Tuesday, May 5, 2009


A couple of weeks ago I received an email from a precious friend telling me of the unexpected death of her young granddaughter. My friend was overcome with grief and sadness and just hearing of her sorrow was heart-wrenching. Whenever death comes to someone so innocent, I can’t help but want to hide my face from the world…I want to cry out to my Creator and ask “WHY?” and “WHERE ARE YOU GOD? HOW COULD YOU ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN?”

And so I do! I cry out! I cry out to Him ALOUD and OFTEN! I readily admit to the Lord that I do not understand His ways. I’ve finally learned to take my disappointments directly to the Father and trust Him with all that I cannot possibly comprehend.

For some of you, the road through life is a long one and far too often it seems unbearable at best. The storms of life crash in on you, knocking you down. They are determined to destroy every dream, every hope and every promise… Remember, God never said the journey here on earth would be an easy one, but He did promise you the final destination would be worth your sufferings...


“The road is too rough” I said “Dear Lord~
"There are thorns that hurt me so!
“Ah yes, my child, I understand!
I walked it long ago."

"There’s a cool green path" I said "Dear God~
"Let me walk there for a time!"
"Oh no, my child!" He gently said
"The green road does not climb."

"But Lord~ I wish that there were friends
That would make my way their own!"
"Ah yes, my child,Gethsemane
Was hard to face alone!"

And so I walked the rugged road
Content at last to know
That where my Savior had not gone
I would not need to go.

And strangely then I found new friends
My burdens grew less sore
As I remembered long ago
He went this way before.

"Anyone who is having trouble should pray." James 5:13

Blessings to you a you travel the road before you...Rebecca


Eclectic Chic Style said...

Thank you Rebecca, sometimes your posts leave me speechless and this is one of them. Thank you for sharing, what a lovely way to start my morning.
Hugs, Teresa

Connie said...

While I've never suffered the death of a child, I've recently been through a traumatic event and can understand what that might be like to some degree. I sorrow for those who do lose their babies-they will always BE our babies, sugar. I felt that deep wretching in my heart. But I put it in my Lord's hands and am hoping and having faith Keith will be fine at some point. We fasted for him sunday and will see what my Lord has in store for this young man.

A Southern Rose said...

This is such a beautiful and touching post. Thank you for posting this today.

Betty's corner of the world said...

Thank you Rebecca ..'beautiful'
Hugz ...Betty

Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

I love this. What wonderful words of encouragement. I lost my dad a couple of years ago and it really tested my faith. When I decided to let go and just give in to my grief...cry out to God for some answers...I started to feel better.
He never promised us an easy life...as you said...just his wonderful presence in it. He never let me go!!!

I want to thank you again...this was lovely!!!
God bless you!!!

Tanza said...

Sweet.. sweet.. ~r~,
Sniff..Sniff..AGAIN from you !! First of all I want to thank you sooo much for thinking of MEE on my special day, and second of all, I want to thank you for always sharing from your heart.. We all have our struggles, some more profound, and ever-present then others', But, for you to have the insight, and gift to always encourage, even tho, I soo know of the hurts and pain you have in your own heart, you still take the time to lift and encourage others'.. I soo know the Lord honors this, and blesses you for always blessing others' Your heart is soo loving and caring..Sometimes as we encourage each other,the Lord takes this opportunity to give us insight and strengthens us at the very moment we share with others.. I do know we're not perfect, and I pray for His forgiveness and grace on my life always..At least our Maker is perfect and deals with imperfect hearts.. He is soo forgiving, and I pray that each one of us, shows forgiveness and compassion to anyone that needs this from us.. And, yes He is our Strength, and only real hope !! Thanks soo much for the inspiration once again.. Keep your eyes and heart looking heavenward.. I LoVe you my sweet friend forever.. God is Good and gracious !! Thanks for always reminding me too.. huggers ~tea~xo

Barb said...

Sweet Rebecca, I am so sorry for your friend.

