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The last week of April 2009 turned out to be an extremely exciting, filled to the brim kind of week for this never stopping, girl-on-the-go! I hardly made time to breath!!! Aside from the decorative work on our home and working on the stocking my of website, I've also contracted to do some artwork on several gorgeous old Armories! So, I'm keeping myself busy, busy, busy! Love it though...wouldn't have it any other way! Transforming these French Style Cabinets will be a big job and it is going to take me many hours...but it's so rewarding!

Still, I managed to find some time to visit a few of my favorite thrift stores and second hand shoppes in my city! I've been hoping to find some neat some pieces that will help me get my studio a little more organized and a little more pleasing to the eye.


I found this 2die4 vintage Tool Caddy at my friend's shop on Wednesday. Peter has the most amazing treasures and I can't resist stopping in to see what he's uncovered during his own jaunts around town. Not sure how old this charming find is...but it's old. I'm thinking maybe the 1940's or so! It was originally painted with a dark, emerald green oil-based paint. Newly primed, I repainted it with my favorite cottage white paint! I actually loved it the way it was, but~ I just can't help myself...dark colors are just not for me! I plan using it to help me become better organized...


Now...this little beauty is a sight to behold. I found this heart-stopping treasure in Guthrie, Oklahoma and somehow it amazingly jumped straight into my arms! This charming vintage sewing machine cover was actually in pretty bad shape~~ still, I hauled it home just the same! Someone attempted to paint it black, further accenting it with garish purple and pink stenciled flowers. Also painted with my favorite cottage white paint, I plan on using this as a decorative piece once pretty cottage roses are painted across the front. If my plan works like I hope it will, the Cover's new home will be the top of the Armoire in our family room.

Blessings to you from rainy, cold, slightly hailing, can't stand this crazy weather, longing for the sunshine in gloomy Oklahoma...Rebecca


~~Deby said...

GREAT treasures....and let me say also:
"My Candle arrived yesterday"...I love it Rebecca...and I will treasure is so beautiful...and the painting equisite....thank you..thank you..

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Mary H said...

~~~Oooohhhh Rebecca~~~I LOVE the new finds. They will come out sooo beautiful! They already have a great start. I like the white better too. Excited for you on the Armoire venture, but will miss talking to you..:( You will surely be too busy now. Love and hugs and enjoy your weekend...we have a bi-annual antique faire near our town and and I'm off to check it out!!

Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

Thanks so much for stopping by!!! I love pink!!! My daughters room is pink and sometimes I just like to sit in there and soak up all that soothing color!!! I don't know if you my family room I have a much more watered down version of red...almost rasberry and some pink!!! Almost kindred spirits;)!!! Aren't there days you wish you could have more than one house and then you could have all the styles and colors you like!!!

I love your blog it is so pretty and feminine!!! All the the things you are working on are amazing!!!

I have become a follower of your blog and look forward to many more visits!!! God bless you and have a wonderful weekend!!!

English Cottage in Georgia said...

Rebecca, Such beautiful finds! I love old tool carriers. I wish I would repurpose as quickly as you do :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Rebecca! I didn't know what the sewing machine cover was at first but I loved it right away! I hope you'll show us when you finish it and the armories! The tool cady is cool, too! Reminds me of something I had once and wished I still had!

Glad you're happily busy! ♥

Anonymous said...

When the hubs & me took our Saturday stroll through our antique mall we saw some of these caddies. They were in red, black & one gold one. I told my hubs, I'd like red please. Mind you, they are not old but remakes they are and they were very well done. I think I would use mine to hold towels, wash clothes and such standing on end round folded. Add some pretty canisters or apothecary jars filled with cotton balls, q-tips or even special soaps. I'm not real sure what I would use it for but that is the first though that came to my head.

June said...

Hi Rebecca, Great finds! I know the armoires will be so lovely when you're done with them. I hope you can share photos. I love the pillows on your window seat and that cushion with the sweet ruffle is so awesome.
Hugs, June

Eclectic Chic Style said...

Love your finds, and your transformations are to die for!!! Had a wonderful time myself today too hunting for treasures. You've been a very busy little bee this week, time to kick up those heels and relax a little tonight. ;) Sweet hugs for you sweet friend!
♥ Teresa

Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca! Oh, girlie, you did hit the jackpot! I love that old tool caddy and it looks just like you painted white. You did a great on dressing it a bit, too! Now that sewing machine cover! I love it! I would love to find one. Now I'm gonna be on the lookout for me one!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Yummy! Love the sewing machine lid. I'm sure that's not something you'd run across every day! I'd love to find one to actually cover my machine! :-)


Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

Thank you for sharing. I just love your finds. Don't work too hard. Remember to keep it fun! I know your do though.

Tanza said...

Oooohhh Sweeet ~r~,
These are wonderful finds.. Love them both.. BUT, the sewing box cover.. Out of this world !! Are you sure you want to keep this sweet find.. or send it my way ?! That is gorgeous..I want to see them all painted up ?! Soo you gotta get busy girly girl !! hahaha..Can't wait to see everything you've been up to ?! I'm just like you, always running around somwhere, to see if there is anything new to be uncovered.. Can't miss a beat !! Is this a disease or what ?! It's soo fun tho ?! I'll share later about yesterday.. Great finds, and fun day !! Have an awesome, relaxing Sunday with Mr. Wonderful :):)xxoo
huggers ~~tea~~

The Stylish House said...

Hi Rebecca,
A few of my online friends are following you so I wanted to come for a visit. What a lovely site you have gentle, soft and pretty. It will be fun to follow your blog! It is great to meet new friends. Have a wonderful Sunday.

blushing rose said...

Aren't you the lucky shopper always! What adorable pieces to be repurposed. Here in Maryland, these vintage tool carriers go for a small fortune, & are seen 'chic'd' in shoppes. The ones I like best are those that are created for terrace flower carriers ... brimming with little pots of delicate flowers or herbs.

Dying to see what you paint on it, Rebecca.

You amaze me ... TTFN ~ Marydon

Laura said...

What beautiful finds and transformations. What is your favorite cottage white or is that a trade secret?

I enjoyed visiting so much,


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