Wednesday, August 31, 2011

~I KNOW YOU BY HEART... and Vintage Ribbon, too!~

(My Precious Miss K)

I suppose one of the great things about having a Nana with a huge craft/sewing/painting studio is that it comes with a seemingly endless supply of STUFF in which one can create.  So many tempting treasures are just sitting around that I'm sure look very appealing to a little girl of 8...

My Miss K has her own area where she can draw, color, paint and glue.  She knows she has to ask permission to use some things (especially if they are of a certain color) and she's gotten really good at coming to me first before she raids my stash.  So, when she asked me recently if she could use some 'new ribbon' (clarifying of course that it was NOT PINK) I sad yes!  I have a stack of vintage trims and ribbons and an entire drawer full of stuff that is up for grabs!

Well...somehow a roll of my favorite vintage pale blue rayon ribbon (1940's era) was placed in the drawer that held only the newer trims.  So...guess which one my sweet girl chose?

Yep...the expensive old stuff!

A short while later I was presented with this pretty little heart dressed to the nines in soft blue.

Want to know where it's going?

I'll keep it out until she makes me a new one (ever mindful that one day those little gifts from the heart will end).  When I have a new piece of her artwork I'll tuck this one away for safe keeping.  Eventually I'll place it next to the one given to me by her daddy.  His was a sweet 'heart' valentine made entirely out of my favorite (and costly) Lancome lipstick.  He was 8.

Being a Nana makes my own heart sing!

Happy Hump Day!

Love to you...


Theresa said...

What a precious creation made from the heart and with special ribbon:) I cherish ALL of the sweet pieces of art that my Grandchildren make and have made over the years! It is hard NOT to display it all but I would need a warehouse!

Enjoy your day dear Rebecca, HUGS!

Mari said...

Hi Rebecca~
My what a beautiful post, just put a smile on my face from ear to ear :)
Your miss K is not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside which to me matters the most :) enjoy your sweet treasure, with the most beautiful expensive blue ribbon....giggles!!!


Julie Marie said...

Oh Rebecca, how priceless!... Little Miss K has exquisite taste, just like her nana... she is such a beautiful little girl and like Mari said, inside and out as well... thanks for your heartfelt email to me... feeling much better now!... xoxo Julie Marie

KatyDidStitches said...

The older she gets...the more she looks like you, Rebecca. She loves her Nana...AND her Nana's blue ribbon!


Pat Winter Gatherings said...

Sweet post. When I open my stash for young muses to choose from you know they always go for the most treasured, expensive or rare items. Why is that?
You gotta laugh about things like that.

Christine said...

I, too, am a Nana to an eight year old beauty. It is so hard to say no isn't it?

mariondee-designs said...

Hi Rebecca, Miss K is so cute and my first impression when I saw her photo was that she has grown so much. How lovely that she loves to create.. just like her Nanna and I'm sure these are the times she will always remember. I'm not a nanna yet but I told my daughter to make sure she has a girl so I can go crazy making her stuff! Mind you she's only 18 and nowhere near marriage yet.. I'll just wait patiently. Take care, Maryann

Marilyn said...

I always think kids need the best supplies when they make their treasures as these are the ones that will be around longer than anything we ever buy. And they are the most precious ones!♥♫

Trisha said...

Adorable! She definitely has good taste in ribbons and color! I also think I see a bit of a resemblance to her pretty Nana!


Linda Breedlove said...

How sweet... those little treasures mean more than the most expensive gifts.

Kim B said...

She's a cutie. Of course she has great taste too! What a sweet little treasure she made. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Kim

Chatty Crone said...

Your granddaughter is so sweet and precious! sandie

Anonymous said...

Hi beautiful Rebecca! Oh, Miss M is so pretty and bless her little heart! :) She just got good taste like her Nana! I think she looks a little like you too.
Now I don't know what's going on but our know our God does and I'll be praying.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Rebecca Nelson said...


I just can't do it! I've tried. No Can Do!


Anonymous said...

Your Miss K is a beautiful child!! I delight in your pride of her....
Been thinking of you with the fires. My prayers for your safety!!
We are fine here from Irene....
Have a Wonderful Day!!

Dolores said...

My oh my, how Miss K is growing up! She's so pretty.....she sure favors her Nana.

A beautiful and thoughtful creation she made for you.

Big smile on my face thinking of your son using your Lancome lipstick. I would think this was hard to say thank you for.

Such a sweet post!

Melissa/Piney Rose said...

Rebecca, she is certainly looking more like you - In these pictures I can really see the resemblance. What a lovely girl she is. Gifts made by little hands are the best!

A Southern Rose said...

So sweet. She is adorable and looks just like you. I know you will keep these little treasures and cherish them. What a sweet post.

Lee Laurie

P.S. I still have a picture of Santa Claus that my little man colored for me on my fridge from 2 years ago. lol

GwendolynKay said...

Hi Rebecca,
What a sweet and darling little Miss K. to make you something special from the heart.

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