I also cry out to God often and I take comfort that He sees the big picture whereas we see only a small portion of it. I do not pretend to understand God but I take great comfort in knowing He loves me...completely and totally.

I lean on Him minute by minute.

Love to you, Barb

June said...

Rebecca, thank you for the great truths in your post today. Sometimes it takes more faith than we think we have to get trough some of the storms in life. That's really when we need to go to the Lord and tell Him we don't understand. He will heal us, if we don't turn away in our pain. Years ago, when Landon was born with his many disabilities, I didn't think I could do the job that was going to be required of me. The Lord took me in his arms and has never let go. My days are filled with joy in caring for this precious son. I had to put all my faith in the Lord and He took care of the rest. Thank you for reminding me of the gift today.

blushing rose said...

As the Mother of a 3 1/2 yr. old son who drowned while at the babysitters (she didn't even know he was missing) & my husband is the one who found him ... we cried the plaintiff cry to our Lord 'WHY' & 'HOW COULD YOU'. We suffered horribly, nearly loosing our path & faith ... our relationship floundered (most do not survive the loss of a child). It took months of struggles that were very hard & painful ... the emptiness was devastating ... the tears were forever ... the empty arms were inconsolable. Parents don't always mourn together, tho they cling for comfort of one another. No family/parent should endure the loss of a child ... the family structure is never the same ... time softens the wounds of loss but every single day of your life your child is on your mind ... wondering the 'what ifs'. In time, God shows us the way path to healing, despite the curves we tread & anger we feel. As we 'heal' we find an inner strength that has held us up only by the grace of God, our Lord & giver of life.

Please tell your friend, I will pray for her to heal & find the strength to hold up ... may God bless them all.

I shed tears for them in their loss & my memories rekindled.
TTFN ~ Marydon

English Cottage in Georgia said...

Wonderful post - such reflections for the soul.
Unfortunately, as a young adult I did not trust as I should have - I so relate to Jacob wrestling with God. My rocky past and the Lord's caring arms carrying me through troubles have proven his love and plan for my life - regardless of what I want or think I need.
In the present, I no longer use the phrase, "Why me?"
I believe that what I may not understand now will be revealed to me in God's time.
Rebecca, your wonderful blog so often reminds and keeps me pointed up looking at God.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

What a sweet poem, Becca! We all need to remember these words from time to time. Prayers said for your dear friend in the loss of her precious grandchild.

Angelic Accents

Unknown said...

Bless you sweetie for sharing once again from your heart! I am slowly learning that to *CRY OUT to God*, is the only relief my soul can find during those hard times. But too often it takes a while to get to that point...and then the light goes on and on my knees I go.

We are so fortunate to have a Loving Savior that has been where we have been. That scripture very has always brought me comfort!

Bless you!

p.s. I know you mentioned you sent something my way...but I have not gotten anything yet. I thought you might want to know. Hugz!

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

Rebecca, I commented to you in one of your earlier posts that I flounder spiritually. It is happening much too often lately and it is because of what seems like monumental suffering worldwide. I just don't understand it and I cetainly cannot comprehend it. I know the Bible has our answers and I will never turn away from it but sometimes I need to be reminded in sweet heartfelt words. Thank you Rebecca for your sweet hearfelt words.
xxoo, Susan

Francy Richard said...

Rebecca...thank you for the beautiful and inspiring words you posted about my beautiful granddaughter. I have been trying so hard to deal with the WHY? and the HOW? of her death, and the poem "The Road" has comforted me so very much...it truly has helped me to learn to cope...you are such an inspiration to me, dearest friend, your faith and devotion is awesome, and I hope I can find the peace you have in time. Bless you always.
LOve, Francy

Shabbyrose said...

I love your Blog, So precious Lady Like,I love pink,pink roses, shabby chic, birds, Victorians things, much more, just a few of my favorite things. Thank you for your prayers, When I came to your Blog and saw how Beautiful it is, I could not Believe you would take the time to leave me a comment and Also Pray for me too. Thank you so much!I feel Blessed just by looking at your blog.

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