Friday, May 6, 2011


 I'm in SUCH a FABULOUS MOOD today!
Want to know why?'s because
That means lazy-hazy summer days are
just around the corner!
How exciting is THAT???
Beaches...Lakes...Swimming Pools...
I can hardly wait to get wet!!!
All of a sudden
I'm in such a TERRIBLE MOOD!

I ask you...
Can there be ANYTHING
more depressing???

Now...don't FORGET my GIVEAWAY that 
is currently running!  Somebunny is going
to win...maybe it will be YOU!

Love to you...


Shabbyprimdelights said...

Hahaha love the cutie patooties...lucky you..warm weather...we about to head into our cooler months...bathers? What are they? lol I havent owned a pair for like forever...dont wanna scare included.
Have a great weekend and a wonderful Mothers Day hun
Michelle xox

NanaDiana said...

NOTHING comes close in the World Of Shopping Agony than shopping for a bathing suit! Amen! xxoo Diana

Unknown said...

You are too cute! I saw your heading and I thought you were going to say you BOUGHT a polka dot bikini! Not that you wouldn't look FAB in it girlfriend! Our warm weather (70's) is slowling creeping up. No pink bikinis for me! Holding my own since Easter (oink) but still going forward on our "get healthy" journey! You still inspire! Enjoy the warmth!

Char said...

Why is it that we feel this way our whole lives! Now, isn't THAT sad?! Spending all those years hateing the swim suit thing. I think we should all just forget that and be happy. There are so many gorgeous suits out there for all shapes and sizes.
Maybe the trend has changed and women don't worry so much anymore about what they wear. Just look at what is out there today....yikes, it can be scary.
Come on Rebecca, you lost some pounds and are looking fab, enjoy the summer and just have fun. I know you will.
I am glad the nice weather is coming your way. As for us desert rats, no so much......bring on the heat! Oh lovely fall, you can't get here soon enough. HA, Char

Julie Marie said...

Oh Rebecca... you are too funny!... you would look beautiful in anything... and I am sure you are a knockout in a swimsuit!...xoxo Julie Marie

Mari said...



Rebecca Nelson said...

Char...Oh~I can find a new bathing suit. I've shopped around and found LOTS of them I love already. It's just MOST of the lower-priced ones DON'T fit and the ones that do are mega expensive$$$$$! For me it's not a body-image thing, but about finding a suit that is both age-appropriate AND FABULOUS at the same time! And THAT is hard to do!


Char said...

I hear ya girlfriend and I totally understand what you mean. There never seems to be a middle ground, does there?
As for Miss Mollie, I wish I looked that good in a suit!!! She is just too cute, Char

myletterstoemily said...

such adorable pictures! and isn't it glorious
now? THIS is why we live here. :)

of course, you may link. i'm happy it
blessed you. the part of the story i didn't
tell was truly amazing, but i didn't want to
overwhelm people.

"salt" is my motto.


Cottage Rose said...

Hello Rebecca; I am with you, I am so happy to have warm greener days now. I have mowed my yard for the first time this year,,, and I loved it,,,, looking forward to getting down and dirty too...

Happy Mothers Day;

Theresa said...

Cute post:) I am having the same dilemna with the bathing suits! I have already had to put one on in Hawaii! It wasn't a pretty sight! Enjoy your weekend, HUGS!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Well, isn't Miss Mollie the little bathing suit diva! :-)
Rebecca, I couldn't even finish your post about your Dad as my mother finally lost her battle with this terrible disease just before Easter. She ended up in the hospital with pneumonia and all we could do was keep her comfortable until the end.
My heart goes out to you for I've walked in your shoes. Luckily my Dad passed almost 2 years ago for it would have broken his heart even more so to see the final stages.
A big hug for you.

Rita said...

It's been so long since I've been in a bathing suit, I wouldn't know how to buy one anymore! LOL! I'll leave the bathing suits to you, but I'll join you for the summer months!

Terri Smith said...

Absolutely Darling Suit For Miss Mollie! Loved Her Sweet Pose..It's Like She Knows She's Pretty. :))

Thanks For Popping Over To My Place Yesterday. Your Sweet Critique Put Such A Warm Smile On My Face.

Rebecca, While I Was Here I Read Your Posting "When The Time Comes". Your Voice Said Everything I've Tried To Form From My Own Heart About Alzheimer's. Your Sweet Mama Is Setting Such A Wonderful Example For Me..For Others As Well..So Thank You So Much For Sharing This Heartfelt Story. xo Terri

Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Rebecca..oh no the dreaded swimsuit..I am starting Weight Watchers this next week and it's not going to get me into any swimsuit shopping for a long time, why is it that is the most dreaded shopping of all.
Glad you are finally getting warm weather, it's been HOT here in the desert, summer is almost here!
Happy Mother's Day and many blessings to you and yours!


Vicki said...

What a cute blog! I love the beautiful photos and Miss Mollie is just adorable! She has it going on doesn't she? ha! Have a wonderful evening!

Miss Gracie's House said...

There is no swimming suit season here:)....
Your tribute to your mother below is priceless...what a godly example you have before you..we all could pray to be so faithful.
Blessings to you as we celebrate motherhood!

Cathy said...

Ohhh how I feel your pain! Looking and trying on swim suits ranks right up there with "root canals"!LOL...And the lights in those dressing rooms don't help either! I need a new one this year too, and I sure dread the "hunt" for one! When I do find one, that is one pic that I will not be posting! Have a good one!
Cathy aka GGJ

Stephanie Suzanne Designs said...

Hi Rebecca,

That furbaby suit is adorable! YAY!! for warmer weather..we've had a cool spell but it's warming up again.

Happy Mother's Day to you!

Pink Sparkles for your week,
Stephanie ♥

Heaven's Walk said...

LOL! Oh, how I feel your pain, Rebecca! With your fab new bod, girl, you should have no problem finding a suit that's just adorable on you! Check out VENUS catalog online. I bought a couple tankini's from them, and I love them - plus they're very age appropriate! :)

xoxo laurie

Unknown said...

You're so cute. We must be thinking on the same lines the week. I love your little polka dot girl and if I was as cute as Miss Molly, I would have put a picture of me and my suit up too.

Thanks for coming by you really had me laughing. I hope you have a terrific Mothers Day tomorrow. My I have to hurry over to your giveaway. Oh' goodie.

OX's...Tracy :)

P.S. Sometime tomorrow I'll have one starting too. I hope you come by and enter.

Unknown said...

Hooray for sunshine!!! Nothing better...
Have a Happy Mother's day, my friend!

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