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My Mr. AGPMan and I purchased our Oklahoma home back in the summer of 1992.  At that time our La Chaumière de Briarwood was about 22 years old and was  good shape.  Except for the need for some serious updating we fell in love with her from the start!  Finding her and then qualifying to purchase her on my hubby's salary alone was truly a God-thing.  I was a stay-at-home mommy back then and raising my children was my total focus...   There wasn't a lot of "extra" money laying around to do much back in those days so it was important for us that the home be in sound shape.
(Pretty Green Shutters Rotted Away)

On closing day everything was in order.  Even though the original shake shingles on the roof had noticeably been replaced with composition shingles, the "inspector" (sent from our insurance company) assured us everything was in in order.  No roof worries and that made us very happy!  So...we happily signed on the dotted line and became home owners for the first (and only) time in our lives.

In 1997 after living in our home for about five years we had a major roof leak just above the left front window on the ground floor.  It occurred after a terrible storm and so we weren't concerned at all about our insurance carrier covering the damage.  Hmmmmm...
~FALL 2010~

Not knowing the proper way in which to make a claim, we called our insurance provider and they sent out their adjuster to inspect our roof damage (which also included interior damage to my piano).  After just a few minutes he knocked on our front door and proceeded to tell us we had roof damage but that it was not covered by our insurance.  He promptly denied our claim saying the original roof had been incorrectly installed.



(The New Roof is NOT the SURPRISE!)

Again...being STUPID not knowing what to do or where to turn, incredibly we took the word of the insurance adjuster (remember...he was sent out by our insurance provider) and we paid to have the roof replaced out of our own pocket.  I don't recall what it cost us, only that it took ALL we had in savings at the time...  I remember only that I wanted to act like a raving lunatic was more than a tiny bit upset...

In July we will have lived in our home for 19 years.  During that time we haven't made a single claim on our home.
A year ago (May 2010) Oklahoma had a terrible hail storm and truthfully thought no more about it.  We knew our upper roof was growing old and plans were already in the works to replace it...figured we'd redo the lower portion to match when we did.  We also planned to remove ALL the original shake shingles and re-deck the roof, etc.

Well...about three weeks ago I was in our front yard sweeping our walk when I noticed a neatly dressed man making his way around our neighborhood.  I figured he was some sort of con-artist salesman and to be honest with you I was trying to finish my clean-up work before he made his way to my home.

I had my Miss Mollie (my tiny little YorkieGirl) outside with me and just as I untethered her she ran towards the shiester gentleman neatly dressed man who was making his way to my front door.

I came to understand he was a roofing contractor and as I was visiting with him for a few minutes he asked me if I knew if we'd had any hail damage from the May 2010 storm.
(Sprayin' for WASPS!!!!)

I said I didn't know and that he needed to ask my husband about all that!!!
That is always my PAT-ANSWER!
I NEVAH, EVAH talk to people who force you buy things you don't want salespeople...NEVAH, EVAH, EVAHHHHH!
Anyway...long story short hail damage WAS FOUND and the following week the neatly dressed man, a roof inspector representing us and one from our insurance company came out to determine just how much destruction the storm had caused.  All the men agreed we had major hail damage and so an insurance claim was made at that time.
Now...here's the fabulous part...

We ARE getting a brand-spankin'-new roof (fully and totally paid by our insurance company!!!) and this of course makes my guy and I simply over-the-moon HAPPY!

  But what makes all this totally incredible is this...


After visiting with the neatly dressed man and signing all the papers with him (now you know this is the same guy who was walking the neighborhood, right?  Are you following me???) my Mr. AGPMan and I sat around and visited him for a bit.  He was friendly and caring and we liked him very much.  Something just drew us to him and we trusted him completely. 

So...while he was chatting on the phone with the insurance company I couldn't help but listen intently to all he had to say...
It was then I also happened to catch his full name!!!!

For privacy reasons I won't share it here, but let it suffice to say it was UNUSUAL ENOUGH for me to recognize it immediately.

My eyes FLEW OPEN WIDE and I just stared at him!  When I regained my composure I said:


INCREDIBLY the neatly dressed man was (and still is) the hubby of one of the girls that was a bridesmaid in my 1978 wedding!!!  Jennifer moved away and married the neatly dressed man after my hubby and I married and we had long ago lost touch with one another.  I had no idea they were even living in Oklahoma again...

Now...can you EVEN believe this?  
We all plan to get together for dinner soon!

I've shared this before and I will say it again...

I don't believe in coincidences.  I don't.  Not one tiny little bit.  I believe my steps are directed and ordered by the Most High and always have been.  My Mr. AGPMan and I were terribly wronged by our insurance company nearly 15 years ago and they were forced to make things right...  The incredible blessing on top of all of it (and I believe an unmistakable sign that God was IN THIS) was the reconnection with long-lost friends.

Life is amazing...Isn't it?

Once the banging in my brain stops and my headache goes away I'll share with you pictures of our beautiful new roof!  We chose black shingles and they are sure to look MAHVELOUS with the black shutters we installed last Fall.

Blessings to you for an AWESOME HAMMER-FREE DAY!

Love to you...


stefanie said...

wow!!! that is the best story!!! how fun!!! a new roof and a new time with an old friend!!!

Theresa said...

Incredible story:) Makes me smile, that you are getting a new roof paid for but mostly that you found your sweet friend after all of these years!

Love happy endings OR beginnings! HUGS!

Debra@CommonGround said...

How awesome is this??? I love how God does things!! xoxo Debra

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Enjoy that new roof and the reacquaintance with your friend. My girlfriend calls these things..a God thing!!

Anonymous said...

