Thursday, September 30, 2010


Yesterday brought with it an unexpected trip to the eye doctor and the result was no blogging for me!  I found out you really can't SEE when your eyes are dilated! :)
If you are a subscriber (or even if you aren't) of FACE BOOK then maybe you've caught the latest buzz about the new movie about it's founder.  I'm actually a bit surprised at myself because I really do want to see it and generally I could give two-hoots about such a thing.  Even though there seems to be some credible controversy around who actually started the company, I've decided that anyone (or any-three) who can reach billionaire status by the age of 26 or 27 is worth at least a tiny bit of my attention.  Truthfully's not the money that draws me in but understanding the amount of passion it took to create something that has ultimately taken on a life of it's own.
 Now...I'm not really into FB all that much.  I visit it...I've prowled around on it and on occasion I'll post new pics of my family.  When my brother-in-law suffered a stroke 14 months ago FB really helped my sister easily connect with family and friends.  She'd update her page nearly every day so anyone on her "Friend List" could read her hubby's progress without her having to send personal emails out to everyone.  That made FB more than fine in my book...

What I didn't expect (and I'm hearing about this all the time) was to reconnect with an old college friend my Mr. AGPMan and I lost contact with just before we married.  Finding him after years of searching nearly took my breath away.

I first met Dennis because he was the roommate of a guy I had gone out with a couple of times on campus.  I was immediately taken with his soft spoken voice and it was during the one shared semester we had at SNU that Dennis, my (future) hubby Steven (who I had just started dating), and I would become great friends.  I never dreamed when we all said our goodbyes for Christmas Break of 1977 that many, many years would pass before the three of us would ever speak again.  Because of illness Mr. D didn't return to school that following semester and it was over those next few months Steven would withdraw from school while passing.  

So many changes in so little time.  Thinking back on those days now I wonder what in the world any of us were thinking...

Life just just does! must remember that back in the late 70's it wasn't as easy to find people the way it is today.  There was no internet or cell phones back then and all I knew was the name of the town Dennis was from.  I tried finding him by calling out of state "Information" but there was never a listing for his name.  Steven and I married and moved...and moved...and moved.  Then we had babies...moved some more and some more before finally settling back in Oklahoma only a few miles from where the three of us had attended school.

Over the passing years my hubby and I talked of Dennis often.  We found ourselves laughing more than once about
the water snake crawling over my feet while we were at the lake studying or of the two of them climbing up to the top of a very tall campus tree while I looked on in horror.  I remember screaming frantically for them both to come down as I was certain they would fall to their death or at the very least become wheelchair bound as a result of their silly antics.  I suppose you had to be there...but, trust me when I tell you they were acting like they were NUTS and taking really scary chances with their lives!  When they finally did make their way back to ground level I was so hoppin' mad at the two of them I could barely speak.  As fate would have it I had Steve's camera with me that afternoon and so somewhere in our keepsakes I have pictures of them acting like the two 21 year old boys men they once were...

Every now and then either Steve or I would talk about Mr. D and I would always end the conversation with "I wish we could find Dennis!"  So one day while surfing around on FB I spotted the name of his old roommate and I immediately went to his "list" hoping against hope our long-lost buddy's name would be there.  Fully expecting disappointment I casually scrolled down each name until I reached the "D's".  After gasping for a couple of seconds I called out to my guy to come quick!  I couldn't believe it.  I was in shock...

"I've just found Dennis!"  I said


Steven and I both just sat in silence for a minute without speaking.  It had been over 32 years since we'd seen or heard from our beautiful friend.  After contacting him through FB we e-mailed each other a few times and then had a marathon phone conversation to catch up on the passing of years.  Dennis, who never married, has had an amazing life and Steven and I both stand in awe of his commitment to his faith and the incredible calling he has on his life.  I'll be sharing with you more about his journey is the coming months...  Right now we are both trying to take it all in for ourselves~ the end, no matter what we hear about the negative side of social networking I do believe the good always outshines the not-so-good.

Yes...Life just happens.  It just does... is GREAT!

Blessings for a beautiful day~

Love to you...


Marica said...

Ciao cara Rebecca ,un bacione sei forte !!!^_^



Denise@alloverroses said...

