Wood is pretty, but if your appliances ever leak water, your floors are ruined. We dealt with this in our last house.

Although our newer house would look better with wood, we opted for tile for this reason and also because we have dogs.

karen said...

I love the french doors. It looks great!!! I thought I was the only one who lost her followers. I hope they come back soon. My page is lonely without them.

Theresa said...

Beautiful dear Rebecca! It is amazing that your sweet husband can do all of this remodeling on his own! He is superman:)

Have a blessed Memorial Day, HUGS!

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