Thursday, October 1, 2009

~SWINE FLU HITS HOME...Wash Your Hands!~


Today was suppose to be a day filled with lots of joy and excitement! I was given the HONOR of taking our little Miss K to her very first day of Ballet/Tap/Jazz lessons and I was thrilled to take part in such a special event. Since our son just started a new job at OU and our daughter-in-love is a school teacher, it is sometimes hard for them to get home in time to do some of the fun stuff during the week. So........NANA gets the PLEASURE instead!

But...all that changed late yesterday when Miss K's school called our son with the news that she had a fever. He immediately took her to see her Pediatrician and guess what....? You got it! She tested positive for the dreaded SWINE FLU!

Since our Miss K is very healthy the Doctors aren't too worried about her making a full recovery! Still...this is serious none-the-less! Because I have a repressed immune system I can't see her now for days and days.... DRATS! Tomorrow we were all suppose to have dinner at her Auntie Adrie's home...that's been cancelled and of course the dance lessons are off now for a full week! :( :( :(

Blessings to you as you remember to WASH YOUR HANDS and WASH THEM OFTEN...Rebecca


Cherished Treasures said...

Dear Sweet Rebecca,
I will add Miss K to my prayer list. Hope she is better and back to her regular routine soon. XOXO, Carol

Mary H said...

~Oh, Rebecca~ My prayers are with the family. Love and hugs go out to your family...little Miss K will be dancing again soon.
With love, Mary H.

Linda said...

Oh, Rebecca! I am so sorry to hear this news. As a school teacher myself, we are all getting prepared for this. I pray every night that my own children won't get this. I am so scared for my son who will probably get this because of his immune system. I will pray for her!

Elyse said...

hi rebecca,

my boys and husband had what our dr figured was swine flu in may. lots of rest and fluids.

it's true -- handwashing is so important. they say to wash for :15 which is as long as singing the happy birthday song. i tell my boys to do "the happy birthday handwash" every day after school. miss K might think that's cute.

take care & stay well


Crystal Rose Cottage said...

I am so sorry this has hit your family...I worry to death about my own kids and grandkids. I pray that it goes away and doesn't come back!~Patti

A Southern Rose said...

I'm so sorry to hear this about "Miss K." My little grandson came down with it also and today I got a call from my son and Shanna has it also and strep throat. I'm really concerned about her because of her being pregnant. She also has been dealing with gallstones. Poor thing! I hope they all make a fast recovery.

Take care,
Lee Laurie

June said...

Oh gosh Rebecca, I hope all goes well and that you were not exposed. I have become obsessive about the hand washing because Landon's immune system is also poor and he does not do well with any flu. Please take care and I hope miss K does well with her recovery. Where ever did you find such a darling picture!!!

Sandra said...

Oh no, Rebecca. May she start feeling well very quickly.
I took my boys and myself to get flu shots last Friday. Hoping that we can also get the swine flu shot.
Take care.

Laura said...

I will keep your dear granddaughter in my prayers- and you are right- we must all wash our hands!


blushing rose said...

Special prayers are lifted for Miss K ... & you all, since you are exposed now. She'll be starring in the theater before long on those tippy toes. Hugs of love, TTFN ~ Marydon

Deanna said...

God bless you all!

Lisa said...

Oh goodness! Glad she was diagnosed early. You are so right. Wash your hands often and stay home if you are sick.Sending Get Well Wishes to your sweet grand baby!

Beach House 27 said...

So sorry - I hope she gets better quickly.

I have hand sanitizer wedged in the pocket of my car door - I don't even take it out - just a press on the pump before I touch the steering wheel. Every single time, then I wipe the steering wheel too.

Junkers { like me } are exposed to heaven knows what in all the junk shops - from the door handle to the stuff to the cashiers pen to sign my name. It's all germy...don't get me wrong, I'm still going in as often as I can - but very carefully from now on.

Take Care -

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Prayers and blessings are sent your way for you and your family, for health and quick recovery. Congrats for winning Martha's Giveaway. What a lovely gift to receive from a wonderful lady! Love the birthday greeting for your mother also, the photo is a cherished treasure for sure. Best wishes, Tammy

Anonymous said...

Aw, sorry you don't get to see her, Rebecca but she'll be fine and you'll be back to driving her around in no time!

I've actually started using that waterless germ kiler after every store I go to. I keep it in my purse. ♥

Dolores said...

I hope you stay healthy, and hopefully Miss K has a quick and full recovery.

Our grandaughter spent a few days with us this summer and came down with the Swine Flu, we started Tamiflu right away, and thankfully she was the only one to 'get it.'
Take care!

Connie from Beverly Hills California said...

Rebecca, your blog is so inspiring!! I have an award for you at my blog. Hugs, Connie

Bunny said...

Hope she has a speedy recovery, and the rest of the family stays swine free. Hate to see little ones ill.

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

OMG. That blasted virus is spreading like wildfire. The vaccine just became available so hopefully this nasty bug will start to fade away. My husband just got back from Texas and New Mexico and I heard that both those states have it bad. So far so good though. He is till healty.

Rebecca, I hope your sweet little baby girl gets well soon and the rest of the family stays healthy.

"Talk to you" soon my sweet friend. Hugs, Sue

Jennifer said...

Working in a high school health room I am all too aware of the wash your hand theme - thank you for spreading the word on your blog! Jennifer

Very pretty in pink blog - come visit me @

Seawashed said...

My son just recovered from it. He had it along with pneumonia. He was out of school for 7 days. He is very healthy, but got it from school and his football team. He has a game tonight, but I don't know if he'll play, his coaches are being careful with him since he just returned. It is no fun, but it is not as scary as the media makes it out to be. You have a lovely blog.

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