Monday, August 29, 2011



OK...don't faint!

Remember the blog post(s) about our demon-window?  Well...the THING is finally being installed today.  I'm not sure whether I want to laugh or cry!  I'm just soooo happy it's going to be sitting in the wall instead of propped up against it!  YEAH!

I have lots planned for this week!  I primed the bed I told you about and I'm putting the finishing touches on Miss Josephine, my latest, greatest non-speaking friend (that would be my dress form girl).  I hope to show you her final reveal later this week!

Over the next few days I'm also going to nail down the new wall color for our guestroom!  Since I have no earthly idea what direction I want to go in this may take me some time.  I've tossed around putting a pale, pale, pale Robin's Egg blue on the wall and maybe accenting the creamy white furniture with a vintage rose floral with bits of taupe or soft brown...  But then~I'm such a pink-loving-gal that I'm afraid I'll be sick of the blue in no time!  Aside from working on new product for my website I'll be filling holes in the walls where wall decor has been!

I sooo hope to be done before Thanksgiving!
(thinking positively here!)

Anything great planned for your week?  I'll be sharing pictures of our BORING WINDOW INSTALL tomorrow!

Love to you...


Unknown said...

Good morning sweety!
Hey, question, we are in the midst of replacing our patio slider with a french door, yes!!! What did you end up with in your area...maker, vynel, fiberglass, wood? Weve gotta get ours done before the cold comes and when i saw your post i thot id ask. Im so excited about this. We are going to get one with blinds in it since our wall is south facing...then i can get rid of my ugly verticles in that area...I can hardly wait.

Am hoping to do a little prep and painting this week...its always touch and go with me. Im so amazed with how much you accomplish...for me the mood has too be right and if im feeling up to it. I guess im pretty tempermental
huh? Lol

Be blessed my friend!

Deanna said...

it's going to be GREAT to have the window installed.
Fantastic! You'll love it.

Happy painting to you!

Jan M said...

Home renovation is really painful, but so enjoyable afterwards! Hope the installation goes smoothly!

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Sweetie!! So, the window PAIN is going to be installed this week!! Horray!! I KNOW you are thrilled to be having that little project done...going to look so nice!!
I like the colors and ideas for the guest room, but I am with you, I have never been a BLUE person (Berch loves the color) and maybe you would get tired of it...on the other hand, you could do it the way you said, and "live with it" a while, and it will either grow on you or like you said, you will get tired of it.
Le me tell you what I did when Berch and I married and lived in my house I had....I had our bedroom
and bath wall-papered in a pale blue wih tiny pink roses on the back-ground and then a border with a larger scale of paper. I had oak white furniture (a rice bed) and I used long lace sheers on the turned out to be so soft and beautiful-looking!!! I was
soooo surprised I loved it, because
I chose these colors with him in mind!!!!!!! never know, do you????
I am going to see your new "pretties" on esty have a fun week with your new decor
and getting more on esty....
Big hugs, Francy

Anonymous said...

I made a mistake...not the esty shop....The Gathering Place shop!!!
Going there now......hugs, Francy

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Hope all ends up lovely. Always love more light. Your energy level amazes me.

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

I am so happy your window is going in. And I can hardly wait to see your Josephine. I think the Robin's egg blue would be gorgeous. If you had pink like on pillow and you think you would still tire of it? But you know your heart...go with it! I am trying to be patient...waiting...not my good suit!!

KatyDidStitches said...

I hope those window guys are being careful around all your pretty things!

It's going to be beautiful when it's done...and you'll forget all about how much trouble it was. Kind of like having a baby...or so I've been told. ;o)

Can't wait to see Josephine! Oh...and I vote for blue!


Anonymous said...

AT LAST! You will finally get your long awaited window. :-)
The "blue" sounds delightfl!
Love you-- Mom

Donna said...

Oh I love blue always have. But that's just me, my little craft cottage is decorated in blue with accents of pink. Robin blue sounds wonderful, but you need to do what makes you happy unless I can come and visit you? LOL

Stephanie Suzanne Designs said...

Hi Rebecca,

You've got your plate full. It looks like what I was dealing with a few years ago having all the windows installed in my great room and studio.

For this week....more of the same...more crochet going on.

Stephanie ♥

Dolores said...

The new window will look so nice. You've totally exhausted me......your work sounds like fun though....
You're amazing!

Kim B said...

Do the BLUE!!! It would be just beautiful! Hope that window looks great! Have a lovely week, Hugs, Kim

Lavender Cottage said...

Hi Rebecca
You have so much going on all at once! I will definitely join in the cheer when your window is installed.

Anonymous said...

Try aqua or seafoam; it goes with just about anything. I'm painting my bedroom a very pale, soft juniper, but I'm a wood-loving, green loving girl!

NanaDiana said...

Oh I am so happy that you are finally getting that project done. I know how hard it is to wait. The pale Robins' egg blue does sound beautiful..and I think it would look wonderful with all your rosy accents...and might be a nice little change? I know..I hard to decide, isn't it? xo Diana

The Polka Dot Closet said...

OMG this window thing has been going on for years!!! LOL I am thinking about using a blue in my bedroom, but I don't have blue any where else just pink and white....Can't wait to see what you decide. You are so right about my Hollywood glam bench, they are hard to find!


Linda said...

Rebecca...woman of beauty! I think whatever colors you pick for the room will be everything you put your hand to dear.

Glad the window will be in soon and all finished.

Sounds like you have so many projects...but they all sound fun to me.

Will be waiting for the it is always a joy to see the beauty you create.

Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

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