Wonderful story Rebecca! I do believe FB is a wonderful way to reconnect with old friends and relatives. There is always a negative side to most everything but it is what you make of it I believe! I think I would enjoy seeing the movie too!

myletterstoemily said...

facebook has been wonderful for renewing
old friendships. my high school friend's
son is actually in that movie. he's the
handsome one. :)

NanaDiana said...

Rebecca-That gave me goosebumps and brought a tear to my eye. How wonderful, utterly wonderful to have found Dennis after all these years.

I know FB is a wonderful tool for many people. We cannot be on there because of my daughter-in-law. She is a federal government officer and we were asked to not be on there for her safety. That is why no one in my blog is ever referred to by their actual name. Blogging has been my "connection" to the outside world and I have friends that follow me here rather than on Facebook.

Hugs to you- I hope you plan to get together with your friend at some point in time...Phones are great but there is nothing like sharing a cup of coffee with a friend face to face. xxoo Diana

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

That is an awesome story.

I would love to see some of my old high school friends.

Hope you all can get together and make some new memories!

Patti said...

I have to tell you, Rebecca, I am weeping right now as I read of you and Steve connecting with dear Dennis again. That is SO wonderful!!!! I am rejoicing with you!!

Though I don't spend alot of time on Facebook either, by being there, I have connected with sweet friends from my middle and high school days.

Additionally, my husband has a very large extended family. His mom was one of 13 children, and most of her siblings had 4 or more children, so there are tons of cousins. Because we never really lived near most of them, I haven't had much opportunity to spend time with them. Through Facebook, we are connecting and building relationships...and that makes me SO happy.

Anyhow, this is a sweet post. Thank you for sharing your wonderful news.


Theresa said...

What a neat story! I don't really care to see the movie but admire the real guys that started Facebook.

I just learned from a friend of mine that her Granddaughter found her biological father on Facebook! She is only 11 but learned his name from her Mother and searched on her own for her Dad. She found him, contacted him, had a DNA test and now has a relationship with her Dad! WOW!

Have a blessed day and can't wait to hear more about Dennis!


Oklahoma Granny said...

I'm so glad you found your friend. Unfortunately I haven't been so lucky, even with FB. Maybe someday though.

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Rebecca,
I think it's wonderful that you reconnected with an old friend after so many years.


ShirleyC said...

That's a wonderful story. My BFF from high school found me a few months ago. We had lost touch for several years - maybe 20 - because of moving and such.
I love FB. I like the fact that you can hide anyone or anything you don't want to see in your feeds.

stefanie said...

wow, it really is a small world!!! how exciting for you guys!

Rebecca P said...

Rebecca, I just loved your story. So wonderful to find your friend after all these years.
I don't use my FB too much because I like blogging better, however I am on FB.
When I was 3 my parents split up & I was taken away by the courts. Years later I was adopted by some wonderful people & became their daughter. Funny thing about FB, a couple of months ago relatives from my biological Father's side found me. Said they had been searching for me for years.
So long story short, because of FB, I was found, & that's a good always a good thing.

Bring Pretty Back said...

what a GREAT story!!!!
Have a pretty day!

Carolyn said...

Hi Rebecca! What an awesome story!! I, too, have reconnected with so many of my childhood and old friends!! People that I thought I would never see or hear from again! It truly is amazing! FB can be wonderful for this very reason, but I agree it has it's drawbacks too. But I believe the good points outweigh the bad if it is used in moderation.

Hugs to you! :)

Home and Heart said...

A WONDERFUL story lovely Mis Rebecca!! I bet when you started chatting it was like you had never been apart. Good friends are like that!

Dixie said...

what a great story Rebecca! I agree that FB has some great features... keeping up with my grown-up daughters that live in Dallas is my best advantage. thanks for sharing another side of FB with us. hugs. Dixie

Rose said...

i have just started FB, but it's great to reconnect with old friends. take care rose

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Rebecca, I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well! I hope and pray you will feel much better very soon.

I tried to reach you by email because I wanted to mail your winnings to you, but I never heard back. So if you see this, please let me know when to mail the package.



Sheila :-)

MFEO2009 said...

Great story Rebecca! & enjoy your time away with your hubby :)

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