Monday, September 6, 2010



I'm off celebrating Labor Day and will be doing some much needed clothes shopping!!!  How exciting is that???  This girl  needs to hunt down some fun and fashionable finds...  Hoping to discover some amazing SALES (and SHOES!!!!!) in my favorite shoppes and haunts!

Hope you are able to enjoy some 'down-time' as well!

Love to you~


NanaDiana said...

Have a wonderful shopping day, Rebecca! I'll be looking forward to seeing all your bargains and "finds". I wish I were shopping instead of WORKING-lol Happy Labor Day! Diana

Theresa said...

Enjoy your day dear Rebecca! Shopping on Labor Day sounds like lots of fun to me:) HUGS!

Jo said...

Rebecca, I am doing exactly the same thing today.

Happy Labor Day...! Or as we call it in Canada, Labour Day. :-)

Victorian1885 said...

Good morning Rebecca
Sounds like fun..I love getting a new Fall wardrobe! I am guessing you will be getting a smaller size since you are losing so much weight! ;) Enjoy you Labor day.. I have taken Tuesday off as well so looking forward to this four day weekend.
PS your website is looking great..such pretty new items!
Take care my friend!

Blondie's Journal said...

Oooooh, shopping, I could use a little retail therapy!! Care if I tag along?! :-)


Stacey said...

Hi Rebecca. I was a Macy's and Dillard's yesterday. They have some serious sales on shoes right now. Of course the sizes are limited but I found some great buys.

Jilly said...

Hi Rebecca, I hope you enjoy your days of shopping and find the best sales; especially SHOES!!!!!

Ginger said...

I need to do that too so badly. Hope you find lots of goodies and bargains.


Barb said...

Have lots of fun today.....I need to do the same thing.

Thanks for your sweet comment to me about my friend. I sure will miss her.

Happy Labor Day, Miss Rebecca.

xo Barb

Marica said...

Ciao Rebecca , complimenti per il tuo blog !!!

Non sò se conosci l'italiano , ma spero tanto di sì :)

Baci dall'Italia


Patti said...

Oooh, have fun. Hope you find lots of goodies.

I love to go clothes shopping. For me, Ross is the store where I can usually find alot of great prices I can afford.


Heaven's Walk said...

Wooo Hooo! LUV shopping....for anything! lol! Hope you had a fun day out and about and brought home a carload of shoes! :)

xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

CHERI said...

My friend Jean and I went shopping on Saturday. I have a very hard time finding petite sizes that I like but we really did well. Most we found at Stein Mart....I do love that store!!! Only thing was I didn't find a single pair of shoes. My husband is still in shock over that! Hope you found lots of goodies.

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