Thursday, October 8, 2009



I took a little step back in time today...

For as wonderful as my life is (notice I said WONDERFUL, not perfect!), there are moments that sometimes come my way that just overwhelm. Not in a bad way, mind you, but overwhelm none-the-less.

It was just a flickering thought that blazed across my mind. A tiny snapshot of a single day captured in my heart long ago that caused me to remember the best kind of memory...

(with Mollie Sneaking into the Shot)

Maybe it's because I've been sick and not quite myself for a bit that helped to usher in my melancholy mood. Maybe it's the change of the seasons. Summer to Fall does that to me. Not sure. Still, when I saw my sweet little Miss K all dressed up for her very first dance lesson I knew I'd seen that same sweet look of excitement and wonder before~

"You remind me of your Auntie Adrie, Miss K!"

She giggled and then pranced about for a bit. That's what six year old girls do...they prance about (and I love it!)...

MISS K and Teacher, ANNIE

After tagging along to the Dance Studio I snapped a few extra pictures for Miss K's scrapbook before returning home.

I started dinner, chatted a bit with my Mr. AGPMan, and still the look on Miss K's little pixie-shaped face just kept nagging at me...


It didn't take me long to locate the scrapbook I'm making for my daughter, Adrienne. I flipped open the book to the very page that held the familiar look of joy and expectation I'd seen earlier in the day. Although her hair was lighter in color and she was a bit younger, the expression and sweetness on Adrie's face was exactly like the one I'd seen on the face of my granddaugter.

Could it be that 20 years have passed since the day I snapped the picture of my dainty four year old daughter? Twenty years since my girl cried out softly that she was afraid to be alone? Twenty years since she begged me to stay by her side while she danced?

"Don't leave me, Mommy...don't ever go..." she said...


"I won't, Adrie Girl. I won't!"

Blessings to you as the memories flow...Rebecca


Anonymous said...

Dear Mommy, I remember crying asking you not to leave me all alone. For the 1st few times you stayed and watched me dance in a fold up chair in the back of class (I bet you didn’t thing I would remember) The you would sneak out half way through my lesson, till I caught on then I knew to watch you to make sure you did not leave! :)I am sneaky too! He he. I sill cry for you mommy, after I got married it took me a long time to adjust not being near you. I used to cry at night, and my sweet understanding husband would hold me to try and console me. I would ask him to make circles on my forehead with his fingers (because that is what you would always do when I was upset) but it was still not the same. I love you mommy. Always will, don't ever leave me. Love Adrie

The French Bear said...

What a sweet and touching story!!! I have moments like that too, I think it must be the summer to fall thing, sigh....... and the snow falling outside!!!!!
Margaret B

karen said...

Great photos and oh, what nice memories. If life was perfect I think little things like this would not seem so wonderful.

blushing rose said...

HAPPY DANCE TIME!!! Rebecca is back!!!! Ya-hoo-dy!!!

Well, the pics of Miss K are darling & remind me of our Tatiana last year at her beginning dance lessons. They are so small, sweet & those little spindly legs ... hair pulled back! How adorably darling can one be?!

BUT Miss Adrie brought tears to my eyes reading her sweet note to you tonight. Such beautiful love of your mother/daughter relationship. How precious, holding closely to your heart.

And, my sweet friend, I am so grateful you are back up & feeling better. Hope Miss K & Steve are all better, also. Sorry you all had to go thru this nasty bug.

Missed you. Hugs of love, TTFN ~ Marydon

Julie Marie said...

Oh Rebecca, how very precious... no wonder you were thinking about this all day... beautiful memories and a loving family... love to you! Bisous... Julie Marie

Deanna said...

May you get to feeling much better soon.
God bless,
d from homehaven

Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

What beautiful little girls! You are so right Rebecca! The look on their faces are exactly the same! Your daughter is a lovely woman, much like her mom.
Miss K is a darling!
You are blessed friend.

Lisa said...

Oh Lord, there is a full moon, the leaves are falling and Rebecca, you are breaking my heart. Of all the lovely things this life holds, little girls are indeed the sweetest of all.


Tanza said...

Ooohhh sweet ~r~,
Darn you for making tears flow again and again !! Happy tears I must say.. I sooo remember all this with my than baby girl.. Their sweet innocent,twinkling eyes kinda look..and than reading sweet Adries note to you.. Okay, I'm way too emotional.. Does this mean I'm getting old, memories..sweet memories..inside, I still feel can this all be !! By the way, sweet miss ~k~..adorable, I could just eat her up !! Okay sweet friend, now I must go wash my tear stained face off.. Love to you this very night ~
big hugs ~tea~xo

Abatevintage said...

