Sunday, March 22, 2009


"The Lord knows those who belong to Him"
2 Timothy 2:19

About a year ago I made a decision to carve out consistent, daily "quiet time" for my life. I need it and when I skip even a day of devotions or meditating on God's word then the very life I share so much about easily spins out of control. I so wish I had done this when I was a young mother. I was always too busy doing other things that I felt were more important...

Life sure has a way of teaching us some valuable lessons, doesn't it?

Lately I've been reading some of the writings from the well-known Christian Author, Max Lucado. His words minister to me and I never fail to be inspired by his wisdom and the powerful testimony he imparts. He speaks often of the grace and love of God...and of His forgiveness.

I have a tendency to get hung up on my past mistakes and my list is a long one!

"Remember the time I...."

Then I remember His words found in Hebrews: 8:12 (RSV)

"And I will remember their sins no more."

What a beautiful promise!

God doesn't just forgive us of our transgressions...He forgets them, too. I'm so thankful He refuses to keep a list of our wrongs...

Oh to be like you, Lord! Oh to be like you...

Blessings for a beautiful Spring week...Rebecca


Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Thank you for this powerful post. Perfect inspiration.

Connie said...

I also get out of sync sometimes and then I'll go to the temple and feel a peace there that I don't get in "MY" world, honey. I'm always saying I need to spend more time in the scriptures to know Him better but then a project comes up and know th' drill, right, chick?!?!


Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Oh Rebecca, I am ever inspired by your words, and the lessons you share with us. Bless you friend!

Anonymous said...

I believe list making is a curse we put onto ourselves and I for one am guilty. I get caught in spinning on what I should've done, what I need to do and how can I get it done so much sometimes, I get nothing done for the worry of it all. I am slowly learning to go to bed with one wish for the next day. Pick one thing and do it well. This way, it's never self defeating. And the forgetting, oy, this has been a difficult one for me. I have a lot to let go but, i'm trying with God's guidance and good friends. Like you with your inspirations, I pick my hazeldon each and everyday. My family knows when I have the book open, i'm not in the earthly world for a few moments and it's best to allow me my personal time. At night before bed, it's my inspirations reading. The rest of the day, I give it to them unselfishly. Lovely post once again R.

Sheila said...

You have a beautiful page. So soft, warm, conforting. I can tell you have a soft, sweet spirit.
Blessings to you today.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Rebecca, Loved your post. Once again you have put it all in proper place and made a reminder what is important as well as good for us all. I too love the writings of Max Lucado. You are so right about taking time to just be in the presence with our Lord. It is like a clothes prop for a clothes line. The two ends are solid, but we need some help in the middle to hold us up.
Love, Celeste

Anonymous said...

You are an amazing woman, Rebecca!...a kind warm soul with a fierce spirit!...Your blog is as lovely as the beautiful things that you make!...So Inspiring!...Big Warm Hugs!!...Biddie

A Southern Rose said...

Hi Rebecca,
I really needed to read what you said in your post this morning. I also tend to get hung up on my past mistakes. I have worried foolishly about being forgiven by God. The verse that you posted about Him forgiving and forgetting our transgressions brought a peace over me. Today will be a better day for me because of reading these words. Thank you so much. You have such a sweet and caring spirit and you will be blessed for it.

Lee Laurie

Angie said...

I love looking through your's like a mini vacation! So much eye candy! Your cabinet turned out so wonderful and you have arranged it so, love, love it!

Sue said...

Hello Rebecca,
Thank you so much for visiting today, and your sweet words of encouragement, Getting the three column was certainly a long road, but I am finding out that it is worth it. Your post for Sunday was so inspiring, I agree when I take that quiet time and spend it with HIM, I seem to be able to see situations in a different light. Thank you for sharing.Your blog is so refreshing and inspiring!!!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

This is an amazing gift that God gives us to forgive, and forget. If only we could do this to ourselves and others.

Rache Going said...

Rebecca, This is so well stated. I don't think I could breathe with out daily quiet time before the Lord. Your postings this week are so awesome. I love the darling make overs of the pieces in your two previous postings. They are so totally yummy! xorachel

Apple Tree Cottage said...

What a beautiful inspiration you have given. I love to come here.... I just feel the peace flow!

XXOO Martha

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