Friday, September 10, 2010


~My Daughter~

Thank you so much for all the well wishes for my wedding anniversary from last Wednesday!  Had a wonderful time, got a 2die4 present and ate up an awesome dinner!  You all are the BEST!

I'm totally swamped this weekend as one of my dearest girlfriends has a daughter that is getting married tomorrow and our Miss K is her flower girl.  I've been working on her dress (eek...I know!  I know!  I waited till the last minute) over the past two days and just finished it up this morning.  Sooo...we have a wedding rehearsal and dinner to attend this evening and then tomorrow the day will be spent getting our grandgirl ready to waltz down the aisle with her basket of rose petals in hand!  

I love weddings, don't you!

(Love to attend them but am glad I NEVER have to pay for another one!) :)

Now...since I've had weddings on my mind (and anniversaries!) I remembered something I did a few weeks ago that I just have to share with you.  Our family was laughing sooo hard over what I'm going to show you that we still haven't recovered!

I love to laugh...don't you?

See the picture at the top?  It was taken of my daughter Adrienne the night before she married her hubby almost three years ago.  Rarely is a front-view photo taken of my girl because she has a tendency to always turn to the side when the cameras come out!  Anyway...I know I've showed it to you before but bear with me...

I've always heard that the right and left sides of people's faces don't match.  In other words...if the left side of a face was copied and paired together with itself (and the right side as well...think left to left and right to right!) the faces would not only NOT look the same but they wouldn't look like the person at all!

Well...Not long ago I was playing around on my computer (like I have nothing better to do!) and scanned my girl's picture in and did the very thing I just told you about. you don't have to scroll up here is the original again:
~My Beautiful Girl, Adrienne~
~RIGHT FACE Matched Together~
 ~LEFT FACE Matched Together~

Can you even believe this?  The bottom two SORTA look like my girl but in a totally strange sort of way.  What we discovered is that one of Adrie's eyes is closer to her nose than the other one.  Also, one half of her nose is smaller than the other side.  Same thing with her mouth.  That is why in the 2nd picture she looks like she has bunny teeth and in the 3rd picture she has this thin little nose!  Of course when I showed her the pictures she was on the floor and THEN SAID...I always knew my face was lopsided!


Since I've been too swamped the past couple of days to think about blogging I decided to share this with you in hopes you will get a HUGE LAUGH today for yourself!  Maybe this is just funny to me but I'm bettin' if you tried this on your own face or on the face of someone you love you'd be belly-up, too!

Want to know what I really think?  
I totally believe God knows exactly what he is doing when He creates us...

OK...I'm off to pick up Miss K up from school a couple of hours early so I will leave you with this thought...
~Miss K...Flower Girl...AGAIN~

"When in the mirror of God's love
I look at my reflection~
I accept myself for who I am
With all my imperfection!"

Blessings for a lovely day...


Mosaic Magpie said...

Left sided, Right sided or a combo of the 2, she is one beauty of a girl. Looks just like her momma.

Denise@alloverroses said...

Thank you for giving me something so funny to laugh about today! That's hilarious and your daughter is such a good sport! Have a lovely time at the wedding and don't for get to post pictures of that precious little flower girl!

Mari said...





Elizabeth Dianne said...

Yes, I've heard that and also heard that the "truly beautiful people" have faces with perfect symmetry.

But I'd say your daughter is truly beautiful, so what do "THEY" know, whoever 'they' is!

Thanks for the smile!

Blondie's Journal said...

This is almost looks like you have 3 different [yet similar} daughters!! She IS beautiful though and looks JUST like you!!

Have a wonderful time at the wedding with Miss K...another beauty!


Carolyn said...

LOL! Rebecca, you are so funny! Now get back to work!! :D

Hugs to you!
Carolyn ~ Cottage Sunshine

P.S. Have fun tonight! :)

Terra said...

Funny! We are all "lopsided" or whatever describes the way our faces are made. Your daughter and Miss K are adorable, and what was your fabulous gift?

A Southern Rose said...

That's funny! My daughter is always playing with her photos on her computer. I'm not talented enough to do that stuff. Your daughter is a very beautiful girl. She sounds a lot like my daughter with her sense of humor. Have fun at the wedding. I'm sure your grandaughter will be precious. Also, happy anniversary to you and your hubby.

Lee Laurie

Dolores said...

Well, I say that your daughter is absolutely beautiful in all the pictures.... mixed or matched.....
I don't think I want to see a picture of myself like that.....