What a great story you just shared, Rebecca!! It did my heart good to know that justice was finally done for y'all, in the form of a brand-spanking-new-roof (whole roof) for no cost to you!!
I think because you and your Mr. AGPMan did not complain or cause any grief over this wrong, the Lord had a hand in righting the wrong for you....most people would not have been as accepting of the insurance company's word on it....
but you two practice being Christains every day of your life..
I am glad the story had a happy ending...and I hope the pounding will end soon and relieve your headache!!!!!! I can understand you having one!!
Big hugs, Francy

bee'nme said...

Well said Rebecca! What a great God-story of restoration and reconnection! God is good!! Thanks for sharing - enjoy your new roof and rekindled friendship!!

Hugs & Blessings,

Lynn B said...

I loved that story Rebecca, I am with you, I don't believe in coincidences either, God certainly had a hand in this one!

Hope your roof is soon finished.



Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

I loved you story Rebecca, and I am like you, nothing happens by chance. So glad you are getting a new roof and soooo happy you are going to see your long lost friend.
Hugs, Pat

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Fun story, and you certainly were working out in your yard for a reason. I don't believe in coincidences either. (Our SIL is a roofing contractor and you wouldn't believe some of the stories he tells about "insurance adjusters"!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Julie Marie said...

Truly an amazing story Rebecca!... me personally, I think Miss Mollie would have known if this guy was a shyster or not... dogs are so sensitive about that... she was your first indication he was on the up and up when she didn't bite him on the ankles... so cool that it turned out you know him!!!... and that you are getting your new roof... FREE!!!... xoxo Julie Marie

Dolores said...

Your home looked beautiful when you bought it, but it looks better and better with each change you make. The black roof and black shudders will be gorgeous!!!

I love the story, and I'm with you about no coincidences....God is good!

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Amazing story...Just when you least expect it a blessing comes your way.
Have a sweet day my friend and hugs, Elizabeth

KatyDidStitches said...

What a wonderful story, Rebecca!

The same thing happened to us! Well...at least the hail-damage-new-roof part...not the Jennifer part.

Enjoy your new roof...and your old friend!


A Rose Without A Thorn said...

My dear friend, I am completely in awe of God's role in all of this. He has touched you all with his blessings and gift of a new roof. How truly wonderful to finally be able to catch up on your lives with your long lost bridesmaid. Sometimes life is truly wonderful, I hope you have the best evening all together and I hope that we all get a little peek.

Enjoy your gorgeous roof and you know that I love the black shutters, so the black roof will be spectacular, blessings always, Maureen.

Lottie said...

What a wonderful story! Life is grand!

ShabbyESP said...

Hello Rebecca,
What a beautiful thing!!!

Hope you enjoy your new roof and your old/new friend!!!
Suzann ~xoxo~

Deanna said...



Sonya Badgley said...

What a wonderful blessing for YOU! I'm so happy for you, Rebecca! And your new roof will look fabulous with the black shutters! My house is the same color as yours but my shutters are a darker brown. Yuck! I told my husband black would look better. And then some wrought iron planters hanging below the windows would look wonderful, don't you think?
Anyway, I hope you enjoy spending time with your long lost friend! That is just magnificent! God's hand was in this, for sure!

Hanni said...

Wow, what a story! Sometimes things happen in mysterious ways! Enjoy your new roof and your new found friend.

Janet said...

That's a great story. So happy you are getting a much deserved Roof. After a hail storm about a month ago we will also be getting a new roof. This one was replaced 2 to 3 years ago after a hail storm. In the 25 years we have lived in Texas this will be our Fifth roof to replace. Every time due to a hail storm It's getting a little old. Your home looks lovely!! Hugs Janet

FredaB said...

Wonderful story and it is time the insurance company pays for your roof. They take the money easily enough so they should be honest in their dealings with us.

Good for you and the black should look great. It is a lovely house. We removed a shake roof from our house a few years ago and replaced them with architectural shingles that look like shake but are not.

We are very happy with them.



Rita said...

It is amazing what work will do to a place. Your home started out as a very pretty place, but it has evolved into a beautiful home, one that I know that you are very proud of. You have done so much work on it. I'm glad you are getting the new roof and that you have reconnected with yoour long time friend!

Patti said...

I am just checking on you...heard about the horrible tornado in Oklahoma City. Hoping all is well with you.

Love and prayers,

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

Amaaaazing! Things do happen for a reason! Even my heart skipped a little beat hearing about reconnecting with your friend.

Ooooh. Great choice in the roof color. In our previous home we re-roofed in black and it completely transformed the house and made it finally look like the little cottage it was trying to be. That roof was like a magic wand.

Can't wait to see pics and to hear about your upcoming dinner!
Hugs, Sue

NanaDiana said...

Becca Baby! You got it going on with God there, girl! I know that he has His eye on you and He is taking care of you! The true blessing is the reconnection, the other stuff is all material...wonderful...but not of the heart.

You GIVE so much that it is wonderful to know that you GET BACK some of what you give away! Love to you- Diana

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Yea for you! I don't believe in coincidences either it is all in the plan!


Linda said...

I love this story! Our God is sooo amazing! He loves you very much Rebecca!!!!

Have a great day!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Mariette said...

Dearest Rebecca,

Great news; I'm thrilled for you too. Oh, both of us are convinced that there is a higher power making things happen for a reason; all the time!
This is a blessing.
So sorry for all the losses in your state. Life has been tough lately with all the natural disasters. We went to Atlanta for two days and drove one stretch where luckily no residents are but the trees are all snapped off it is incredible! Nature's power is unbelievable.

Lots of love,


Oh, your followers have also disappeared I see... like mine and of so many. I will post tonight how to EXPORT your blog as I learned several bloggers lost it ALL... I saved mine and want to share that.

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