Rebecca how wonderful Adrie visited and she remember seeing you sneak in :0)

I hope you feel better soon, this is a wonderful story. Children growing up remember different things about our stories than we do, it's so funny to hear what they remember compaired to us. God bless you sweety.


Anonymous said...

Rebecca I so enjoyed your blog today and then the first comment was from your daughter! How blessed you are to have such a close relationship!
I love my mom but we have always had a different relationship. God has done much healing in that but when I read of mother's and daughters like you and your daughter it does make me a little sad that that is not what I had.

I had to tell you that I was working on my sat pink blog about my gorgeous stocking I received from you and it just brought such joy - I so love this sweet gift- bless you!

So glad you are feeling better and don't be hard on yourself for those down days. We would not be able to experience the ecstasy of joy if we didn't have a valley here and there.


joanne said...

Oh such sweet wonderful memories...the best kind. I've been rather melancholy lately too, in a good way..I like it, it makes me feel alive.
So glad you are feeling better...Blessings to you sweet Rebecca.

Anonymous said...

Aw, that was so sweet. It brought a tear to my eye remembering my little girl on her first day in school. My baby is now 38....
Where does time go??

Anonymous said...

I do scrapbooking in the winter. I am doing one just for my son this year. I love looking at all the pics and remembering the times.


Mary Ann said...

A very lovely post today! Everytime I see a picture of your granddaughter, I think she looks like you. And yes, she really does look like her auntie!! So glad you are feeling better.

A Southern Rose said...

Oh Rebecca, This is the most precious post. My eyes filled with tears and I had to dab them away so that I could finish reading it. Your daughter and grand daughter look so much alike! I could just feel inside the feelings that you were describing.

I'm so glad that you are feeling better.

Lee Laurie

Dolores said...

It's dark and raining here this morning, which makes me melancholy. I've read your beautiful story, and looked at these sweet pictures, and I'm crying, but they're happy tears.

I absolutely loved reading the comment from your sweet daughter. It really shows the love and strength in your family relationship.

It's good to hear that you're feeling better.
Blessings galore!!

Carol said...

Oh dear, I'm bawling here..and no Kleenex around!!

What a BEAUTIFUL daughter you have with a BIG heart..Now, don't Adrienne's feelings just make life all worthwhile?

Ms. Adrie & Little Ms."K" remind me so much of Audrey very classy and so ready to dance. You are quite the grandmother, & they are Blessed beyond words to have you in their lives.

Your forever friend.

Debra@CommonGround said...

Such sweet pictures, they do look so much alike. Memories are so precious, so many I would never want to forget. My two girls have been such a blessing to me, and have made me who I am today. Have a wonderful day Rebecca,

Ana said...

Oh my goodness Rebecca, I am crying like a baby. Your post is so beautiful and touching...but the respone your daughter wrote on her comment was just so beautiful and heart felt that I just couldn't help it. I assure you they are happy, Awww!, tears. What a wonderful family you have. Such a wonderful blessing. Thank you so much for sharing such a personal and touching story. Tons of love to you.

Blessings and Hugs,

Beach House 27 said...

Wow - how beautiful that your daughter wrote you such a loving note!

The girls are both so cute - I love your Miss K's legs - they're dancin legs for sure.

Happy Days -

Shabby Cottage Shoppe said...

Miss K is adorable! She must be the light of your life. And your daughter at 4 was just as sweet and now with so much are very blessed Rebecca!
Yes! My son was in your neck of the woods all summer long and we are soooo happy he is home with us now. He may have missed the rains in Oklahoma but they followed him home! LOL!
I am so glad you are feeling better now.

A Rose Without A Thorn said...

What a beautiful memory to have and cherish......

A Romantic Porch said...

Oh this pulls at my heart strings. Last summer when it was time for my little dear to go to kindergarten. She would pucker up and cry, "I'm afraid I will miss you momma, and I will cry." I hope and pray for a close relationship with my children when they are grown. xo rachel

My Pink & Cream Cottage said...

Oh gosh has this one brought back memories... I remember my first day of school & not wanting my Mum to leave me there & at the same time feeling very guilty for leaving my Mum at home with my baby brother, after all to a 5 year old girl boys were very yuck, especially when all they did was fill their nappies, had to be fed & cried in the middle of the night...

Hope your having a great weekend...


Cynthia K. said...

Rebecca ~ Thank the Lord for bringing healing to Miss K and you. The kitty graphic you used for your "take care of my sick little body" post is so dear and precious. As was your daughter's beautiful post to you. Both girls are and were little dance cuties!

Please visit me at my new blog, Beauty and Blessings, when you have a moment. And get some real rest this weekend...

Cynthia K.

Unknown said...

Again I am crying, but such a beautiful blessed you are.

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