Happy wedding....I know Miss K will be a beautiful flower girl.

Anonymous said...

My DD always says that her glasses are wierd as she has one ear a bit lower than the other!! I tell her I am not responsible for faulty parts. Take that up with her father. I was the assembly!!

Julie Marie said...

Hello Rebecca... you are too much! I love the photo of your daughter the best (the real one!)... and little Miss K is just the cutest little lady I have ever seen!... xoxo Julie Marie PS What was your 2die4 gift?????

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Rebecca,
Your daughter looks like you and she is beautiful no matter which way you take her photo.

Granddaughter is a cutie too.

Better get busy.


VM Creation Atelier said...

Hello,dearest Rebecca!

Oh,how amazingly funny is you post and HOW lovely,lovely girl is you wonderful daugther,she looks fabulous and dosn´t matter what kind of hair she has...

And little Miss K,I am totally in awe with this little beautiful Angel,she is realy sweet,delicate,just an Angel:-)*

Wish you too,my dear friend gorgeous fall weekend,

cottagepinkperfection said...

You are such a nut! LOL! I must try it too.

Love ya girl!

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, I've never heard of this or seen it done so thank you for sharing. Have a very blessed weekend.

Donna Lynn said...

God did know what he was doing, if we had perfect faces left and right we would truly look odd. When I was a kid, we would use our mom's vanity mirror and stick our faces on the edge, this would produce the exact effect you got here. We would all just roll around on the floor laughing our heads off cause we looks really weird! I will have to try this "new fangeled" way out and then share them with my sisters.

Have a great weekend!
Donna Lynn

Theresa said...

Oh Rebecca, she is beautiful like her Mother! I can't believe the difference in those pictures, that is crazy!

That Miss K is going to be so beautiful as a flower girl. I can't wait to see the pictures!

Have a wonderful weekend, loads of fun at the wedding... and yes I LOVE Weddings:)


Unknown said...

U guys are hilarious! I love your dd's comment! Can't wait to see Miss K all done up as a flower girl and PLEASE let us know what your Anniversary gift was! Not fair leaving us hanging like that :::stomping foot::: LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, too funny. Either way she is pretty young lady. Now, if you start drawing moustaches on her, there might be a problem. *wink* Hugs. Tammy

Nancy said...

That is too Funny! My daughters would be flipping out if I did that!! Your daughter is Gorgeous and a lot of fun too!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Good grief! You created a mirror image of yourself in that girl.
Oh..poo...her face is perfect! I don't see any of the things you mention.
And besides..they tell me that NO ones face is exactly the same on both sides. Hers looks perfect to me. She is beautiful. Just beautiful!!
Hugs and love,

NanaDiana said...

Rebecca-I loved this post- Isn't that amazing? I remember doing that as a kid with mirrors...holding one up to the nose and facing another mirror.

I'd say God knew what he was doing...making us perfect in our imperfectness! xxoo Diana

Home and Heart said...

You have been SO busy!! I did the face thing once at a science fair, and I looked so weird!! Your daughter still looks pretty, like you!! Hope you get some breathing time!

Anonymous said...

Triplets! ;)

You can also do this with a little strait edge mirror- holding it up to a pic on an angle at the nose. My sister in law and I had hours of fun doing this when we were teens. ♥

Melissa/Piney Rose said...

So funny! And your daughter looks so much like you!

Patti said...

Well, I never knew that...about the sides of the face being different.

Even so, though, I think your daughter is lovely...and she looks SO much like you.

Miss K is a cutie too. I'm thinking she's not Adrie's daughter, but that she belongs to your other child. Right? Anyhow, can't wait to see photos of her in her flower girl dress. Better be dont' want her to upstage the bride!!!


Heaven's Walk said...

LOL! Who would'ave thought....? LOL! But either way she's put together, God made a beautiful girl who looks just a beautiful as her mom! :)

xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

Unknown said...

You are tooooo funny, miss rebecca!!!!!
I can understand why you took the rabbit trail on this one. humor is a great distraction!!

chicroses said...

I dont know how you do it...make a dress then with all the other things you make and paint. I cant hold a candle to what you do..anyway...the the dress is gorgeous and the color of ribbon...oh my...anyway..the picture is funny..but what I first noticed the 2 pics of her hair. That could be why she looked different also...Im a hairdresser..but it is interesting. Congratulations on you anniversary...we just celebrated our 41yrs. God has gifted me so well..sally

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