Wednesday, January 11, 2012


A Wonderland of White

It seems whenever I get stumped on a decorating idea or I fail to be moved by what I've found while out shopping (aka: junkin') I turn to the pages of my vintage Victoria Magazines and Books.
Beautiful Bed

They never fail to inspire me and even today after owning many of them for over twenty years I'm amazed at how spot-on the editors were with their creative layouts and timeless designs.
 Lovely Old Linens

My Mr. AGPMan has been out of town since Monday morning and won't return until this evening.  I've continued to clean things up since our tile removal over the first of the year and of course that means sprucing things up while moving stuff around.  Nothing like freshening up a home while the husby's away!

He's accustomed to the constant changing of the decor in our La Chaumière de Briarwood and I can assure you he rarely says a word.  I honestly think he's just happy he's not the one who cleans it.  I suppose it's enough for him to be the one responsible for the big the removing of old widow seats, doors and walls...

One of the big changes coming to our home this year will be the opening up of a wall in our formal dining room.  This room (below) was once our formal living room, but because it was seldom used we opted to turn it into a place where we could gather for family dining.  Our old formal dining room became my Mr. AGPMan's office (no longer large enough for us all) and our existing breakfast room was also too small to seat our growing family...
Wall To Be Opened Up

Before our new wood flooring can be installed the opening of this wall must be done first.  It's the last big job my guy must do before we can proceed with our makeover.  Honestly...I'm totally nervous about doing this.  My daughter (whose opinion I trust) isn't for the change, but then I have to remember this is her childhood home and I'm sure seeing things evolve is probably difficult for her.
Taken Christmas 2010

The reason we are opening the wall up is because we need a better flow for the 'traffic' in our home.  When we have people over we are forced through our tiny entryway and it gets more than crowded.  My guy is considering the option of installing pocket doors (maybe even another set of French Doors) in the new opening (where the large Armoire is above) but because the wall is weight-bearing he's not sure he's up to the hassle of it all (and neither am I!).  It takes the job to an entirely new level. Anyway, the doorway must be opened up before the flooring is installed or we will have patched-up wood floors to deal with.  Once the wall is opened up and framed out we can decide at a later date if we want to add doors...

Our family room shown above isn't small by any means.  Since the new flooring will be hand-scraped wood there will be no room defining spaces to deal with(i.e. tile, carpeting, etc.).  This will make the den to the dining room flow much smoother and even appear larger.  The Armoire will be removed (gosh...I've had it for 15 years) and our old TV is going BYE BYE! :)  

We will be taking the plunge before long and eventually purchase a new LED flat screen TV.  But...until my husby has time to build a cabinet that can hide the UGLY BLACK THING we will use the TV in his office (where he has two fabulous comfy chairs!).

The roses you see above we left on my desk and I found them early Monday morning after my Mr. AGPMan left for his business trip.  I love how they look in the sun...

Hope your day is proving to be wonderful.  I'm back in my studio working on new product.  My playtime is done for the day!  

Love to you...


Melissa/Piney Rose said...

Hi Rebecca - I hope you had a lovely and cozy Christmas, and I wish you the happiest of new year's! You are right about the magazines. I am amazed at how some of my decorating magazines can be picked up 10 years later (yes, I still have them - can't bring myself to get rid of them), and still have a current feel to them. Your decor is soooooo lovely, and I am sure your husband loves coming home!

Julie Marie said...

Oooh how pretty Rebecca... you won't believe it, but I recently completed my ENTIRE set of vintage Victoria magazines by purchasing the couple I was missing (I had loaned them out years ago and never got them back)from a sweet lady online, and she just sent me that very same book! I LOVE it!... your home is so beautiful, I want to spend a fairytale weekend there, 'k???... and how adorable Mr. AGP left you those stunning pink roses... he is a romantic, like my Jack... wishing you a most beautiful day, xoxo Julie Marie

Ann said...

Such a beautiful romantic home to dwell in. You've given me inspiration today. Have a lovely one.

Rebecca Nelson said...

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Yasmin Smith said...

OMG Rebecca....I have to think this post over and read it again to digest everything before I can put in "my two cents worth"!!! It all sounds wonderful...more soon.
Hugs and love, Francy

KatyDidStitches said...

Oh this IS exciting!

A word about your new TV. Last Spring, my hubbin and I stayed in a beautiful B&B up in Michigan. They had a huge fireplace with a very ornate mantle...a large mirror with a gorgeous frame hanging over the mantle. Well, the mirror was actually a TV! You would never know unless someone turned it on. I had never seen anyhting like it. Might be worth looking into for our redo.


Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

I, too, love V's At Home with White and keep my copy on my nightstand! Your new area will be just awesome and I'm so excited for you. I vote for adding pocket doors ~ you just never know when Adri or your son might just gift you with more grands and you'll need a way to corral them!! Can't wait to see how you disguise the big LED TV. Been wanting to get one but just can't imagine what to do / where to hide it!!

Ginger said...

Wow Rebecca, you are going to have a brand new home. It just gets more and more beautiful. I'm so jealous.
Happy New Year.

Christine said...

I love the idea of opening up the living/dinning area by taking down a wall. We did that in a home we use to live in and it made a huge difference for the better. My husband and his dad did it in two days. Can't wait to see the results.

Allie said...

Happy New Year to you my friend! Your post is so full of promise and change. Good luck with all of your transformation work. It is sure to come out beautifully. Change can be very daunting, and exciting at the very same time. Have fun creating :) -Al

NanaDiana said...

How wonderful everything looks -even at this stage of the game. I love all the old Victoria magazines, too. They just took me back to a softer, sweeter time.

You will be glad that you took the wall out once it is done, Rebecca. It will make the place seem twice as large.

Maybe the husby won't have to build anything for the tv. You might be able to find a vintage looking piece that would work. xo Diana

Nancy's Notes said...

Wow Rebecca, that's an exciting thing to do...scary too! I know it'll be fabulous!

Dolores said...

I absolutely love moving furniture etc and making changes in our home. I'm excited for you; I bet the large open area will be welcoming and beautiful!

Bring Pretty Back said...

Rebecca, I love your home and i go to your blog for inspitation like you go to the book and magazines!
I can not wait to see the changes coming!!!
Have a pretty day!

Yasmin Smith said...

Well, now I have had the time to reread your post and digest what all you are planning to sounds like
a very good idea to open the space up and have a better traffic flow, too. I know as your family grows you need more space for them to all be able to sit together for meals (I think that is so important to do) and when you have a houseful of people, like for a party, better flow will be so great. I have done a LOT of remodeling on the house I lived in before this one, and it can be frustrating and scary, but you have the BEST when it comes to things like that, and most important, he CARES about the job, so he will do a wonderful one. You are so lucky to have your own DIY hubby. And a very romantic one, too...the vase of roses is beautiful and I bet you were thrilled to find them after he had left.....
I love your armoire and your china cabinet! Beautiful pieces of furniture
And looking over the details of the room, I saw so many exquisite little things here and there. It can't get much more lovely than it already is!!
Wishing you a fun approaching weekend
and maybe "junkin"....
Love and hugs, Francy

Gail said...

That Victoria book on living with white is one of my favorite all time books

Theresa said...

Girl, you are ONE busy lady:) Can't wait to see the room after the wall comes tumbling down! Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Looking forward to seeing all of the changes.....I wish I could make some around my little cottage, that's for sure. :-)

Have a wonderful weekend slumming and enjoying your Honey.


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